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Review #1, by AussieAnatomy627 Charmed Hope

28th December 2009:
That was really good. It really showed Draco's true emotions.

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Review #2, by hallowsorhorcruxes Charmed Hope

24th September 2009:
Nice one shot! :)
I think this was a very clever concept; I've read all sorts of Dramiones but never one quite like this. If someone had just described the plot to me, I would think it highly unrealistic that a necklace that said "hope" could actually instill it inside Draco. But I believed it. And, Draco's voice is very unique, so that's a further congratulations.

The advice I would give you is that you don't have to over-explain. What I mean is that someones you have fabulous, epic-sounding lines, but then you seem worried that the readers might not understand what you are saying so you explain further.

What's coming to mind is towards your ending, when you say:

So I left quietly, without a sound. No one but her knew I had come here, and no one else needed to know. I suppose it went to say that it was our secret, but it was only one of two. She knew about the necklace too.

You could have ended the line after "but it was only one of two," but you add to the paragraph. This just stood out as a bit odd to me, the reader, especially because of "two" and "too" sounding the same and furthering the repeatitivity (that is not a word, repeatitivity, but I think it should be :D. Hahaha.)

It was a pleasure to read; I seriously enjoyed it. :) Cheers-

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Review #3, by FallenAngel4 Charmed Hope

23rd September 2009:
hmmm short, sweet and to the point. very good. it was touching in a simple was, not to dramatic but not boring as well. i lovveee dramione so keep writing it!!!

luv fallenangel4

ps: check out my oneshots to :)

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