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Review #1, by Lailah Games

6th December 2011:
Good chapter! Damnnn sexy well i think that her and Sirius shud be together cuz they obviously love each other. it is what it is. I kinda feel bad for Snape though.

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Review #2, by RandomRyter Games

27th November 2011:
I would love to see another chapter! In it, more snape and nancy...and maybe what happened when they came back from the dare? :) update soon!

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Review #3, by JR Drunk

22nd November 2010:
This seems like a really fun and interesting fanfic, I do hope you plan to update sometime soon.

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Review #4, by Story Games

16th September 2010:
So sad. I was really wanting to read this but it hasn't been updated in a year, so I guess I will delete it from my favorites. D:

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Review #5, by SnapesSecertKeeper Games

1st April 2010:
cool! love it! totally unexpected!

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Review #6, by DontBeSilly Games

17th February 2010:
Well, well, I really am intrigued! I think my favorite sentence was: 'Even though he had verbally ended their conversation, his dark eyes continued to bore into hers for the rest of the way to Hogwarts.' That's got me hooked.

I'm definetly looking forward to the next chapter to see this story evolve.


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Review #7, by DontBeSilly Drunk

17th February 2010:
I agree, there are far too few Severus/OC fics, AND this one has definetly caught my interest.


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Review #8, by Saryn Drunk

13th January 2010:
Okay first of all I absolutly love Severus/OC fics, and this one is just brilliant. I was not expecting Nancy to know it was Sev. Also there were some funny quotes like the one about Peter eatting and the one with James saying "Roses are red..." and then Sirius replying that James acctually thought it would work. Keep up the good work.

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Review #9, by sama41655 Games

24th September 2009:
Love it! I want more kissing between Severus and Nancy!!!

Author's Response: Ha ha, thank you. I'll keep that in mind.
Keep reading.

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Review #10, by Skizzy Games

24th September 2009:
Authors second note: I just wanted to give a little authors question I'd like you to answer in your lovely fuzz-inducing reveiws. What would you like to see in the next chapter? Perhaps you'll give me some inspiration, eh?
Thanks guys, keep reading!

Pfft what is that.. Come on what IS that.. Of course I want to see the next chapter.. You know you obviously must be blind if you do not regonise your talent here.. You are a amazing and really coming from me thats amazing. ;P

Author's Response: Aw, ha ha. Thank you so much for that.
I'm just searching for inspiration for my next chapter at the moment.
It should be here soon though!
Thanks for your review and keep reading.

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Review #11, by Benni Drunk

24th September 2009:
I am afraid that you will not be able to leave this as a one shot. It's much too good and you've written the plot so as to have it go a long way. Very good job. I'm waiting excitedly for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you for you review! I will be continuing, just trying to find some inspiration. Keep reading.

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Review #12, by Heartplague Games

23rd September 2009:
Things I learned in this chapter:
1. Nancy can see the Thestrals - who did she see die?
2. Sirius is a playboy, and a lovely one;) No really, he is perfectly portrayed as the boy who seeks love and affection from girls because he never felt love from his family. I love every description of him:)
3. Nancy loves Sirius as much as me - he is my favourite too:)
4. Severus is about to have the time of his life;)
5. I love this story, I really do. Already impatiently waiting for the next update:)

Author's Response: Aw, thanks. Ha ha. I have a few ideas for the next chapter but I think it's going to take a little longer to write then the two previous chapters. Keep reading!

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Review #13, by sama31655 Drunk

19th September 2009:
This is really good! Please continue!

Author's Response: Thank you, keep reading !

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Review #14, by Skizzy Drunk

18th September 2009:
Ohh.. That was faboulous love.. Nicely written too.. Well done..

Please don't make this a one-shot..


Author's Response: Thank you for your review. ^^
I'm actually about to send another chapter off for validation- I had a splurge of creativity last night.
Thanks again and keep reading!

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Review #15, by Heartplague Drunk

16th September 2009:
Please don't make this into a oneshot, it is far too good and I really want to read on:) It is a great introduction so please continue. I'll bake you cookies.

or even better, I happened to read you were looking for a banner - I'm entirely at your service. If you want to see some of my works, I make my own banners for my stories. My email is heartplague @ gmail . com if you are interested:)[without the spaces]

Did I mention I loved the very figurative snog between Severus and Nancy:)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! I think you made my day. Ha ha. I'm quite sure I will be continuing, it's much to fun not to.
And I just might take you up on that offer, your banners are very nice indeed.
Thanks again,

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