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Review #1, by MyMyMiss Rhyming

5th August 2011:
So, once I read your amazing Dean and Luna piece I scrolled down and wahla, here was another amazing piece only with Blaise/Luna, and surprisingly I have found another pairing I am wuite taken too, and After I leave some friendl words Here I am going to scroll up, click back and go read your Blaise/Luna Full story.

^.^ So I think you simply nailed this piece of writing on the head. You plot line was uniwue to say the least as well as the pairing. I've said this with a few Blaise stories i've read and I find I say it to myself alot when I write about Blaise also, but his very similar to Dean, Seamus, Lavendar, etc.etc, because we don't really know all that much about their characters there so much more easy to write about. We can have them how we want them.
For instance, in a story I read a little while back Blaise was a girl, in another Blaise was the mean, sidekick to Draco Malfoy who couldn't keep his tongue in his head or his hands to himself, yet you portray him as kind, gentle, loving, caring and all around good guy.
And I think that's great.

I am very taken to your version of Blaise and also Luna. They where very well characterized and they actually fit really well together. I didn't see any Grammar errors that went hey pick me, pick me, so I think all that is good :)

Overall, you had a perfect little one shot, fluffy story that I am quite taken too ^.^ You have a unique sense of writing and I look forward to reading your Novel/Novella/Short story, which ever it may be, of Blaise/Luna :) xx

Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

Author's Response: I love writing minor characters, especially Blaise, for that particular reason. It is so much fun to be able to morph them in whatever direction I desire and I just adore it!! Thank you for yet another incredible review. You are honestly my favorite person ever right now!! (:

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Review #2, by Muffinsback Rhyming

11th February 2010:
So cute! Short and sweet :D

Author's Response: thank you so much. i'm glad that you liked it!! (:

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Review #3, by Harry and Ginny Rhyming

27th December 2009:
this fic is very interesting and fantastic!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: thank you so much! your support is something i have been cherishing very much!! Happy Holidays!! :)

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Review #4, by NobodyKnowsHowToTalkToChildren Rhyming

25th September 2009:
This is really interesting- I've never read a Blaise/Luna before, but it seems like a really good pairing that makes sense somehow, it kind of makes you think like damn why didn't I think of that?! Lol, but yeah, well done for originality.

Also, this is very well written, just the right amount of description without going on and on so much that I get bored reading it like some people, so keep it up please, I wanna see more!! :):)

Author's Response: thank you so much for such an amazing and uplifting review. it feels great to get some more response, especially when dealing with such a rare pairing. thanks again!!

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Review #5, by Leigh Kelley Rhyming

11th September 2009:
I have never considered a Blaise/Luna pairing before. Surprisingly enough, I like it. It's one of those odd relationships that actually make sense, and the way you've written it makes it all the more believable.

I love your Blaise. I'm glad that when he remembered her, it wasn't as "Loony Luna", but as Luna Lovegood. A small thing, but it made me like him immediately, since it's so easy to get caught up in the schoolkid teasing/bullying.

“It’s alright,” Luna replied, poking his arm with her pointer finger. “In the process you probably knocked a few Berlies off of the both of us.”
That's Luna for you. You captured her character perfectly. The little bit about her father watching from the background was in character too. Even with Luna being of-age he'd still keep that protective cloak thrown over her.

Aw, her dad died. Poor Luna.

“Even the best fall down now and again,” Luna whispered, as she ate another section of the pie.
Again something Luna would say. Heh. It's rare to see someone pull her off the right way, at least from everything I've read. She's either overdone or underdone, never just right. Here she is thought.

All in all, it was a lovely piece. I enjoyed it from top to finish. You're a great writer. Keep it up!

~L. Kelley

Author's Response: thank you so much for the lovely review. i worked really hard on both Luna and Blaise to keep them in character and i am extremely pleased to hear that i pulled it all off. thank you so much. i love to write Blaise/Luna. i'm not sure exactly why but for some reason the two just seem to work. thanks again for the review.

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Review #6, by chillychick95 Rhyming

9th September 2009:
Aah! First review. Look, I've always been a fan of Luna and the slytherins. I don't know why. Something so innocent always bodes well with something so .. er.. not innocent?
Anyway. It's a neat little story. I especially liked the flashbacks. They were original.

Um, just one thing. Your grammar overall was fab. It makes it easier to read a story when your not trying to figure out what the author intended when they wrote something. Just one itty little thing though. "I sat there, horrorstruck with an expression of puzzlement on my face." Is in first person and the rest of your story is in third. Just a little thing.
Otherwise, I layk.
I reckon you should leave it. I like how you've ended it and it's good. If you wanna do something with it, do a prequel. Then you can put in all the weird things Luna does and all the tension between her friends and the Slyths.

A nice read. I like the banner btw.
That was how I found your story.through your request.
Great job, Lexy

Author's Response: thank you so much for the lovely review. yeah, i write a lot in first person and so i am not surprised that you found a sentence where i sort of went back to that POV. i thought that i had everything but obviously not. thanks so much! (:

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Review #7, by Twilight123 Rhyming

8th September 2009:
ooo, i loved it! :) i really liked the way you portrayed Luna, she seemed exactley like herself! :) I liked the entire story, in general, actually. i'll have to check out your novella about them ;)

Awesome story, and keep up the great work!!! :D 10/10


Author's Response: oh wow, thanks so much for the absolutely lovely review. i was definitely working on something a bit different when i wrote this and i am very pleased to here that you enjoyed this one-shot as much as you did. thanks! (:

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