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Review #1, by tangledconstellations always watching

1st August 2012:
Hello lovely!

I decided to read this one-shot because I thought the pairing was really interesting - I've always wanted to read a Tom/Minerva, but have never found one that captures my imagination - until this one! I really really liked this, probably because to me it was totally believable and you remained incredibly canon - something I respect very much! Even so, you managed to take quite a unique ship and really make it interesting and actually totally understandable, because of course things don't work out for these two.

I was actually amazed by the subtle characterisations of Minerva and Tom. You write so amazingly well! I love that Tom is so strangely detached from the reader here, but at the same time Minerva is too. It kind of shows that in a way they are similar because they are quite introverted and so absorbed in study. It also reflected the time period a lot too though. I liked the part where Minerva took down her hair despite 'not usually doing that in public' - it felt very proper, very ladylike. I also really liked the way the two spoke to each other. They were very courteous, and not gushy or anything. It made me think that this is ship that isn't destined to work, and I love your take on it. I sometimes forget that Tom is like, THE Voldemort, but here your portrayal of him was very, very good and so well written. The way he watches and smiles to's quite unnerving, and does hint at his crazy psycho side, haha! It was also so interesting the way you included poignant events of their year, like the murder of the Riddles and Myrtle being killed - his reaction was flawless each time.

I really, really liked this. It's given me food for thought and has really left an impression on me. Ultimately, despite the things they have in common the two of them are so different. I think your last two lines really summed that up so well :)

Laura xxx

Author's Response: thank you for taking the time to leave such a wonderfully thorough review. I really appreciate it.

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Review #2, by Selene always watching

13th March 2011:
I'm amazed by this, you have amazed me. Folks on the forum sent me this way when I asked for stories of this ship and I'm so glad they did.

I truly enjoyed how you wrote this. That it wasn't a reflection on years gone by, but the years of their prime. We see McGonagall as an older woman so often, that its easy to forget that she too was a student and a young woman once upon a time. But reading this, you can picture her walking along the grounds as a young lady of her times.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful read. This ship needs many more fans to join us.

Author's Response: wow really? thank you so much hun. i am really really thrilled you enjoyed this. i don't know what else to say except thank you and i am glad you appreciate what i have done with the characters.

i agree- tomerva all that way!

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Review #3, by Aiedail always watching

4th February 2011:
Hi there! Sorry it's been so long in coming, but I'm here with your review!

First I have to say that your choice in names is distinctly fitting to the stories you write. I've studied Greek mythology a bit and knew who Erebus was, but even if I hadn't it'd probably be easy enough to research :) Still, this gave the whole tone a sinister, creepy feeling that's hard to achieve without sounding overly dramatic (I admit that my threshold is rather low for drama, though), and you manage it beautifully! I hadn't ever thought of them being at school together before, and this gives me just one more complication to add to my understanding of McGonagall's character. It makes me wonder how much more she would loathe Voldemort when he rose to full power thinking about having known him when she was young, and interacted with him so intimately. You have that subtlety of language that carries a heavy tone well, and gives you chills to read it.
However, I couldn't help but thinking throughout the whole thing how much I wished there was more slang--you know, the vernacular of the time. I see that you refrained from allowing the characters' dialogue contractions, which helps to give it a feeling of another era, but I'd just hoped to see some internal dialogue more fully aware of the times. Not that I'm by any means an expert in the colloquialisms of the forties, I just imagine that they had a different thought pattern/way of expression. The language is still effective and the occasional drop of metaphor is seamless enough that this is a very minor concern--just it's something that came to mind !
The characterization of Minerva I find to be very convincing; the way that she has a social outlook to her, and that she's sensitive but still duty-driven. You can clearly believe that this is McGonagall in her teens; it's not a leap of faith from the character of the book, but it's still original enough to keep me reading :)
And forgive me from straying from disinterested analysis but Tom is creepy. I can imagine his little eyes watching her, his strange, ambiguous, creepy (there I go using the word again) smile...The dialogue and little actions, like stealing a tea cake, all were so believable and convincing I was believing it the whole time. That it happened. That it was real. I love the bit about McGonagal making the subtle connection between them while she wonders if he also found the cake too sweet--she wants to see the humanity in him, she wants to give him a chance, but she just gets the feeling that something isn't right and can't shake it.
I found myself even beginning to sympathise with Tom which, believe me, isn't an easy thing to evoke in a reader. I've always, for some twisted reason, appreciated his presence as a literary character--but I have friends who thoroughly hate him--and I think that this story has that ability of making us both hate him, since we know he killed his dad and all--but also forcing us to see that he started out human. This is why, I think, the thought that Minerva has about having too much knowledge is so fitting...well, for one, it's highly in line with her character but also because this distinguishes Minerva's thirst for knowledge from Tom's in that while Minerva is brave enough to exist in her own self without relying on knowledge to escape herself, Tom is utterly dissatisfied with his life and seeks to become beyond himself; the companionship of a weak character (not the literary sense, but as in his personal make-up) and unfortunate circumstances is not a smooth or happy one. I get this from your story.
Over all, I really appreciate this story: as your others, I feel it's both well-written and clever, and just a good piece of work. Thanks so much for steering me towards it, and congratulations for having produced such a successful piece! :)

Author's Response:

I AM SO SORRY!! i cannot believe it has been so long since you posted this! EEEK! i have read it a thousand times and each time i am completely floored by it and can think of nothing to say!

i will start with THANK YOU!!! this review is amazing and made my day/week/month/year. this piece is special to me - i don't know why, but it is - and i am so pleased you liked it.

the title was indeed deliberate and i am pleased that it works. that extra layer of meaning was what was intended.

i agree about the slang - i just couldn't research it in time. i write very quickly usually, to fit it into my hectic life (strangely enough, i have a crack!fic tom/minerva planned that uses a lot of slang, lol).

once i thought about them being at school together this whole story just flowed. and then, cause i am a history nut, i had to open with WWII. i wanted that opening to add meaning to tom's character and the man we knew he would become.

i am really pleased you liked the characters - minerva was difficult to pin down to begin with but once she showed herself i loved writing her.

and yes, tom is creepy. he creeps me out and yes, you are absolutely correct - she wants to see some humanity in him, something worth it.

you get this story completely, and i thank you for that. you understood just what i was trying to do with Tom's character. thank you!!

i don't know what else to say other than apologise a thousand times over for not responding to this until now. thank you, Lily, for such a beautiful, thought-provoking review!!

Kate xx

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Review #4, by electricfeel always watching

16th January 2011:
Hi electricfeel from the forums here with your review :)

First off, your introduction was very cleverly done. You set the whole tone of the story by delving into the history and turmoil of the time and then relating it back to McGonagall. I loved that. The structure of the story was great too with the dividing it into months. Your characterisation was perfect -- McGonagall was intelligent and strong, yet still had that soft spot. And Tom was smart, sly, cunning... you really captured them brilliantly.

The thing I loved most of all however, was your style of writing. Your pace and description are so beautifully yet simply written. Especially the paragraph describing the ring, very well done.

Thank you for requesting, I'm really glad I read this. I really enjoyed it :)

Author's Response: hi there!
thank you so much for taking a look at this - i know this sort of thing isn't everyones cup of tea so i really appreciate it.
i love history - i couldn't not include that, as it was important i believe, esp as a backdrop to what tom had planned.
thank you! i am really pleased you liked the characterisation! and wow thanks for the lovely compliments!!
I am really happy you liked this!!

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Review #5, by Reyes91 always watching

12th October 2010:
Hello, here with your (late) review :)

I never really thought about Tom/Minerva, but you seriously got me rooting for this odd ship. The way you wrote both of the characters were wonderful, considering we have no clue exactly how they both acted around that age. But you nailed it to me. With Tom and his...weird ways of watching her, especially in the start of the story when she leaves the library and he's watching her in the shadows. So creepy and so like Tom to do.

And I love how Minerva always felt uncomfortable around him, it was like she knew something was off about him but couldn't place her finger on it. She did go with her gut though, and left him alone as best as she could. Good on her for that.

This is a lovely one-shot, and completely has me begging for more. Seriously, why can't you write more of this?! Lol.

I loved this, thanks for throwing this my way.


Author's Response: hey hun!
thank you so much for such a wonderful review! i had never considered the ship either but read some amazing fics here (king Me, by Gubraithian Fire, and For Such the Angles Go, by Elsephyl) and it really inspired me to try this ship.
i am so pleased you liked the characterisation. i had to think long and hard about how they would be at this time in their lives, based on how they are as adults, so i am glad it worked out.
more? oh gosh i can't. i guess i ended it where i did because we know what happens from now on. i would like to try this sort-of ship again some time though
thank you so much once again for the review!

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Review #6, by marinahill always watching

8th September 2010:
This was tremendous. What made it so wonderful was that your characterisations were absolutely spot on. Minerva... she was just right - intelligent and with a hint of something else. She had that inner suspicion of Tom all the way through, her intuition nagging at her .It was SO Minerva when you said about having too much knowledge wasn't a good thing - very wise and it just shows that she had that wisdom that Tom didn't, proving them to be very different people. Tom, as well, just made the whole thing all the more wonderful - I found him almost creepy, which is just how I imagined him in the books - as Minerva said, beneath the charming, polite exterior he is cold and distant. You captured that so perfectly, the whole piece had a wonderful haunting air to it and the last line was beautifully chilling. Excellent job!


Author's Response: marina!
thank you so much darling! im really pleased you liked it and that it worked.
minerva was interesting to write - i was so aware of how she is later in life and i guess, had she been more of a minor character in the books i may not have been able to imagine this beginning for her.
tom creeps me out; even reading this, he creeps me out, and i wrote him like this. i don't see any other way for him to be, really.
so thank you for understanding my characterization and thank you for enjoying this piece!!

kate xx

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Review #7, by Mystery Madam always watching

12th June 2010:
Hi, it's Katie here from TGS with your requested review :) Sorry it's late - GCSE's have been giving me no time at all.
Anyway, onto your review:

I have never read a fanfic of this era before, as it had never appealed to me - especially one involving McGonagall - but I can honestly say that this was spectacular.
Your characterisation of Minerva seemed perfect, and although I would never normally imagine Riddle in these situations, or even smiling, but it worked well within the story. I suppose because we know so little about his childhood, and who he was, anyway. We only really see him when he is being ruthless and a little evil, from memories, but this fits in well with the fact that Slughorn likes him - he must've had a 'nice' side too. To cut a long ramble short, this is a really nice interpretation of him.
At times, this seems a little rushed or jumpy, but it is only really a little bit and not an issue generally. The movement through the months is well written as the way their relationship changes through the 4 months is significant and also very obvious to the reader.
The one thing I would say is that the ending seems very sudden. It leaves the reader wanting more, but they're not going to get it, since it's a one-shot. Maybe even clarifying that this is the end of the year, of school, would provide some closure, as I think this is what the reader would be looking for. The story builds and builds until the end, but there is no obvious climax.
Despite that, this story is beautifully written and I genuinely enjoyed it massively! Well done on a great piece of work :)

Author's Response: hey katie! sorry this reply is ridiculously late - life is hectic!
thank you so much for such a lovely review! i had never considered writing this pseudo-ship, or era, until i read King me (gubby) and then For such the Angels go (Kali). i think susan might have one too...
i had to do some research into tom's character for this, so im glad it seems to have paid off ^_^
i think, with the end, i took it for granted that people would know the hogwarts time-line.
thank you so much hun - im glad you enjoyed it!!

kate xx

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Review #8, by Clair Clementine always watching

21st October 2009:
Ok, I think this was a REALLY cool story!! You write Minerva and Tom SO well! They were very in character, despite Tom actually having feelings for someone, but just the way you kept saying he smiled at her, and you never mentioned why he sort of liked her, he was still in character. Immensely so. You're a very good writer too. You describe things in such a cool, eerie way and I really liked this story because of it. I really liked the beginning as well when it's talking about WWII and all the battles taking place and then it just goes to something so normal abotu McGonagall. That was really good!!

I'm so sorry this review you requested took FOREVER. I was just really caught up in other things and I made an unannounced break from reviewing, but I'm back now so if there's any other stories you'd like me to review I'd love to!!

Thanks for requesting!

Clair :D (EvelynCullen09 in the forums)

Author's Response: thank you clair!
im glad you liked it and im so sorry this reply is late!!
i don't think tom actually liked her per se, he was fascinated with her.
i really wanted to draw parallels between the wizarding world and the muggle one. the fact that there were 3 (4 if you can't tom) dictators around seemed significant.
thank you so much for such a nice review and i am really pleased you liked it!!


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Review #9, by GubraithianFire always watching

27th September 2009:
I'll spare you my deepest apologies for not getting here sooner and get on to the actual review. Yes? Wonderful.

When I first saw that you were doing a Tom/Minerva, I got extremely excited. This ship was born for you to write - dark romance that sends shivers down your spine and makes your blood run cold. While my blood isn't quite cold, it's still chilling and I can't imagine this having turned out in any other way.

I'm so, so happy that you wove in so much into such a relatively short fic. The Muggle world, Myrtle's murder, Hagrid's expulsion, the Riddles and Marvolo Gaunt. I don't think any Tom/Minerva fic I've read actually goes into all of these subjects, which probably influenced both of them a lot. So thank you for the canon goodness and the real world application.

And then the characters themselves! I really liked the way you characterized them. Minerva is sweet but not stupid, charmed but not infatuated, and it really speaks to her character as we see it in canon. She's so normal and lovely and it makes more sense for her to avoid him, for him to chase her. She really seems like that unattainable ultimate prize for him, and he knows it. And yet, he isn't moved by her. Intrigued would be a good word, I think.

Oh, and I think someone pointed this out, but Tom smiles. I honestly can't remember Tom having smiled at Minerva ever, in any of the other fics I've read. He smiles. And it seems like a genuine smile, that's what got to me most. He is genuinely invested in her, interested in her, and in the end, it doesn't matter. They sort of dance around each other, come together sometimes, and then drift apart.

Tom/Minerva really is an almost ship. They're more two people with potential that should never be than people who are genuinely attracted to each other. You really portrayed that spectacularly, Kate. It was unsettling and dark and yet felt completely effortless. And did I mention how honored and flattered I am that this is dedicated to me? Kalina is worthy, but not me. Thank you for writing this. Truly one of a kind piece. ^_^

Author's Response: gubby i suck!
i am so sorry it has taken me almost a year to respond to this!! RL stinks sometimes, lol
anyway, thank you so much for all of that! i honestly don't know what to say only that im extremely flattered that you like this and that you totally got it, you know?
and you are more than worthy of the dedication!!! you inspired me with King Me.
thank you hun!! *hugs*

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Review #10, by Elesphyl always watching

27th September 2009:
I'm here! As promised, and I'm so sorry it took me so long.

First off, did you know I used to have a fic called Erebus? It was planned out to be this uber-long epic ... yeah. Then it died. XD So seeing this called Erebus was a bit of a jolt, y'know! ^_^ But I liked it nonetheless! I especially liked the bit at the beginning where you mention all the things going on around Hogwarts, though it doesn't interfere with the story itself.

The way you've set up their almost-relationship is very intriguing as well. Tom is very, very, very creepy, very much in canon, and kudos to you for capturing him in that perfectly sinful light. :) What I'm jealous of is the way you intertwine canon with the story itself - the Gaunt murders, etc...

It's flawlessly weaved, my dear, and I'm so jealous. I love that he watches her - and that he smiles! ^_^ Write more Tom/Minerva! You do it absolute justice. :) Beautiful, beautiful writing, Kate. *hugs*

XOXO, Kalina

Author's Response: KALI!!
sorry this has taken me forever to respond to! im a terrible person!!
i did not know that - how strange xD
i can't see tom as being anything but creepy, lol, so im glad that came off. i didn't want him to be stalking her as such, but to always be there, irritating and distracting her.
i had to research my canon for this. i really wanted to make it as real as possible so thank you!
im so glad you liked this!!!
kate xxx

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Review #11, by Phoenix_Flames always watching

26th September 2009:
Ahh, Kate! Oh my gosh, fantastic as always!

You always astound me with your brilliant, intricate writing! It's just so amazing and gripping.

This was just as unique and amazing as ever. Stories involving Tom and Minerva, and even further the Gaunt history, are hardly ever written, and if they are, it is rare that they can be pulled off so spectacularly!

You should know by now that I never have CC for you. ;) And once again, I don't! :D I hope that's not a problem. It is perfect as it is.

Thanks for the awesome read!


Author's Response: thank you hun and im so sorry its taken me forever to respond to this review!
im so pleased you liked this and that it worked. i had fun writing this, and it was challenging at times, esp in the weaving of canon and character. i had never written tom or minerva as young people before!
thank you sweetie!!

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Review #12, by Violet Gryfindor always watching

15th September 2009:
Oh wow! You've captured Tom Riddle in the most perfectly creepy way. It's suiting that you used the young Riddle from the HBP film for the banner, since he pulled off the creepiness very well. I love your portrayal of Tom - it's different from what I've seen in other Tom/Minervas in that his evilness is there, beneath the surface, never fully realized. Minerva knows it's there, but she can't quite put her finger on what it is.

It's funny that Minerva claims that he's not the right type of guy for her, because, strangely enough, he is. You've portrayed her as a very deep, intelligent girl. I really liked how she was ignorant of Myrtle and Tom's actions in general - it made it more realistic, since in canon, no one was able to connect the handsome, smart boy of Hogwarts to the evil Voldemort. She was also very much in character - there was a strong strictness about her, as well as the courage and daring qualities of the Gryffindor.

I also loved (yes, loved much about this story :P) the simplicity of the whole narrative. It felt more realistic because you didn't make it too flowery - not that flowery is bad, but the simpler style better suited the simplicity of the moments between Tom and Minerva. There was nothing "epic" going on between them, but there's an electricity, too. They're drawn to one another, even though Minerva wouldn't admit it.

This was an excellent one-shot and portrayal of this ship! It's definitely up there with Kalina's and Gubby's stories. I'm adding it to my favourites. ^_^

Author's Response: susan! thank you - what a wonderful review! creepy? cool ^_^ actually ive not seen HBP yet O.O and i ended up choosing him because he had the right expression for the banner, so yay! added meaning without it even being intentional ha!

i agree - he is the perfect guy for her! and yes, she knows something is not quite right but cannot yet see it!

im so pleased you liked my minerva. she was wonderful to write - she really wrote herself in this, so did tom actually.

i could see no other way to tell this story except for simply. i think it was minerva's character who led me to this style - she is no-nonsense, non-flowery sort of person, so i really had no choice xD

thank you so much for such a wonderful review!!!

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Review #13, by leeloo always watching

15th September 2009:
This is a terribly entertaining piece, as you have taken two semi one dimensional characters (by that I mean Tom the boy, of which we know little about) and given them life. It's really hard to imagine minerva as a young girl but you've made it believable. Anyway good job!

Author's Response: wow thank you hun. im so pleased you liked it and thank you so much for a lovely review!!

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Review #14, by Lord Sophiemort always watching

15th September 2009:
Probably one of the best Tom/Minerva fics I've read. :)

You're characterisation of Minerva is just... magnificent. She's sharp and yet soft, young yet old... She is EXACTLY the way I imagined her to be as a teenager. And the mutual, possibly reluctant, attraction between her and Tom is absolutely DELICIOUS. mmm. :)

I love it :D Definately deserves 10/10.

Tom Riddle fics = love
Your fics = love


Author's Response: wow really? thank you so much! this was fun to write - once i sat down and thought about it, it wrote itself ^_^

im so pleased you liked the characterisation - i have never written minerva like this before. she sort of spoke to me, you know? im glad it worked!

thanks hun!

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