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Review #1, by Happiness Violating Male Physiques and Mills and Boon Scenarios

22nd December 2014:
I've read this fanfiction multiple times because it just so awesome and so today I was watching a movie and I just remembered a scene of the main character who goes swimming with Scorpius, Freddy and James or Albus. In Hogwarts. In the lake. I spent god knows how long trying to find that chapter and I tried everything. I mean, I googled it so exactly and I couldn't find it. It was terrible!! Anyway, it's so late now but I am actually ecstatic right now that I found this, finally, and I just want you to know that this is one of my most favourite (is that right?) chapters and I don't even know why! So thanks for writing it, and keep writing!! :)

Author's Response: I am aware this reply is long overdue. But I saw it just a few days ago and it made me feel so warm because I loved writing this chapter. Thank you, my darling. I haven't seen HPFF in ages but it was worthwhile for this.

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Review #2, by tessalina22 Homecoming

20th November 2014:
You know that famous fistpump in the air at the end of the movie the breakfast club? I DID THAT JUST NOW. this was amazing...and like with all good stories, shows and movies they have you so involved and caught up that when it's over you just feel empty...seriously this was amazing!! i litterally cannot wait to read more of your work!

Author's Response: I love the breakfast club, truly one of my favourites and I'm honored that the ending merited that response. Thank you for sticking with Aidan, and me.

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Review #3, by tessalina22 Honesty and Owners

20th November 2014:
Ok. I am shocked. I did NOT see that coming. And im honestly a bit freaked out and worried if this story is gonna have a happy ending 0.0 gonna keep reading now...

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Review #4, by tessalina22 The Game and the Groove

19th November 2014:
OMG interrupted AGAIN?! I'm going crazy right now but in a good way i guess lol
i have to admit this story didn't really captivate me right from the start especially the first few chapters i was debating whether to read on...but my goshh would i have missed out! This got so good so fast i'm seriously hooked. Great jobb :D:D btw i still don't know what 'mucker' means, as i'm not from the uk (or maybe it's american but i'm not from there either lol) but I assume it has the same sort of meaning like 'mate' or buddy or something? Anyway gonna keep reading now yey :)

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Review #5, by kayleefrank Knights in Shining Boxers and a Meeting of Sorts

7th October 2014:
K I love Henry. I wish James would stop acting like a tool. It's his fault. Did he really think she would wait around for him to stop screwing random girls? I liked the get a room part, especially Henry's response to it.

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Review #6, by amazingme Pieces, Invitations and the Spawn of the Devil

15th March 2014:
What on earth the chapter image is coming up as a picture of explora easiflow what I don't understand

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Review #7, by Shannon Homecoming

24th February 2014:
You made me squeal at the end it was so good, no wait better than good your story was incredible! I loved it so much, sad that it's over but happy at the same time. You did an amazing job writing it. Perfection!

Author's Response: Oh I thank you very much indeed. I'm glad you approved.

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Review #8, by Mikayla A Ball and the Bittersweet Truth

6th January 2014:
You love A Knight's too?
I absolutely love it!
P.S. this fic is great!

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Review #9, by TheNamelessBoy Crushes, Mates and Nazis

30th December 2013:
It should say "James/OC" in the pairings part in the top.
"Other Pairing" mostly refers to Albus Severus/OC as "Albus/OC" isn't there.

Author's Response: Wanna know a secret? Back when I initially started writing it? Aidan's love interest was going to be Albus. I guess I never went back to change the pairings. :P

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Review #10, by Shay_Gryff Homecoming

23rd December 2013:

For some reason I'm not logged in, but I decided not to waste any time and write this review.

I really enjoyed reading this story! I really love Landon - I think he and Al are my favourites - and his relationship with Aidan is so awesome and realistic. This story was so well written and awesome, I just loved it!


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Review #11, by kayleefrank Of Boys and Brothers

30th November 2013:
Could you fix the spacing? Makes it harder to read.

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Review #12, by WottersAreHotter Homecoming

13th August 2013:
Will always remain my most favorite next gen story :)

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Review #13, by WillowDragon98 Homecoming

18th May 2013:
This was an amazing story! Thank you so muh for sharing!!! I'd run out of fan fics to read from gen 2 so search gen 3 an found this. Such a well written story! Loved it hope you write a sequel or more stories :) again thanks for sharing!

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Review #14, by free elf 25 Homecoming

25th March 2013:
HOLY CRAP! Most amazing story I've read so far. It's Not only do I love the characters and the storyline, but how on earth can you write that much? Nearly 200,000 words overall- that must be a record! Still, I love-it-love-it-love-it, and shall be finding that sequel of yours ASAP!

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Review #15, by Ellen-may Pieces, Invitations and the Spawn of the Devil

9th February 2013:
Lol unless rose looks like drinking cups then I think might need to check the chapter image :p love ur story tho so far!! Hehee xx

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Review #16, by Fawkes394 The Weasley Gene Pool and Sharp Tools

9th December 2012:
I totally love your story. I'm sorry I haven't reviewed before, I was just too busy reading your amazing story and I didn't have enough willpower to stop reading and write down a review.

This was one of my favourite chapters. The graduation was really moving and James speech was so inspirational! It left me astounded and it made my eyes water :' )

Well, again, I love your writing and now I'll continue reading, I haven't stopped since I woke up this morning.

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Review #17, by Alex Homecoming

26th October 2012:
Aw that was a fab story, it really was! Loved it. You're an ace writer, can't wait to read the sequel to this, and you did a great job with all the characters! Fab fab fab, well done darling :)

Many thanks for giving me good stuff to read,


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Review #18, by TimeSeer Homecoming

22nd August 2012:
I love this story, it is one of my favorites. It is just too amazing to even describe! 10/10.

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Review #19, by Serena Nelson Crushes, Mates and Nazis

28th July 2012:
This is my 3rd time reading this, its just too good!

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Review #20, by aidanlynchrox Crushes, Mates and Nazis

6th June 2012:
re-reading this, and it's just as good as I remember :D

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Review #21, by Completely_Loony_Luna The Weasley Gene Pool and Sharp Tools

9th April 2012:
ohhh i've got tears in my eyes haha. really really really good! i genuinely mean that, your ability to create characters that i care about is amazing. I hadn't even realised how much i liked the characters until i got to this point, and then i got all emotional during this chapter and the previous one, and realised how much you'd made me care about the characters. sorry for such a rambling review, i just wanted to let you know how good you are, and how rare it is to get me this emotional! 10/10

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Review #22, by couuuuuuuuuuuuuchsofapotato Honesty and Owners

31st January 2012:
bring back prentice! Hes freeaking amaaazing

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Review #23, by couuuuuuuuuuuuuchsofapotato The Weasley Gene Pool and Sharp Tools

31st January 2012:
Prentice is fucking amazing

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Review #24, by couuuuuuuuuuuuuchsofapotato Blast from the Past

30th January 2012:
fucking love prentice

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Review #25, by gocnocturna Homecoming

26th January 2012:
I greatly approve of this story. It was great! Loved it even when I was scared it wouldn't all work out in the end.

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