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Review #1, by Amicus Chapter IV: Die Eule

24th January 2012:
Another excellent chapter, incredible convincing.

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Review #2, by Amicus Chapter III: Schnee-Krieg

24th January 2012:
again loving it, wonderfully captured scenes.

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Review #3, by Amicus Chapter II: Düstere Nacht

24th January 2012:
Excellent very vivid, life like children doing the despicable with brave intentions. I haven't read anything like this on HPFF before very original, very human.

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Review #4, by Amicus Chapter I: Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Schwalbe

24th January 2012:
Love the introductions and the description of the muddle wizard interactions they come across as very true to JKR world. The plot concepts also very interesting, definitely going to keep reading

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Review #5, by please Chapter XV: Schmerz

1st November 2011:
please update your story. I love it. it's very well written and exciting.

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Review #6, by crystle Chapter XV: Schmerz

21st May 2011:
please update soon. I really would like to see how deiter's story progresses.

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Review #7, by Linaewen Chapter XV: Schmerz

9th May 2011:
I think I might have listed this story under my favorites when it was still only a couple chapters long, and I only got around to reading it in full today. My only regret is that it it doesn't have more chapters.

For those who check out a story's reviews before reading it, this one is definitely worth your time. Every single character is fleshed out beautifully. And despite Dieter's frighteningly bigoted beliefs, it's virtually impossible to completely dislike him. I don't think I've enjoyed an anti-hero character so much since I read "Artemis Fowl".

Playing the repugnant Nazi beliefs against Pure-blood superiority deftly illustrates just how unpleasant bigotry is, no matter what form it takes. I love how Muggle history has been seamlessly integrated. I also enjoy how several seeds of subplots have been sown throughout the story - no doubt these will come to fruition in time. All in all, I can't wait to see where this story is headed!

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Review #8, by puiwaihin Chapter XV: Schmerz

26th February 2011:
This is an amazing story. It's why I read fanfiction.

I love how you have created a protagonist who has a nobility of his own but with ideologies so antithetical to what most people believe. I can't help but respect Dieter and at the same time be horrified by his beliefs. It's completely believable (once you accept the idea of magic of course).

I look forward to more!

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Review #9, by puiwaihin Chapter VI: Gellert Grindelwald Platz

24th February 2011:
Excellent story so far! I'll keep reading and leave leave another review when I finish.

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Review #10, by Kristin Chapter XV: Schmerz

18th January 2011:
Hooray, finally an update :-D I do sort of feel sorry for Dieter, although he's the one to blame for the mess ... I hope he has learnt his lesson. Can't wait (though I suspect I'll have to wait for a while ...) to see what happens next. Is this little tale (this chapter, I mean) significant for the plot? - Kristin

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Review #11, by Crystle Chapter XIV: Duelle

7th January 2011:
Oh yes, I enjoyed the latst chapter very much. : )


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Review #12, by simplyshiny Chapter XIV: Duelle

12th December 2010:
Oh man. I've read all the chapters :( now I actually have to WAIT for the next one...this story is so ridiculously good I can't even begin to say how much I like it. I can't decide if I love or hate Deiter. When I first started reading I thought Ernst might be Jewish, but I guess he's not.anyway, it works well and I need more now!

Author's Response: Well, you don't have to wait long! Chapter fifteen has just been approved. Hopefully I'll be able to write a couple more chapters in a reasonable amount of time.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

~ Tim the Enchanter

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Review #13, by Renegade Niffler Chapter XI: Angriff ist Verteidigung

20th August 2010:
I almost feel guilty for liking Deiter as much as I do, though I suppose I shouldn't. After all he is only a boy who cannot help the fact that he grew up having his mind twisted by insidious propaganda. Apart from his Nazi-ness there is a lot to like about him. He is smart, forthright, conscientious, and hard working.

I also really like Ernst, and feel no guilt whatsoever about it. :)

The "Attack is Defense" motto is just brilliant. It creates a real parallel to Nazi tactics. Rather than Voldemort's sort of "yeah, I'm evil and I'm not going to hide it approach" (like changing the name of the class to the Dark Arts), Grindelwald seems to have adopted more cunning strategies (more on the lines of convincing people that his philosophies are just and correct, much like Nazi eugenics).

The only criticism I have is that "not at all unsurprised" is a double-negative. Perhaps just drop the "un"?

On the whole, excellent chapter as always.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review Renegade Niffler, and thanks for pointing out the typo.

I am also surprised by how fond I am for Dieter. Having devoted so much time developing him, he's really grown on me, despite his numerous flaws.

Grindelwald is actually one of my favourite canon characters, and I believe he was much cleverer than Voldemort, who rather stupidly advertised how evil he was. I picture Grindelwald indoctrinating while maintaining the appearance of normalcy.

~ Tim the Enchanter

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Review #14, by Renegade Niffler Chapter X: Untermenschen

19th August 2010:
Okay, I admit it: I've been stalking your story for ten whole chapters without leaving a review. So, in light of my brave admission I hope you'll forgive me if I simply begin reviewing from here.

This story was incredibly interesting before, but has now officially surpassed itself. I absolutely love what you're doing with the "battle of the bigots", if you will (sickening Nazi beliefs vs. sickening pure-blood beliefs). I can't wait to see what you do with Deiter's character.

I really could go on and on about this story. The writing is impeccable, the story superb, and the characters are so well done. I also have really been enjoying the detail you've been putting into Durmstrang. It is all very believable. My only regret is that I've been too busy lately to sit down and read several chapters at a time.

Thank you for writing this. :)

Author's Response: My only regret is that I haven't been writing as quickly as I could have! Anyway, thank you for reading and reviewing my story. I am glad you enjoyed it!

Durmstrang was fun to create, as was the aptly named "battle of the bigots." This battle is going to get more interesting later on!

~ Tim the Enchanter

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Review #15, by OliveOil_Med Chapter III: Schnee-Krieg

10th August 2010:
Tim, people seem to have come to a concensis that this story does not have enough reviews for as good as it is, and I happen to agree with them. And since I have just become more involved at HPFF since I discovered with can attach picture to the actual chapters of our stories, I am going to become personally involved in leaving many, many gushing reviews so everyone may hear of your brillence.

And to prove to some of my other reviewees that I don't review just for the sake of 'being mean'.

Now, I shall start with chapter in which we first begin to see all the work you had to put forth in studying Nazi idiology (by which you you have possibly tainted your soul for all eturnity). Everyone who reads this story, though, seems to be impressed by your devotion to creating an authentic scernery in which your story take place, even if we don't end up staying there for very long. It is most definitely one of the strong points of your story. That and Dieter is just one of those character you hate so much, he ends up becoming appealing.

Before reading you story, I had no idea that the Nazis even had such a group as the 'Latins'. I suppose the Maltese might be considered that, but it almost seems like we have too much Arabic and North African in us to be consider true Latins. You'll have to ask Dieter what that ends up making us, or did the Latins have certain diluted amounts of Arabic in them. I think back to the Muslims in Spain that left all those lovely tile designs that the Spainiards are known for.

Did you have to look very hard to find the English translations for your Hitler Youth songs? I have been trying to find the lyrics to Red Guard songs from the Cultural Revolution, but I can't find any sort of lyrics at all, much less English translation. I suppose I'll have to become friends with one of the Chinese professors at my school and see if I can strong-arm some translations out of them.

I suppose I'll have more to go on once the actual magic starts showing up. I know in historical-study fictions, it's more the actual time period that is the important part of the story rather than the Harry Potter canon, but I have feeling that I have said just about everything there is to say about Nazism in your story on MNFF.

Author's Response: Thank you for your enthusiasm and encouragement, Molly. Though Chapter Three isn't all that important plot-wise, I thought I could use an interlude that definitively created the setting of Nazi Germany. The research was actually rather painless and even fun. Maybe I'm just weird.

National Socialist ideology was never really consistent on who was what race, except for Aryans and Jews. Though Slavs were officially sub-human, the Nazis had no problem allying with several eastern European states and recruiting Russians and Ukrainians into the Waffen SS! So frankly, I have no idea how the Nazis would have viewed the Maltese.

It was not very hard to find translations for German HJ songs, but that is probably because this is such a thoroughly studied subject. Concerning the Cultural Revolution, wikipedia actually has a good section on propaganda music with lyrics: (delete *'s) ht*tp://en.w*ikipe*dia.o*rg/wi*ki/Social*ism_is_G*ood. You might find something useful here.

Thanks for the review, and good luck on your stories!

~ Tim the Enchanter

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Review #16, by crystal Chapter XIV: Duelle

9th August 2010:
ooh that was very good. haha Igor beat him.

Author's Response: That he did! Dieter didn't realise that Karkaroff would be a formidable opponent! Of course, that would just make Dieter try harder to beat him.

~ Tim the Enchanter

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Review #17, by Pinguin3 Chapter V: Der Zauberer

31st July 2010:
I downloaded that story some tme ago and just started reading- I read through till this chapter and I thought I have to give you a feedback! I think this story is absolutely amazing! I am german and this is the first fanfic I read in which both languages are flawless AND the whole german part is authentic. Especially as I know only few people here who actually know about the whole propaganda for kids the Nazis had going on apart from the HJ and BDM. The Otto von Von stories are really quite something they might have done.
What I basically wanted to say: it's a great story line, perfect background and alltogether amazing. It's like a treasure found. Not that I don't like other stories on HPFF or that thre aren't good stories here. This one is just VERY special. And I think 43 reviews do not cover it - but probably it's too far away from mainstream reading.
Anyway: I will read on and am curious how this all gets probably even better!

Author's Response: I had very little experience with the German language when I first started writing this story, so I am immensely pleased to hear that my German dialogue is setting is accurate - from an actual German, no less!

Regarding childrens' propaganda, books like "Der Giftpilz" were my inspiration behind the Otto von Von series. I decided that it should be in a story form, rather than a bunch of incoherent episodes like in the Poison Mushroom. I have actually drafted a plotline for a sanitised version of "Luftkapitaen (umlauts sadly not allowed in review responses) Otto von Von und der Stein des Kaisers," instead featuring French revanchists like George Boulanger as the diamond-stealing antagonists. I actually wrote a chapter or two for my German class.

Thanks for reading, enjoying, and reviewing my story! I've always wanted to read some WW2-era fanfics from the German perspective, but finding none, I figured I ought to write my own!

~ Tim the Enchanter

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Review #18, by Kristin Chapter XIII: Treiber und Klatscher

29th July 2010:
Hi! I've read this fic with great delight and curiosity - it is well written, original and interesting. I hope you'll update it and eventually finish it! The only thing I don't like is that I can't see how this might end in a happy way ... Dieter is perhaps excused of his nazi way of thinking, because he's a boy and has never learnt anything else, but the wizarding society seems rotten too (or at least we know it is, from canon). And instead of getting to know a nice and friendly "non-aryan", he ends up fighting Karkaroff, who is brainwashed and in a similar way as Dieter, and suffering from a very bad teacher. If only Dieter had gone to Hogwarts instead!

I'm fond of happy endings ...

I like that there's Norwegians in here, by the way :)

Author's Response: Germany certainly doesn't get a happy ending historically. As for Dieter's fate... well, you'll just have to see!

I do imagine that Dieter would also cause trouble if he went to Hogwarts. He has a knack for antagonising some people.

I'm glad you're glad that there are Norwegians present! Unlike Hogwarts, I've designed Durmstrang to be a school with a more international scope.

Thanks again for the review!

~ Tim the Enchanter

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Review #19, by writeyourheartout Chapter I: Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Schwalbe

24th July 2010:
While I don't entirely know what is going on just yet, this is so well written and so very authentically German already that I will certainly be continuing to read on! Such an original idea, too... I heard about your story on one of the podcasts and it was spoken so highly of that I just had to check it out! And I am already very glad that I did! Just wonderfully written, incredibly original, and intriguing as well! Thanks for writing this! :-)


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!. I am only a German student, and I hadn't even begun learning the language when I started writing this story, so I am very pleased to hear you compliment the German-ness of the story. Also, to be perfectly honest, I also happen to have just a fuzzy idea of what is going on in this story! My long-term plot has undergone many revisions, so it looks quite a bit different from what I had originally conceived.

Thanks for reading!

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Review #20, by Jolly Chapter II: Düstere Nacht

10th July 2010:
Yet another great, great chapter! I really don't know what to write except that! It was awesome! I hope I gave you a suffecient ego-boost! Off to read the next one! ^^


Author's Response: Thanks for the ego boost! Enjoy your reading!

~ Tim the Enchanter

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Review #21, by Jolly Chapter I: Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Schwalbe

10th July 2010:
I heard about your story on Story Seekers and I had to check it out! This chapter was sooo good, I have to keep reading. I loved the german parts, mainly because they were a bit of a mystery. For example I want to know what exactly Zauberische Verteidigungsmannschaft des Kanzlers means, but I hope I'll find out soon enough! From what I heard from Story Seekers and what I've read so far, this is bound to be a unique and great story! Thanks for the awesome read!


Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing my story, Jolly. As you have surmised, I inserted gratuitous German throughout the story to help build the setting, because we all know that everything sounds more menacing in that language! Some of the German names and phrases are jokes, but "Zauberische Verteidigungsmannschaft des Kanzlers" is perfectly serious. If you don't mind me spoiling if you haven't translated it yourself by now, it means "Wizarding Defence Crew of the Chancellor," which is a rather clinical name for Herr Grindelwald's hand-picked goons.

~ Tim the Enchanter

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Review #22, by Kristin Chapter VII: Beobachter

9th July 2010:
Hi there! I haven't read all the chapters yet, but I've read the first nine (I started yesterday), and I'm going to read the rest as soon as I return from summer holidays in two weeks. I just wanted to let you know that this fic is not only very well written, realistic and with an impressive mix of cozy, creepy and funny scenes, it is also a kind of story which I've never seen before. It so happens that when I'm writing fan fictions myself (in Norwegian ...), I almost always write about muggles/wizards interventions :) I'm looking forward to reading the next chapters!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! Muggle/wizard interaction is one of my favourite themes in HP fanfiction, and probably the one I read most often. Though little advance planning actually goes into writing each chapter, and I am pleased to hear that I have written a balanced mix of humour and drama. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply, but you will see that the story is now up to fifteen chapters.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

~ Tim the Enchanter

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Review #23, by OliveOil_Med Chapter I: Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Schwalbe

7th July 2010:
Hey, Tim! A lot of people seem to be waiting patiently for this story to be updated, as am I. What will it take to finally give us what we want? Because if it is just no desire to write, I don't know if I can help you, and I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to use reviews to pester you.

Maybe, since you are so right-brain minded (meaning you like pretty pictures), maybe you'd like some chapter art for your chapters. You can get them from The Dark Arts (you must have seen the pretty little linky banner), and if you follow it, people will give you chapter images for each chapter.

It might take a little creativity to get all the old Nazi pics, but it would be something cool, I think.

Author's Response: Thank you Molly for the numerous pretty pictures. Instilling guilt about not making an equivalent effort has proved powerful motivation for me to get off my posterior and write chapter 15, so thank you!

And on the topic of pictures, I haven't drawn any fanart recently. I ought to rectify that...

Thanks for the review and the friendly prods!

~ Tim the Enchanter

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Review #24, by Whimsical Diva Chapter XIII: Treiber und Klatscher

15th June 2010:
I'd read this the day it was updated, but couldn't review right away. Anyhoo, wonderful chapter, as always. Interesting, the first section which casts light on the actual goings-on of the period. I've said this before, that though we get to read only very little about Grindelwald, he appears to be as important a character as the boys. I do wonder, though, that if Grindelwald was against war, then surely he could've taken some action to prevent it, if not fully then at least to some extent. Surely someone as powerful as he could've infiltrated the Nazi political echelon, couldn't he? It seems likely that he could've sat back and let the Muggles ravage the world, so that when they'd have done with it jaded and exhausted he could've taken over the world. But that didn't come to pass as Dunbledore put pay to him, but it's fascinating to theorise, lol.

Author's Response: Grindelwald is actually my favourite canon character, so you haven't seen the last of him. I see him as being rather cleverer than Voldemort. Grindelwald would take advantage of situations and put his spin on things. Regarding the war, it may be advantageous to let the Muggles continue fighting...

Thanks for reading and for the review. And I'm glad I got you thinking!

~ Tim the Enchanter

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Review #25, by lunarmage Chapter I: Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Schwalbe

12th June 2010:
Pretty good so far. I have some issues with the dialogue, especially the slightly confusing way you insert translations of dialogue in German into the story, but otherwise it's fairly well written, and very interesting.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and review, and for the critique. I sprinkled German dialogue here and there in the early chapters just to help create the setting, but I freely admit that I am not very experienced in creative writing. Looking back at those chapters, you have a good point. Nevertheless, I am pleased that you find the story entertaining and interesting, so thank you!

~ Tim the Enchanter

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