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Review #1, by TheGoldenKneazle Black Widow

2nd June 2011:
W-O-W. This is absolutely amazing. I've never really thought about Ms. Zabini before, and this was such a great show of her character. The addiction to death was so clever and taunting, and I felt so sorry for Blaise! That boy would be past pschological help, and he seems quite young, too young to have seen all of that. The descriptions of each scene and husband worked so well, and it really made the reader both horrified and enthralled by what she had done. 10/10!

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Review #2, by peppersweet Black Widow

19th March 2010:
That was a deceptively powerful opening line. Really liked this a lot- you've really captured the cold, clinical way she just bumps them off one by one. You've got some real talent here! :)

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Review #3, by Artist_Angie Black Widow

30th December 2009:
Wow, the first sentence, talk about hook, line, and sinker.
I love your writing style. (:

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Review #4, by The Empress Black Widow

25th November 2009:
Wow Liam, this is a very well written one-shot. The take on Blaise's mother is stunning. All we know is that she's a black widow, and then how you explain it... great. Absolutely amazing.

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Review #5, by Scathed Indecency Black Widow

18th October 2009:
I want the next chapter now. I'm officially hooked! ;D

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Review #6, by KaraBlack Black Widow

27th September 2009:

Despite the fact that I was uninformed of this update *furious face*


It was fantastic, your writing is just...gahh, amazingness on my computer screen. I loved Mrs. Zabini and the way that Blaise was described throughout the story and everything and just...woah.

It was fantastic.

Another story of yours to dominate my favorites list ;)

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Review #7, by Indigo Seas Black Widow

20th September 2009:
OMIGOD Liam, how could you start a story with "There was blood in the bath again" and then expect the readers NOT to read on? Gah.

Good stuff, once again. :)
- Rin

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Review #8, by Canary in the Mine Black Widow

20th September 2009:
Liam, I wish I had your skills.

Right from the beginning, you capture the reader. You set the mood with a sort of horror that gets in the readers head. I adore the way you have Blaise in's so terrifyingly scary. He understands, and she has no problem with that. Your style of writing is amazing and lovely to read.

In fact, I still have shivers ^_^

Amazing job, Liam.

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Review #9, by redherring Black Widow

20th September 2009:
I loved this! Audra was fantastic (brilliant name, by the way), and I loved how calm and unfazed she was by the entire process. It was really chilling, actually. Same goes for Blaise - when he walked into the bathroom and just coolly asked if they'd been left anything... *shivers*

9/10 :)

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