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Review #1, by Ed By the Firelight

3rd August 2017:
Recomend remrdial English and a beter beta

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Review #2, by WeepingWillows By the Firelight

16th April 2012:
Aw. This made my heart warm. What a sweet proposal! Harry was so in character and you write him so well. I loved Ginny's reaction when he said that he was going to need her hand and how oblivious she was, very cute and I could totally see this happening! 10/10!

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Review #3, by jellybean2109 By the Firelight

26th December 2011:
i really like how you have written it to be really peacefull and everything and when you read it you can really visulise that peacefull and calmnessi am now going to ready your next story the after the war story to if its as good as this one O:-)

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Review #4, by magicmuggle01 By the Firelight

22nd October 2010:
Beautiful, you have really caught the magic moment on the proposing side of life. If you ever think about retiring from writing, please reconsider, you have a knack for the romantic side.

Author's Response: You think so? Thanks very much!

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Review #5, by Ginnypotter87 By the Firelight

6th August 2010:
That was the best type of proposal yet! No mess, no fuss, no sitting on one knee, and best of all, no "YES!!! I LOVVE YOU HARRY JAMES POTTER! OF COURSE I'LL MARRY YOU!!!" and Ginny flings herself at Harry and starts snogging him. Really good. :)

Author's Response: I'm so honoured to hear my story is the 'best proposal yet'. You have no idea how much that means to me. I'm glad you enjoyed the no-fuss attitide to proposing; in my opinion, cliche stories are so tedious to read, so I worked extra-hard with this one to make sure they were both completely into character.

Thanks for your lovely review!


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Review #6, by HarryandGinnyForEver By the Firelight

26th June 2010:
Luv it :) So sweet :)

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #7, by completelysmitten18 By the Firelight

26th June 2010:
lovely :) great job - you are a really talented writer! the imagery in the beginning was really well done :)

Author's Response: Thanks. Your comments mean a lot to me :)

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Review #8, by XxXForEverYoursXxX By the Firelight

26th June 2010:
I could totally picture this whole ordeal happening as I read it and got really exited when Harry(My hero) propose to Ginny. This is really beautiful!...I absolutely love it!

Author's Response: I'm really happy to hear you liked my story; thanks for taking the time to leave a review!

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Review #9, by gremlin By the Firelight

15th June 2010:
It was really sweet, I haven't ever read a fic like that, they're mostly always surrounded by family or something. This was nice though, 'cause by the time the war was over, they'd both been through enough that they wouldn't want anything that was too fussy. Good job :)

Author's Response: Thanks, that means quite a bit to me. I think in my mind it was important that they were alone, because Harry isn't really someone who would want to make a big deal out of something, and having the whole family watching would do just that.

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Review #10, by kassandra466 By the Firelight

11th April 2010:
aweee, that was cute, i LOVED it!! :D

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Review #11, by slaidback  By the Firelight

21st March 2010:
Nice One-shot. Well written

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #12, by moonbaby11 By the Firelight

20th February 2010:
Wondeful story! I love your way with words! :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much :)

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Review #13, by Karchy By the Firelight

10th February 2010:
cute, short and adorable good work :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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Review #14, by gretzhermione7 By the Firelight

27th January 2010:
hey nayence! great job! you definately have a way with words. i've always wished i could right like you...

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing...I never knew you liked my stories or my writing style, but there you go! I'm flattered lol

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Review #15, by MaskedPhoenix By the Firelight

26th January 2010:
Love it :) a little bit cheesy, but there's nothing wrong with that. I can so imagine this happening with them.*romantic sigh* :)

Author's Response: I know, it is pretty cheesy. I can imagine this happening too - that's why I wrote it lol. Thanks for commenting.

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Review #16, by Darcy Taig By the Firelight

17th January 2010:
Erin this is a great way to tell the story of them gettting engaged! WELL DONE! :):):):):):)

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm glad you like it.

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Review #17, by Eva By the Firelight

11th January 2010:
I really liked this story! What's better than a fluffy Harry/Ginny fic? Very well written. Write lots more!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I love H/G too.

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Review #18, by leapoffaith24 By the Firelight

22nd November 2009:
Wow, this is so cute! Definitely one of my favorite Fluff Harry/Ginny stories!! :):):) ~10/10~

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #19, by TheDirigiblePlum By the Firelight

25th September 2009:
What a little gem!! Your story I mean. :)

This was wonderfully gorgeous, so sweet and both of them were completely in character. It was a beautiful moment, and so simple, which is how I imagine Harry would want it to be.

Your writing style flowed and was consistent, with great use of description and imagery that really set the scene. :) One thing I would suggest is to maybe link some of your sentences together, or make them longer. Some of them at the beginning are a little short, which makes them sound abrupt.

eg. It was twilight. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley were sitting together in a clearing. The air was damp, the weather was cold, and the two of them sat close together for warmth.

If you linked the first two sentences together it would flow a lot more, and really fit with the relaxed, beautiful atmosphere that I sensed you wanted to achieve (correct me if I'm wrong! :D)

Apart from that tiny thing, I have no other criticisms, because I loved this story! It really put a smile on my face. :)

Instant favourite!!


Author's Response: Thanks so much! This is the nicest comment I've had on this story so far, and thanks for the advice on the sentence-joining.

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Review #20, by my wicked quill By the Firelight

23rd September 2009:
loved it super cute, really, if you know the characters of HArry and Ginny well, then when you write their stories you can just see how much they love each other, bloody brilliant

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It means a lot.

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Review #21, by writergirl8 By the Firelight

22nd September 2009:
Cute! Fluffy, Harry and Ginny goodness. How I love fluffy, Harry and Ginny goodness. Great job! ~writergirl8


Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #22, by Harry and Ginny By the Firelight

20th September 2009:
aww they are so cute together and the proposal was sweet. great fic u have here.^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #23, by evanlyn By the Firelight

20th September 2009:
This is really good - I could nearly feel the warmth from the fire! I know you said they were in a clearing but I pictured it on a beach for some reason, my crazy imagination I guess.
This was really sweet and beautifully written, please keep your stories coming!!

Author's Response: Ha, LOL. Nah, I wrote it in a clearing to show how down-to-earth they are. I kind of based it on my dream date, cause I love camping and stuff. Thanks for your review, I really appreciate it.

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Review #24, by Mrs HJ Potter By the Firelight

20th September 2009:
Not bad for your first, what could you do with a longer story?

Author's Response: Hmmm, good question. I tried to make the story longer but wasn't very successful...

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