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Review #1, by BIG marauder fan. Reckless

15th January 2016:
T-T damn it Hagrid why did you have to go and do THAT?! Now Siri will have no one to hold him to the damned ground! *screams in frustration*. not that i'm actually BLAMING Hagrid he couldn't have known. but.. still without James to be there and knock some sense into him he will not be thinking straight. *sighs depressedly* as the 3rd books. *looks to people who haven't read the book or up to that point yet* when reading the 3rd book be careful it.. and the 5th and 7th.. and 6th for that matter are depressing. for me it's the 5th and 7th especially. but for certain of you out there i won't spoil it for you. :) happy reading the series is AWESOME. *sighs depressed again* siri. *hugs him*. poor james and lily for THAT matter they have to just sit there and watch there best friends and brothers go through LITERAL hell, and there's NOTHING they can do about it. ;_; *hugs them too*

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Review #2, by hallowsorhorcruxes Reckless

6th February 2010:
What an interesting one-shot! Sirius has always been one of my favorite characters, both inside and outside the world of Harry Potter. The dimensionality of his character, through his love for Harry and his internal grief and regret that has coiled inside him, is so complex, and for that reason tricky to write at times, no? :)

The way that you wrote Sirius' thoughts, the firm conviction that he would bring Peter to justice, one day, was great. Also,the heartbreaking love that Sirius has for Harry before he is severed from him for thirteen years was also superbly written. The line, I think it was "I will never leave you." or something along those lines? Awww-- great writing there, Charly. :)

My only advice is that I think the story has the potential to grow further if you were to write a bit about what Sirius is hearing/seeing/experiencing as he writes this letter. I wonder if I'm making sense when I say this.

For instance, perhaps you could have Sirius sitting down to write this letter to himself and then have him hear something, stand up (or transform into a dog), etc etc and then have him return to writing. This wouldn't have to change your first person use, I don't think, an example being:

"At that moment, he _[insert this type of description]_. Returning to his low crouch on the floor, he began to write once more."

And then returning to the first person letter. I think it could potentially liven the writing a bit. :D

Oh! and great last line! :) Absolutely loved it. Fabulous job!

Author's Response: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for such a wonderful, helpful review.

Previous to this I had no experiance writing Sirus, and to be truthful I dont think I pulled it off 100% so your praise really means the world to me.

Of course you are right, he is a very complex character that has been so torn apart by the events of his life that it's hard to write him and do him the justice he deserves.

Your advice is invaluable and of course I will follow it up. I do think it would make the story better and like you say 'liven the writing a bit.'

Thank you once again, for taking the time to leave a review and of course the advice, take care, Charly :D x

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Review #3, by Gynny Reckless

29th December 2009:
This sounds like something he wrote when he first started feeling his sanity being dragged away by the dementors. He sounds sane enough. It's like a letter to who ever may read it. It's very interesting
Another amazing work of yours. :) Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading it. (even though the rating thing says I'm not old enough ;P)

Author's Response: Aww thank you for reviewing my little one shot lol.
I have never written anything with Sirius before so I'm glad you enjoyed.

You are of course correct, the story is basically a letter to himself, a way of keeping his sanity by reminding himself of the fact he's innocent and one day he will be free.

Thanks again, Charly :D x

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Review #4, by xellyanorx Reckless

10th September 2009:
you really did an amazingg job on this! i loved it!
it was so sad, but you portrayed sirius perfectly. :)

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. I am so glad you thought I did ok, like I said I have never attempted to write Sirius before but I'm glad I impressed someone, lol Charly :D x

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Review #5, by Sarah Reckless

9th September 2009:
You did a really great job. Almost made me cry!

Author's Response: Aww thank you, I am so glad you enjoyed :D x

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Review #6, by HogwartsGirl618 Reckless

8th September 2009:
Caz! Caz! Caz! You wrote a Sirius story! He's my favorite cannon character! =) And I adored your writing! What a wonderful piece of reflection! Your opening was completely captivating and the distinctions he draws: fascinating.

So you see I am not blameless, but I am not guilty of the crime they have locked me away for.

Excuse me while I go squee. That was such a powerful sentence and the tone was so very Sirius. I had chills, I kid you not.

I also found your time frame so very interesting- because it puts Sirius in a perfect position to narrate. The fact that as he says, his obsession is something he must focus on (sort of as a way to stay sane and to get revenge) but he's being driven insane (and is halfway there). It's such a gray line paradox- which is absolutely creative. That happens so often yet it's never written: that which kills us makes us stronger. And 8 years in he's in this mental state, so very balanced and unbalanced at the same time.

You did a wonderful job of illustrating why he would go after Peter as well - the spark, I should say. Being denied Harry. I always attributed it to Lily's and James' deaths, but you just completed the mental picture for me. That would set him off as well.

I adored it. Go and do a little dance because it is a wonderful piece. =)

-tackles with hugs-

Author's Response: Why hello :D

Thank you so much for the review! Seriously I was really worried about how this one shot would be recieved. I have never ever wrote anything with Sirius so it was a big challenge for me. I love him as a character and although this is not the longest piece I would like to write more.

I'm glad you understood that I was trying to potray Sirius as this very messed up, broken man but at the same time he has not given up completely, afterall he has Harry to think about.

Thank you so much and I loved 'The Pyre' it was wonderful and chapter 13 of Safe is in the queue *jumps about and high fives the air* feels like its been forever.

Thanks again hun, Charly :D x

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