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Review #1, by celticbard The Door Never Opened

23rd December 2010:
Hi Shiloh!
I'm sort of on a Tom Riddle kick right now, so when I saw you had a Tom/Minerva story I just couldn't help myself. This piece has so many wonderful points, but the one I found to be most striking (and now you're going to think I'm weird) was the absolute lack of dialogue. This story is definitely not a talky fic and while I think a good many one-shots need dialogue to carry them along, this one didn't. You were so right to leave it out. Neither Minerva nor Tom strike me as the talky type. Instead, I think they both rely on their minds to provide the internal conversation and it felt completely realistic to have them be silent. You have a heck of an intuition when it comes to your characters. Great job!

As you may have already gleaned from my rambling, I did very much enjoy your take on Tom and Minerva. The similarities between them are striking. If things had been different, I think they could have made for an extremely interesting couple. They both have that fierce drive and sense of ambition, but there is an undercurrent of restraint in them that is so unique.

In short, I absolutely loved this piece. You should definitely write more Tom/Minerva, because I just adore what you did with the pairing here. Thanks for the great read!


Author's Response: Thank you! Oh my gosh you leave such awesome reviews! :)

I found Tom/Minerva so fascinating. I think I read a oneshot by Majikat? Or Elesphyl? One of those lovely ladies in which this pairing featured and I just had to try it out for myself.

It's interesting. He's so inhuman and she goes on to be one of the most human and strong, good people ever. I really like the idea of this. Nothing ever really comes of them. Nothing ever could. But it's like Tom almost thinks about having a redeeming quality. Almost.

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Review #2, by MajiKat The Door Never Opened

31st May 2010:
shiloh, my dear, please accept my apology for this extremely (6 months???) late review!!

firstly, i loved this. really really loved it. the level of detail was perfect, as was the narrative voice. there was enough distance there to make me feel like nothing more than an observer, but at the same time, there was an intimacy to your words that proves you know your characters.

on that, the characterisation was lovely. i loved the way tom smiled at the beginning, and the reaction of those around him to it, and i loved that way, at the end, he planted himself in her path so she had no choice but to acknowledge him. knowing what we know about tom in the future - his need to be known and accepted etc - that was really well done.

minerva was perfect. that is all i can say. everything about her was exceptional. well done!!

so all in all, this was beautiful - a little slice of time, some moments, that flowed wonderfully. fantastic!!!

ILY! xx

Author's Response: Kate! -squish- I completely forgot I'd requested this :) But thank you for stopping by!

I'm so glad you liked it, I enjoyed writing this story, it was by far one my favourites to write. I'd never written anything like it, and Tom is such a fascinating character. So is Minerva. I couldn't resist :D

Thank you for such a lovely review!


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Review #3, by George Whitman The Door Never Opened

1st March 2010:
Hi Shiloh! I really like this piece. It's very stiff just like its characters. I especially like how you haven't dipped into a full blown relationship here. There is merely attraction and it keeps Tom and Minerva in character. The unnamed cameo by Dumbledore added an interesting dynamic. The classroom relationship between him and the other two is something I admit I have not thought of often. Overall I thought characterization was the strength of this piece, followed closely by well crafted subtlety in plot. Well done!

Author's Response: Thanks George :) I appreciate you taking the time to review.

Tom/Minerva was a pairing I really wanted to try, especially after seeing such wonderful ones written by Susan and Gubby and Kalina. I didn't come close to equalling their masterpieces, but I am proud of this piece. I put a lot of thought into it and when I finally sat down to write it, it just flowed out!

Thanks for reviewing

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Review #4, by Rose_Weasley123 The Door Never Opened

29th December 2009:
Shiloh! Ėglomps-. Iím very sorry to admit that this is the first story of yours that Iíve ever read, and I certainly wasnít disappointed. But before I get onto the squeeing of the story- ahem, carefully thought out constructive reviewing, I must first do some squeeing of the pairing. I have recently developed a love for Tom/Minerva stories, so I was really excited that you requested this story! I think you have done wonders with it (as I will explain later :P).

And now, on to the serious reviewing (beware of lots of squeeing).

Iím going to start off with characterization, which is always a tricky thing in Tom/Minerva stories. After all, Tom Riddle is notoriously hard to characterize. I think you did a wonderful job on him! He seems perfectly in canon, and yet more human than we see in the books. He felt wonderfully flawed, and there was something very subtly unsettling about his character. I think it takes real skill to do that, actually. The creepiness in him came through really well. It could easily be missed, but it made him so much deeper. You didnít smack me over the head with his character, which I appreciate ^^.

I also really liked the character of Minerva. You included some lovely nods to canon, such as her hair never being out of place, and her robes not daring to crease. She seemed lonely, and I almost felt like I could empathise with her. She felt very real, and completely three dimensional.

ĎIt is, in fact, the sort of smile that is forced and put on to mimic some absent emotion he wishes to project.í

I think you grasped Tomís character perfectly here. You really capture his want to seem perfect in everybodyís eyes. Thatís the Tom we see through Slughorn, anyway.

ĎThe young woman carefully places everything in her bag after class; the neat order of it all pleases her.í

I love this line. It almost made me laugh. I think you really got Minervaís obsessive neatness down. :D.

I loved your writing style in this. It all flowed very well, and your description use was spot on. It felt like it was just the right balance. It could be so easy to go overboard in this kind of story, but for the most part you kept it simple. It was beautiful, truly. The story almost had a dreamy, ethereal quality to it, which was so lovely to read. It felt very romantic, but at the same time there was a slightly tenser undercurrent. I loved the fact that you knew what was going to become of Tom, and that made the whole story a lot creepier.

I think Iím babbling now. Sorry about that ^^. I loved the dialogue you used in this. It was only two lines, but it felt so perfect. It was exactly right for the period, and in some ways it framed the whole story.

ĎHe looked into her startled eyes, seeing no special flicker of reaction to his identity.í
Is probably my favourite line in the whole piece. I love the idea of, in years to come, everyone will know who he is, yet now he isnít noticed by someone he could love. Itís almost sad to think that, if she had noticed him, everything might have been different.

Thanks for giving me a lovely read Shiloh! I really enjoyed this, and I hope to see you back for more soon. ^^.


Author's Response: *gasp* Becca! You just totally made my night! :) *glomp* Seriously, what an amazing review. Completely unexpected and so appreciated. ILY!

Anyway, I'm sooo glad you liked it. This piece was hard for me in ways that others never have been. Mostly because it was characters I've never delved into at all before, and such tricky ones at that. So I'm glad you liked how I wrote them. Also because of how I wrote it, present tense, with almost no dialogue. Usually the characters in my stories interact so much the dialogue I write really is what moves the story.
To top it all off, I spent a long time on the dialogue, even as short as it is. I think that because there is so little of it, I really wanted it to be significant. It really isn't, at least not in the long term vision of the characters, but to him, just then, in that moment, I hope it is.

So, thank you so much for a perfectly wonderful review! I love you, *squishes*

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Review #5, by Gryffin_Duck The Door Never Opened

24th December 2009:
*puts another present under the review tree*

That was so well written! I've never read Tom/Minerva before and I really like your take on it. I felt bad for Minerva in this since all she seemed to do was study and didn't appear to have any friends. I do like that characterization of her, though. It seems really realistic.

And what to say about Tom? Perhaps if he had allowed himself to love as a child he wouldn't have grown up to become Voldemort. Or perhaps not. I really like how he was watching Minerva even when all his 'followers' were paying attention to him.

I love how you didn't use their names in this! It could so easily be two other characters and I love that because it shows that at times Tom was just like any other person. Great one-shot! :)

Author's Response: Thanks again! You were a wonderful Secret Santa :) Ily, and thanks so much!

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Review #6, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme The Door Never Opened

2nd December 2009:
I saw this in your signature at TGS and thought I'd pop by and I am glad I did!

I've never really read a Tom/Minerva before and am a bit wary of them due to the OOCness that I assume them to bring. However, I think you did a brilliant job with both of them here.

I found Minerva was the stronger character, more comparable to the McGonagall that we know. I found the order and neatness that you've given her completely adorable and endearing, which is something you don't get from characterisations of McGonagall that often.

Tom was wonderfully creepy. I think it could have been seen to be sweet but there's something sinister about the way that you describe him, though not explicit, and it sent a small shiver down my spine.

I think it's beautifully written all the way through, but there was one line that stuck out as a bit awkward: 'Except for the boy, he is not smiling.'
Perhaps swap the 'except' for something else because it really stuck out for me as not flowing as well as the rest.

Some of my favourite lines:
Nor is it full of jaded malice to rebuke those who laugh and shine around him - I love the word 'jaded' and this is a brilliant use of it.
not daring to form the slightest crease - I think that brings us back to OUR McGonagall from the books.

Completely brilliant :)

Author's Response: Rachelle! I'm so glad you stopped by xD

Yesh, Tom is creepy. I wasn't sure what exactly I was trying to do with him at first, but I'm happy with how he turned out. I've always thought he wasn't quite human, and I was trying to communicate that. Like he almost craved something he didn't understand. But he was creepy about it.

Eh, you're right. That line is awkward. I shall work on it.

I like that line too :P That one and the one where it says something real flickered in his eyes, but the only who could have seen wasn't looking. I really wanted to show that McGonagall wasn't at all enthralled with him like others. Not that she hated him or anything, she just held no illusions.


ily, srsly

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Review #7, by RonsGirlFriday The Door Never Opened

13th September 2009:
This is a great little Tom/Minerva! I've been getting more into this ship lately than I ever thought possible. And I really liked about this was that they're both so much in character, and they're not even together really, but it's just so interesting, the idea that Tom could feel anything for anyone. I almost get the idea that he's looking at her like some kind of prize or acquisition -- like the word I would use to describe his feelings for her would be "interest" or "fascination," rather than "infatuation" or "love."

It was really cool that you did this all about Tom watching Minerva, because is really gave you a chance to describe Minerva in detail, and you did it so well. Everything about her screamed precision and conscientiousness. My favorite part was about her hair -- how at every point it was always in her signature tight bun, except at that last moment when she bumped into him and it got slightly mussed.

Your writing is so excellent, by the way, it flows beautifully! ^_^


Author's Response: Thank you so much Melanie! I'm so glad you liked it. I was kind of unsure when I started writing it, and it still doesn't measure up to anything Kalina or Gubby have written with this ship, but I'm kind of proud of it now. It actually flowed out really quickly, and then I went through and changed the tense, because I really wanted an 'in the moment' feel to it. And yay! I was hoping people would catch the thing with her hair.

You're exactly right too. This isn't 'romance' per se, it's curiosity and if there's any desire, it's very cold. She fascinates him because he's so used to people fawning over him and she doesn't necessarily ignore him, she just doesn't pay attention to him. He doesn't draw her the way he draws others.

Ahem... long Shiloh ramble. :D Anyway, thanks so much for the awesome review. Ily!

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