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Review #1, by Yuki Kim Ten Minutes

1st February 2017:

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Review #2, by Luna25684 Ten Minutes

19th October 2014:
Really, that was shush a cliff hanger! Please post the next chapter soon!

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Review #3, by alicia Ten Minutes

10th December 2012:
please keep writing this!!! it's awesome!

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Review #4, by ms simone Ten Minutes

25th August 2012:
love it. looking forward to seeing what when luna and draco arrived back at hogwart!

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Review #5, by LunaHayden Ten Minutes

20th August 2012:
Finally :-) Hehehe should I say that that I want Moore?

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Review #6, by happygurly Ten Minutes

16th August 2012:
thank you for updating : )`

Author's Response: you're very welcome!

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Review #7, by AccioPixiex Ten Minutes

13th August 2012:
YAY you added a new chapter, I read this ages ago but loved it, your work is truly amazing, please keep updating :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

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Review #8, by VincentRose The Room of Requirement (Part II)

30th June 2012:
OmigosH i want to marry this story its so god! please come back and finish this amazing story! pretty please!

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Review #9, by LunaHayden The Room of Requirement (Part II)

17th June 2012:

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Review #10, by LunaHayden The Room of Requirement (Part II)

23rd March 2012:
Earth calls writer..Earth calls writer..

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Review #11, by LunaHayden The Room of Requirement (Part II)

5th February 2012:
Back again...Where are you?MORE

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Review #12, by Lucy The Room of Requirement (Part II)

23rd January 2012:
I literally gasped when I saw this was last chapter you've done! Going to be waiting for the update... :)

Author's Response: wow thank you!! :) hopefully i'll be posting soon!

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Review #13, by ms simone The Room of Requirement (Part II)

8th January 2012:
what going to happen? will the guys fight for their girlfriends?

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Review #14, by ms simone Hogwarts

8th January 2012:
like the plot.. luna & draco back in the time plot, i can't wait to see drama occur!!

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Review #15, by ElizaBrookz The Room of Requirement (Part II)

5th January 2012:
OMG, your story is one of the best story's i have ever read...EVER! i really want to see more PLEASE! you are a really good author. WOOWWW!

Author's Response: aw thanks S O much for this lovely review :) i have the next chapter ready and will be submitting it soon! thanks again!

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Review #16, by LunaHayden The Room of Requirement (Part II)

1st January 2012:
Hiya.I hope you have a happy new year. ^ - ^
MORE anyway...

Author's Response: the queue is closed until the 5th :( but i have a TON of stuff to post, keep your eyes peeled!
happy new year to you too! :D

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Review #17, by Chelsea The Room of Requirement (Part II)

30th December 2011:
Holy shite.
This is so good! :D Keep writing!

Author's Response: w o w, thanks soso much :))

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Review #18, by Lilac The Room of Requirement (Part II)

26th December 2011:
Great absolute fantastic read.

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Review #19, by Sek The Room of Requirement (Part II)

17th December 2011:
Great I l o v e I t!

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Review #20, by rtrgbyi,yb The Room of Requirement (Part II)

10th December 2011:

Author's Response: lol thanks for the enthusiasm!! :D

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Review #21, by Luna Hayden The Room of Requirement (Part II)

4th December 2011:
I love your story...It's propably the best story I have ever read...

Author's Response: Thank you so so much for all your reviews!! This definitely made my awful day better!! :)

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Review #22, by LunaHayden Room of Requirement (Part I)

19th November 2011:
I want more...
: D

Author's Response: i'm working on the next chapter.. probably won't finish until tomorrow night, when i'll hopefully upload it! sorry for the wait :(

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Review #23, by LunaHayden Room of Requirement (Part I)

15th November 2011:
I can't wait to read more...I love this story.
: D

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Review #24, by metalkpretty Room of Requirement (Part I)

15th November 2011:
Amazing story. I love where its going. I cant wait to read more. Please update soon. please! :)

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Review #25, by Luna & Draco I Find My Road Parallel to Yours

12th November 2011:
I want more now...PPLEASEEE

Author's Response: I'm waiting for my next chapter to be updated (it should be up within a couple days!!)

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