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Review #1, by SweetsCaandy Halloween Soirée

14th February 2016:
Sooo, it's me again! It's been two years since the last review and I thought it was time I checked on this story again and then decided to create an account as well while I'm here ;) I haven't really believed this fic to have been updated as I know how you think you'll work through old stuff and then probably never do in the end but well, I'm still waiting ;) I guess I understand the whole writing-style-developing thing, but given that you started this story over 5 years ago I think it's quite good still, even with the clichés and all that! I'd be really happy if you finished the story sometime, even if you aren't going to revise the whole thing. Just thought I'd let you know there are still people around who'd read it ;)


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Review #2, by Sweets-Caandy Moony was the Smart One...

21st April 2014:

I don't know if this story ever will go on or if you even kind of check this account but anyways, I just felt like ckecking on this story again. I have to say I wasn't surprised to see that it wasn't updated after all, but well, I felt like reading it again after, what, nearly three years ;)
I am quite surprised that I remembered many things and I just wanted to leave a review in case you still are checking your account and tell you that I still like the story, it's just kind of taking me back thee years :) Which is a nice feeling in a way.

Sooo, yeah, well that's that,
take care, Hanna

Author's Response: Hahaha, oh my word it's Sweets! I've no idea if you'll see this but yeah. Wow. I do check this account sometimes, but not really all that often. I think you've described quite well what this fic does for me too - it takes me back three years. And it's always there lurking in the back of my mind and I do sometimes reopen the word doc and write a bit for it, I'm not sure it'll ever leave me, but I'm so different to how I was when I started it and my writing style has developed a LOT since then, and I'm not sure it would read so well to continue. Also there are so many cliches in this fic it makes me cringe a lot, baha!

I think I'd like to continue and finish this fic one day, but I'm just not sure how I'll do it. Part of me thinks the only way I'll be satisfied is to rewrite everything that's here so far and that's such a colossal undertaking, but you know I may just do it. ^_^

So yeah, I dunno, this is the fic that'll never leave me so I guess watch this space, and something may happen. It was lovely to hear from you!

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Review #3, by Missy Potter Catch That Snitch

14th July 2013:
There are a few grammar stuff such as there when it should be their and typos. But it is really good. 10/10 for story ideas.

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Review #4, by Biscuit Halloween Soirée

14th May 2012:
Is really good just wanted to make sure you keep writing it x

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Review #5, by kelly99867 Halloween Soirée

2nd April 2012:
OMR!! this is bloody amazing! please continue! Best fanfic about the marauders that I've read in years! for my sake, please continue

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Review #6, by greekpanda Halloween Soirée

11th January 2012:
Oh!! Ok forget Sirius and Abbie! Will is so perfect and wonderful and oh! I love it..just so much! But he can't leave!! I'm hoping by "the betrayal stung like a sharp knife" Will isn't going to leave and ruin things because he and Abbie would be TOO CUTE!! Peri is...growing on me I suppose. She's not AWFUL anymore but I still don't trust her. That prank was absolutely stunning!! It seriously made my day! Oh Lily, pretending you aren't starting to like James again, you silly girl. I can't wait for another James/Lily moment to come like the "good morning" thing...which wasn't exactly romantic or anything but she wasn't screaming her head off at him so ya know, improvement. Now then, I'm very very hooked on your story and I just finished reading the last chapter so far so you had better not make me wait A YEAR before the next one or I will be very very upset >:( In other words you're an amazing writer and I might be a tad addicted to your story :D Keep up the incredible work.

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Review #7, by greekpanda Out of Bounds

11th January 2012:
OH MY GOD I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Sorry for..."shouting?" (even though it was just caps lock...) but I love this chapter. I don't care if it was just filler, it was wonderful amazing filler and it made me so happy to hear Lily actually be civil to James. Seriously made my day, which sounds a tad ridiculous I'm aware but I've been waiting for her to see him as a nice guy for like 14 chapters here and now that she's finally done I'm excited. Absolutely fantastic. The only thing I'm a bit confused about is the whole Lily, Rachel, AND Abbie thing. I thought they were still fighting and super mad at each other? And honestly I think Abbie has every right to be mad at Rachel that...I'm trying very hard not to call her a very mean word right her because I know that she's probably a pretty nice person and not a BLANK but the way that she acted with Remus when she knew Abbie liked him...grrr it makes me angry.

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Review #8, by greekpanda Of Presents and Marauder Operations

11th January 2012:
Stunning chapter as usual. I'm so super duper (yes super duper, don't laugh) proud of Will for standing up to his sister and telling her how he really feels. I get the feeling he's one of those guys who never let's anyone in on how he's actually feeling because he feels like he has to be the strong one so he can't lean on anyone because they all lean on him. However, I still really want to know who's got Will in such a fantastic mood and if this girl can get a guy as fantastic as Will to be in such a fantastic mood, she must be a pretty fantastic girl herself. I want to meet this girl. Anywho, amazing chapter as usual, and I can't wait to read the next one! :D

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Review #9, by greekpanda Fights Among Friends

11th January 2012:
I would feel bad for Rachel except...well like I said Abbie's my favorite and while I totally understand Remus not liking two girls it still majorly sucks for Abbie. I must admit I'm very upset with Rachel for not thinking more about her actions and her freaking BEST FRIEND! I mean come on Rachel! You didn't find it the least bit suspicious that your best friend turned down the guy she liked? USE YOUR FREAKING HEAD! So I had to stop reading for a minute when James and Lily were being all flirty and adorable to have a bit of (or a giant) freakout because THEY'RE TOO GODDAMN CUTE!!! Oh goodness I love those two! Which reminds me, in my last review I said that I loved it when Lily apologized when I meant to say thanked bad, sorry for the confusion. In any case, I loved this chapter and how adorable James is with Carl and Tam. Also, poor Will! I totally understand that Abbie was upset when she yelled at him but that doesn't mean it didn't hurt him :( poor guy. I love Will and I really want to find out who this mystery girl is.

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Review #10, by greekpanda Showdowns in Hogsmeade

10th January 2012: I still hate Andy but strangely this chapter didn't make me hate him more since he's obviously under the imperius curse. WAIT! Has he been under it this whole time? No...that'd be too easy. Hm, I still don't like him. And I'm very very proud of Lily for apologizing to James and very happy that she took notice of him ignoring her. A big bravo goes out to both of them. I'm also super proud of how well Abbie is holding up with the whole Rachel-Remus thing. I still feel really bad for her because it does kinda feel like Rachel gets everything and poor hilarious, outgoing, bubbley Abbie gets left in the dust. She's my favorite case my not-so-subtle obsession wasn't obvious enough. I really really want her to be with Sirius because I think that would be the most adorable thing EVER. Ok maybe adorable's not exactly the right about amazingly awesome and perfect? Yeah I think those are the right words. Sorry this was a bit of a rambley review without many helpful story or writing comments...

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Review #11, by greekpanda Plenty of Cold Breezes

10th January 2012:
Again, never too cliche, but it shows you're a good writer that you're aware of your writing. Ok right now all of my Peri hate has been transfered to Andy. I still don't trust Peri but I love her compared to Andy. If I thought he was a spineless asshole before...oh man, that freaking douche bag! I hate him! So much! Like with a burning passion!! I'm still a fan of Sirius-Abbie. They're both ridiculously silly and wonderfully.well wonderful. LOVE THEM...even though they're not really a thing...yet! I'm also very VERY proud of Lily for admiting that she's too harsh on the Marauders sometimes. It's most definitely a step in the right direction for her.

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Review #12, by greekpanda Lullaby By the Window

10th January 2012:
I have started hating Lily a bit. I know she's grumpy at James like all the time but at the beginning (and in the books) they said she was really sweet and I just kinda want to see more of that Lily. I expect her to be awful to James (even though it hurts him :'() but I'd like to see more of nice and caring Lily when it comes to her friends. Although I realize that since I'm reviewing WAY late, that's probably not going to change much for the next several chapters.Anyways, loved the chapter as usual. I really actually enjoy cliches although I completely understand as a fellow writter hating writing them. It makes you feel like you aren't doing work, which sucks because you put so much work into your story and then it turns out kind of cliche and its quite frustrating. Amazing job overall and I feel really bad for Remus, but I feel even worse for Abbie. Poor thing got her heart broken but she can't draw attention to it or ask for help from her friends because she cares too much about Rachel and doesn't want to reveal her feelings for Remus.

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Review #13, by greekpanda Detention and Disaster

10th January 2012:
No! Poor Rachel!! What kind of a spineless asshole gives a girl a beautiful present when he breaks up with her?! She won't ever be able to wear it because every time she so much as LOOKS at it she'll probably start crying. I do like the idea of her and Remus but only because I've decided that Abbie and Sirius need to happen. Think about it! They're both trouble makers and they both have a great sense of humor. I bet she'll wear her hair down one day or something and he'll fall for her, or something of the like. In any case that's what I WANT to happen. Also, Remus when he's angry would be like the most terrifying thing EVER. :/ I would certainly not want to be on the wrong side of let me think...let's say EVER!

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Review #14, by greekpanda Catch That Snitch

10th January 2012:
Sometimes a little cliche is a good thing, and in this case it certainly was. Oh my gosh! Poor poor POOR James! That boy is such a sweetheart and if I wasn't cheering so whole-heartedly for Lily to realize that, I would snatch him up myself...ya know if he weren't a fictional character. *cough* awkward turtle (Oh sirius you're my hero):D Again, great wonderful fantastic stunning job on the story. It's TOTALLY AWESOME! And James Potter is super mega foxy awesome hot and I really hope Lily gets to see that his personality is just as wondeful.

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Review #15, by greekpanda A Marauder's Guide to Hogwarts - Siriusly!

10th January 2012:
I absolutely loved this chapter! And I suppose Peri is growing on me...a little. I don't hate her AS MUCH, but she's still...gah! She makes me pull my hair out everytime she talks! I feel bad for her and Bellatrix but that still gave her no right to yell at Lily about things she has no idea about because she's been gone for the last freaking SIX YEARS!! She drives me as crazy as James drives Lily gr. D:< I find it a little hilarious that all the girls are falling all over Remus but hey...I think I speak for every girl who's ever read Harry Potter and admit that its hard not to fall for the dreamily wonderful werewolf. Ooh! Alliteration! Sorry, kinda rambling a bit now...but I love the story and the detail...and now I sound like a broken record. You're a fantastic writer and I'm seriously in love with your story right now.

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Review #16, by greekpanda First Day Back

10th January 2012:
I really don't like Peri. I love the story, except her. She just aggrivates me. I understand that Lily doesn't exactly give the Maurauders a chance but can you blame her? For 6 years they've been the bane of her existance and it's just THIS year that they've matured at all. She was a tad harsh on Peter (who you've made me like despite myself...cowardly little traiter *grumble grumble*) but for the rest of them I think she's perfectly justified to feel the way she does. I mean it's the FIRST day back, she can't be expected to notice their changes yet. And Peri doesn't even know them, she's just being defensive of her little James. GAH! I really don't like her.

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Review #17, by greekpanda Feasts and Headmasters

9th January 2012:
I really really REALLY love your story! The characters are believable and the description is simply fantastic. I love the way you weave not only images into scenes but emotions about the objects too. The way you described the castle was ...well not to be corny but magical. I'm hoping Peri will sway Lily towards James because he really is a nice guy when it comes down to it. The only thing that bugged me (and I do mean literally the ONLY thing, I've absolutely adored the story) was how you described Hufflepuffs. They're loyal, caring, hard workers, and true of heart and I kind of think of them as the level headed of the 4 houses. The ones who generally get along with everyone else and when it comes down to it, the ones who keep the others from tearing each others eyes out. You made it sound more like they were the leftovers that no one wanted. I know Hufflepuff isn't the most exciting house and most people forget about it, but it's still important none the less.

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Review #18, by MarauderLover7 Halloween Soirée

24th November 2011:
Firstly, I love this story! I read the whole thing this morning!
I love your characterisation of the Marauders - particularly Sirius. I like that Peter has a bit of personality, but I'm struggling to see why he became a Death Eater if he's as attached to the rest of them as he seems... I like James and Sirius' relationship - it's just how I imagined it, and I particularly liked the piggy-back scene. :P
Lily needs to loosen up a little bit, but she's getting there. And just when James is contemplating giving up on her! :(
Anyway, please update soon! I am thoroughly enjoying your story and can't wait for the next chapter! :)
Keep Writing,

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Review #19, by Emma Hart Halloween Soirée

21st November 2011:
Absolutely LOVE the story!! i just started reading it yesterday so i didnt realize that you posted the last chapter a year later lol. I just wanted to know about when will you be putting up the next chapter because i cannot wait!! Keep on writing! Your a really amazing writer!

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Review #20, by Sweets-Caandy Halloween Soirée

20th November 2011:
It's me once again :) (and I'm sorry that I review this late!)
I almost thought you gave up on this story, but I'm really glad you didn't! I'm so excited that it actually goes on now!
I think I will read the beginning again, because I can't remember too much of the story...sadly.
But I like this chapter very much!
The party was great and the presents, too!
Sirius giving him a self-partrait , I really had to laugh when he unwrapped this present!
But I it was really sad that Will didn't tell Abbie how he felt and you discribed it so well that I could really feel his dispair and sorrow.
This was the saddest scene in the in this chapter I think...
But I wouldn't have guessed, that Rachel and Remus would be together this soon! Which doesn't mean that I am not happy about that, I AM! Maybe now Abbie realises that Will is the one for her? But I think if she figures that out, it will take some time...
Well, but the end (the letter) I didn't understand. Either it's just that I can't remember the past history, or we are supposed to be confused...well I think the first option is more likely, since the last chapter was updated so long ago (this is NOT supposed to be a accusation!I'm so glad that you updated at all!) and I can't remember the details...
So I am hoping for an update ,
yours Sweets-Caandy

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Review #21, by Laurel Halloween Soirée

11th November 2011:
Love it, great story! Please keep updating! :) I can't wait for all the secrets to get out and couples to get together!!

Author's Response: Haha, thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it, and I can't wait for it either, baha ;) I promise I'll try and update soon, thanks for bearing with me! And thank you for the review, they make my day :D

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Review #22, by The Stag And Doe xx Halloween Soirée

9th November 2011:
Cant not be following this story :) its really great, & possibly the best James/Lily relationship I've read. I mean, most fanfics are hate + event = love and I don't really understand it, you know? This relationship is a lot more realistic, which is great. And I love how James is like his own person, like he doesn't just give in because he loves Lily.

Wow. Lol

So any idea on frequency of updates? And I'd love it if you kept this story up :)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I'm really glad you're enjoying this! :) I sorta wanted to go against the normal kind of concept for a Lily/James, not to mention I'm including all the other Marauders too, so I'm glad you picked up on that. ^_^ James should -always- be his own person! Aaand as for frequency of updates, not great is all I can say, but I can promise you that I'll never stop writing this story. It'll take a while, but I've got the whole thing planned out so it's only a matter of writing it. :) Thank you soo much for reading and reviewing, and don't give up on me - haha! :D Thanks!

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Review #23, by IwRiTe4mE Halloween Soirée

8th November 2011:
JAMES! WHAT IS THIS?! NO NO NO NO NO! >.< He cannot leave!!! I was in such a good mood, and now I'm sorta upset, but I have to go to bed, and I just wanted to read the new chapter before bed, but gosh I'm rambling! This was a really nice chapter. :) I'm glad you're writing/updating again.

Author's Response: Uhm. :') Sorry kat! And sorry this review response took so long! I've been really busy, but it's been ages since I've heard from you! Jamesie is sad. Either way, you'll have to keep reading to find out what happens to Will :D And I leave you with a promise that I will never give up on this story. I'll always keep it going! Just like... over a long time. Ehe. Thanks kat, see you soon!

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Review #24, by Lizzfizz Potter's Year

22nd October 2011:
Sorry I haven't reviewed sooner, I've been busy, but here i am now. :)
Really good chapter 2, not too eventful, not too boring. Lily's friends are a good bunch. Very funny, also good description at the beginning.
-Lizzfizz ;)

Author's Response: Ohhey, well if it isn't Miss Fizz! Hmm, you're like this reminder that I need to go back to the forums, really. D: Sorreh about that. But I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter! And honestly, don't worry about reviewing quickly, I'm literally the worst reviewer ever so. ;) But yeah, thanks for the review!!

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Review #25, by pocketfullofstars Out of Bounds

12th October 2011:
i've just finished reading this, and it's i don't know how or why, but it's... different. different from other marauder-fanfics. in a very, very good way. none of your original characters are mary jane-ish, you don't rush things, you describe moods and conversations so well it feels like i'm actually there, and... etc.etc. x) i just love it!

the fact that you haven't updated in a while is so so sad, though... i feel kinda lost, not having more chapters to read :p but i'm sure you have your reasons for not updating. so i'm just gonna patiently wait for more :) but pllleease don't abandon it !! a 10/ 10 to you!

Author's Response: Aw, you're making me blush, thank you! Um, wow. :') Whilst this story's full of some disgusting cliches I really have tried to stay away from the mary sues of the world, and I always feel like describing conversation and stuff is important? But I'm glad you think it's different!
Also, just a random note, believe it or not when I originally published it it was just a same-old Marauder story, but it seems over time the style of Marauder fics has developed into something else, (something I unfortunately don't care much for) and these ones have sorta been forgotten. So I'm just a-saying if you like the style, check out some older fics! (Andyoucanseewheremyhorribleclichescomefrom.) ^_^ Haha, rambly note.
And I'm not giving up on this story I promise you, and I don't think I ever will. It just takes me forever to update, I'm sorry! (The next chapter *is* half written, up to something like 6-7000 words thus far, but it should be done soon). Anyway, I'm glad you liked it, and I can promise an update soon! Thanks for the lovely review, made my day! :')

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