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Review #1, by kayleefrank Knights in Shining Boxers and a Meeting of Sorts

7th October 2014:
K I love Henry. I wish James would stop acting like a tool. It's his fault. Did he really think she would wait around for him to stop screwing random girls? I liked the get a room part, especially Henry's response to it.

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Review #2, by amazingme Pieces, Invitations and the Spawn of the Devil

15th March 2014:
What on earth the chapter image is coming up as a picture of explora easiflow what I don't understand

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Review #3, by Shannon Homecoming

24th February 2014:
You made me squeal at the end it was so good, no wait better than good your story was incredible! I loved it so much, sad that it's over but happy at the same time. You did an amazing job writing it. Perfection!

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Review #4, by Mikayla A Ball and the Bittersweet Truth

6th January 2014:
You love A Knight's too?
I absolutely love it!
P.S. this fic is great!

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Review #5, by TheNamelessBoy Crushes, Mates and Nazis

30th December 2013:
It should say "James/OC" in the pairings part in the top.
"Other Pairing" mostly refers to Albus Severus/OC as "Albus/OC" isn't there.

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Review #6, by Shay_Gryff Homecoming

23rd December 2013:

For some reason I'm not logged in, but I decided not to waste any time and write this review.

I really enjoyed reading this story! I really love Landon - I think he and Al are my favourites - and his relationship with Aidan is so awesome and realistic. This story was so well written and awesome, I just loved it!


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Review #7, by kayleefrank Of Boys and Brothers

30th November 2013:
Could you fix the spacing? Makes it harder to read.

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Review #8, by WottersAreHotter Homecoming

13th August 2013:
Will always remain my most favorite next gen story :)

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Review #9, by WillowDragon98 Homecoming

18th May 2013:
This was an amazing story! Thank you so muh for sharing!!! I'd run out of fan fics to read from gen 2 so search gen 3 an found this. Such a well written story! Loved it hope you write a sequel or more stories :) again thanks for sharing!

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Review #10, by free elf 25 Homecoming

25th March 2013:
HOLY CRAP! Most amazing story I've read so far. It's Not only do I love the characters and the storyline, but how on earth can you write that much? Nearly 200,000 words overall- that must be a record! Still, I love-it-love-it-love-it, and shall be finding that sequel of yours ASAP!

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Review #11, by Ellen-may Pieces, Invitations and the Spawn of the Devil

9th February 2013:
Lol unless rose looks like drinking cups then I think might need to check the chapter image :p love ur story tho so far!! Hehee xx

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Review #12, by Fawkes394 The Weasley Gene Pool and Sharp Tools

9th December 2012:
I totally love your story. I'm sorry I haven't reviewed before, I was just too busy reading your amazing story and I didn't have enough willpower to stop reading and write down a review.

This was one of my favourite chapters. The graduation was really moving and James speech was so inspirational! It left me astounded and it made my eyes water :' )

Well, again, I love your writing and now I'll continue reading, I haven't stopped since I woke up this morning.

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Review #13, by Alex Homecoming

26th October 2012:
Aw that was a fab story, it really was! Loved it. You're an ace writer, can't wait to read the sequel to this, and you did a great job with all the characters! Fab fab fab, well done darling :)

Many thanks for giving me good stuff to read,


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Review #14, by TimeSeer Homecoming

22nd August 2012:
I love this story, it is one of my favorites. It is just too amazing to even describe! 10/10.

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Review #15, by Serena Nelson Crushes, Mates and Nazis

28th July 2012:
This is my 3rd time reading this, its just too good!

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Review #16, by aidanlynchrox Crushes, Mates and Nazis

6th June 2012:
re-reading this, and it's just as good as I remember :D

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Review #17, by Completely_Loony_Luna The Weasley Gene Pool and Sharp Tools

9th April 2012:
ohhh i've got tears in my eyes haha. really really really good! i genuinely mean that, your ability to create characters that i care about is amazing. I hadn't even realised how much i liked the characters until i got to this point, and then i got all emotional during this chapter and the previous one, and realised how much you'd made me care about the characters. sorry for such a rambling review, i just wanted to let you know how good you are, and how rare it is to get me this emotional! 10/10

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Review #18, by couuuuuuuuuuuuuchsofapotato Honesty and Owners

31st January 2012:
bring back prentice! Hes freeaking amaaazing

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Review #19, by couuuuuuuuuuuuuchsofapotato The Weasley Gene Pool and Sharp Tools

31st January 2012:
Prentice is fucking amazing

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Review #20, by couuuuuuuuuuuuuchsofapotato Blast from the Past

30th January 2012:
fucking love prentice

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Review #21, by gocnocturna Homecoming

26th January 2012:
I greatly approve of this story. It was great! Loved it even when I was scared it wouldn't all work out in the end.

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Review #22, by Dramione123 Homecoming

29th December 2011:
this story was really good!
whats the sequel called?

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Review #23, by I Heart Fictoinal people Homecoming

23rd October 2011:
Wow. That story was amazing. I pulled an all nighter to read this, which I m slowly starting to regret. It was amazing. It really truley was. I would have left a lot more reviews as I read, but I really wanted to just read. I'll go back through and highlight the amazing parts later.

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Review #24, by awesome Of Boys and Brothers

29th September 2011:
CORNEY! I feel like i'm reading the brady bunch or something. It's good though despite the happy family-ness of it.

But to pin the brothers against each other. Thats kinda mean. And please please PLEASE can their be more rose and scorpious action. I just love them so much-ness. I could eat them up.

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Review #25, by misswow234 Homecoming

3rd September 2011:
I absolutely loved it! The end was fantastic!! But I can`t seem to find the sequel...?

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