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Review #1, by amanda A Moment...

1st October 2009:
very interesting. and here's an idea if you want it, i think it's time Harry gave a little insite to why he asked Draco to look after Hermione. perhaps Harry caught on to Draco's gift and figured out that through Hermione he could be convinced to use it for the side of truth as you said, that could be why Harry sent Hermione there in the first place, to use her as a tool. Harry hopes to be able to use this gift to defeat the dark lord or what not. perhaps somewhere in the story a fight between Ron and Draco could break out since both of them seem to care for her so much. just a few ideas you can ponder over if you want. Can't wait to see the next chapter.

Author's Response: Omg, thanks. I was struggling to find something to write. You're very creative lol. Thanks for the review ox

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Review #2, by Memley_73 The look...

25th September 2009:
Wow, that really good. I can't wait to read the next chapter. Your a great writer. You have to finish this story.
love mem x

Author's Response: I'm trying, just working on chapter 3 right now. I hope you like it. I'll tell you when its up. See you at school ox

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Review #3, by Memley_73 In The Begining...

22nd September 2009:
Hey, great story. I love it. It's definately better than alright. Can't wait to find out what happens next. Your an amazing writer.
love mem x

Author's Response: Thanks Mem, 2nd chapter up soon, just in validation.

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Review #4, by the_elder_wand In The Begining...

15th September 2009:
wow alright i wonder why harry asked and what will happen next:) update soon as i do want to know what happens:) the start was great:) i was so freaked out:) wonderful:) cant wait for more:)

Author's Response: Wow thanks, would you beleive it if I said I don't even know whats going to happen lol. And I'm gonna have to rack my mind to think of why Harry wants Malfoy of all people to protect Hermione lmao. Thanks for the review, it really put a smile to my face.

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