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Review #1, by spencefa What The Storm Brings

14th August 2010:
the story was good, it was really starting to go somewhere, I thought, and then it endedm, it did seem a little uncharacteristic of Ron, but mostly Hermione, I would see her blasting him with some kind of spell, but anyway, it was really going somewhere, and it ended.

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Review #2, by SiriuslyCrack What The Storm Brings

15th March 2010:
Omigosh! This was such an amazing read! *feels bad for poor Rose* What happened to Ron? Imperius? You know what, don't answer that. I don't really care. All I care about is that you're a wonderful writer and you wrote this so well, Denibear! I absolutely love this line - “Have you ever just felt like nobody? Like people are staring right at you, but not seeing you. Like you’re just a tiny speck of dust, floating in the air?” ILYDENI!

~ Your Tahibear

Author's Response: :o Tahibear! Thank you so much lovey! xo

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Review #3, by Sweet Decadence What The Storm Brings

5th October 2009:
D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:
That was simply amazing Deni
I could see it all
superb job!

Author's Response: GHONDE! Aw thank you so much, you make me smile, Andward! :D

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Review #4, by harrylilyjames What The Storm Brings

22nd September 2009:
I love Ron-bashing stories, they're very hard to come by, but I did stumble across this one :) and I must say I loved it!
Really really well done!! Please write more of this stuff, it was brilliant!

Author's Response: Woah thank you so much! I might make a sequel if inspiration strikes :P

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Review #5, by hplover_15 What The Storm Brings

11th September 2009:
It was so good, It made me cry a bit, now that I think of it I'd probably look like and idiot if one of my roomates walking in while I was reading it but I don't mind, beacuse it was so good.

Author's Response: Wow thank you so much! I can't believe I made you cry, I'm sorry!

Thanks again :)

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Review #6, by twinklinghazeleyes What The Storm Brings

11th September 2009:
SO SSSAD! :( :( D: I love the story, but seriously so sad!!! Still a great story though!! :) 10/10!!

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! :)

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