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Review #1, by Anonymous Muggle London and Birthday Presents

14th September 2015:
Sorry I've been trying to get into this, but it's just too unrealistic on how people actually act. I like how cool Rose is but the things she says is something no one would say for fear of embarrassment. The humour is too forced and I found myself skipping over parts because there was just too much useless dialogue. There hasn't been a single real world problem and all the proble ms you create are too unrealistic.

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Review #2, by Scarlett blackwell Home Again, Paranoia, and Madam Rosmerta’s

24th November 2014:
Great story, first time reading!

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Review #3, by Belle Quidditch Practice, Secrets in the Dark, and Freddie

25th October 2013:
I really like this story. It's fresh and funny, and not the usual portrayal of Rose, Scorpius and the rest of the Weasleys. I did find Rose's 'dating history' a little confusing, but other than that, great story! I know it's been a while but PLEASE update!

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Review #4, by KnightAngel Quidditch Practice, Secrets in the Dark, and Freddie

28th April 2013:
MORE! please, please, PLEASE!

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Review #5, by elzr(: Blue Dye, Breakfast, and Apologies

5th April 2013:
hey what happen with chapter 5!? i really, really would like to read it! can you please post it please

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Review #6, by em.benard Wake-Up Calls, Arguments, and Pancakes

23rd February 2013:
hey :) this story is really good :) however i am french and the french you used in this does not mean anything... if you want i could help you get it back to normal cos i couldnt even understand some of it... but please no hate im not criticising i think that apart from the french this is good :) send me an email if you want. my email is em.benard (at) googlemail. com :) (without a space between (at) and the rest)

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Review #7, by Eagle Potions, Explosions, Paint, and Maybe Some More Potions

13th January 2013:
Ok just to set some things strait and I'm very sorry as this is a moaning review:
1. I don't understand why you suddenly switched to bold writing towards the end
2. There are too many characters I thought this towards the beginning I can't keep up
3. The magic is very unrealinstic ever for the wizarding world
4. The one sentence per paragraph is really really annoying. I hoped you would stop but you didn't
5. I don't really Understand rose, she is a slut. But the next chapter she isn't. It's really confusing me.

It seems like you wrote out the whole story before you put it on here if you didn't or just waited and read the reveiws and worked on what people said it would be better. There are a few other things but cab to write them. Well done though I just think it could be better

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Review #8, by FredSnapeCollinTonksLupin Quidditch Practice, Secrets in the Dark, and Freddie

22nd November 2012:
Where are the next chapters? I adore this story, please update more.

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Review #9, by RoseS When I Actually Show Up At Dentention

6th November 2012:
Yay!!! Finally. :P

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Review #10, by RoseS Potions, Explosions, Paint, and Maybe Some More Potions

6th November 2012:
So first off, I think I like your story. I'm hooked in enough to want to continue reading. However a few things really frustrate me. Your fonts in this particular chapter is off. You bold-ed (it that a word?) the whole end of the chapter though that makes no sense. Also The one sentence per paragraph thing is super annoying because I have to scroll ALL THE TIME. I also find that Rose is the only character that isn't 2 demential. Like James and Fred and Al have no mind of their own and just do whatever Rose says. It's a bit unbelievable. Also Rose and Rox and Dom are slutty - in the bad kind of way. Dom not so much because I can see that is a character trait. I feel like Rose is trying to be a slutty yet her character traits and values don't reflect that. I've read lots of stories where Rose is a slut and they are quite enjoyable as I have read stories where Rose isn't and they are equally enjoyable. I kind of feel like her character is a bit off. As for Malfoy I quite like him. I love the battle of wit. I think it's very funny. Personally I would like to see more R/S, preferably in bed together - however that is just my personal tastes. :P I also fell like the plot is a bit all over place. I'm not entirely sure what the actually plot of the story. So far it's just a bunch of stuff that has happened. Like when she creates Mer a room. What relevance does that have to the overall story. Or the fact that she goes and wakes everybody up. It happens quite regularly and every time you spend half a chapter on it. I like how she wakes them up. I think it is funny, though I don't need a play by play every single time.

Now to the pointless whinging. I do hope that her and Malfoy get together because otherwise I have been reading the wrong story. :P Usually I would opt out by now because there is very little R/S going on but I do like the little hints you've put in along the way. No at chapter 23 I feel like I know them better (character flaws included) and I quite enjoy this.

Ohh and parting words. I really like how they talk in French. I actually think it is quite funny. :)

So overall though my review has pointed out a few not so good things I want to end by saying, clearly your story is a winner. I wouldn't write a review, especially on chapter 23 if I didn't think so. I like it enough to believe that you can make it better. I don't usually write reviews. Let alone this long. I can't even be bothered to sign in. :P But I think you have done a wonderful job. Not anyone can write a story this long and still keep readers. So Congrats. I'm going to stop now so I can read on. :)

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Review #11, by Tessa.S When I Actually Show Up At Dentention

7th October 2012:
FINALLY. I thought they would never kiss.

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Review #12, by 123REDVINES Wake-Up Calls, Arguments, and Pancakes

22nd September 2012:
I am not understanding what the French in this chapter supplied to the story. It made it a lot harder to read and since you google translated the whole thing, probably a lot harder to write. I ended up just skipping through this chapter halfway through because I didn't understand anything. However, I do love this story! Keep writing :)

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Review #13, by Aitchy Blue Dye, Breakfast, and Apologies

31st August 2012:
Hi :) I love this story and hope you carry on soon :) But I'd thought I'd let you know that chapter 5 has disappeared *poof*, the one with the lap-dance dare in. I dunno how that happened but though I'd tell you :)

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Review #14, by Lily007 Quidditch Practice, Secrets in the Dark, and Freddie

7th July 2012:
once or twice a month? this is not once or twice a month it feels like milleniums! please update and i promise i will give you metaphorical cookies :)

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Review #15, by Lily007 Quidditch Practice, Secrets in the Dark, and Freddie

7th July 2012:
i think, if i turn the computer on one more time and you still haven't updated i will cry. burst into tears. then you will have my tears on your hands. feeling guilty? good. update! (in the nicest possible way i tried to express my depression)

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Review #16, by Kat :) Quidditch Practice, Secrets in the Dark, and Freddie

17th June 2012:
Please could you update? Thank you! I can't wait any longer! Wow though, Malfoy and Weasley! Scorpious and Rose! I'm excited to find what will happen with them, and Via and James.

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Review #17, by Rosy Fake Pregnancies, Meanie Receptionists, and Epic Potion-Making

31st May 2012:
Hey!! I really really love this story! I've read it at least 5 times! But I'm fairly certain you stated that Scorpius was 8 months older than Rose. Not sure, but fairly certain! Again, I adore this story!!

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Review #18, by FredSnapeCollinTonksLupin Quidditch Practice, Secrets in the Dark, and Freddie

29th May 2012:
I can't wait! I love this story!

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Review #19, by Michelle Quidditch Practice, Secrets in the Dark, and Freddie

25th May 2012: i getting this right: rose slept with a mystery guy at age 14 who is not lysander because they (rose and lysander) slept together at the end of thier fifth year?? adn between mystery guy, lysander sex in 5th year rose slept with scorp 5 times before they started dating after valentines day?? are we ever going to find out who has roses virginity and what happened to him? i get teh feeling teh wotter males didnt beat him up cuz they don't know he took advantaged of her.

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Review #20, by Michelle Blue Dye, Breakfast, and Apologies

21st May 2012:

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Review #21, by Potterpower Goodbyes and Traitorous Kitties

5th May 2012:
I think Rose will get off with someone at the dragon reserve iloved the chapter I hope they get they get together soon and tip number 39 chocolate ice cream because it's so true :-)

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Review #22, by Potterpower Cake, Frosting, And Silence

4th May 2012:
1) I think Rose will get off with someone and maybe break Malfoys nose
2)I think maybe after the party
4)Dom because she's very cool
5)Megan because she seem very calm and I think Rose needs that
6)I think Rose will Rock at it
8)My Fave is James
9)When Rose was mouthing the little mermaid song
10)Nope I love your story
11)To get to the other side :-)
P.s I'm sorry I have neglected to review up until this point

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Review #23, by Potterpower A Date and Colorful Torture Tools!

1st May 2012:
So Tori has already had a baby with Teddy then?

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Review #24, by ilikecookies Quidditch Practice, Secrets in the Dark, and Freddie

29th April 2012:
hey there. so I started to read this a couple of days ago, and ur summary is kinda misleading. there wasnt a lot of Scorpius and rose. just rose being crazy...

and I was just wondering is there a point to the two preggos?
and what happened to Scorpius, al, and rose? and why did she get tattoos? and who was roses first?

so many questions!!!

please don't take offense but this story is dragging. a lot.

but ur a really good writer :) I'm looking forward to reading the nxt chapter.

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Review #25, by hpforever223 Quidditch Practice, Secrets in the Dark, and Freddie

24th April 2012:
Please update I love your story and how you write as Rose. Most write her like Hermione and Scorpius like Draco but you put a lot of Ron's stubbornness into her and his grudge holding nature too. I think that this is a fantastic story and please update.

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