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13th September 2009:
Well haii there hun!
I really enjoyed the first part of this story!
It was really good, and I hope that there's more of this to come! I love how you wrote Bellatrix.
She seemed so real to me, I could practically see her telling that story in my head.

Oh, come off it, Evan. It was probably the Cruciatus. Lucius dismissed the question and sank back into his arm chair, clutching the bottle of whiskey in one hand.

No Bellatrix whispered the words, a weak smile forming on her face, her eyes widening with wonder. It was the Imperius. One of the Unforgivables of course.

That was a bit confusing because Lucius said he thinks that Voldemort used the cruciatus but Bellatrix says one of the unforgivables of course... even though the cruciatus curse is one of the unforgivables? I dunno, maybe it's just me. ^_^

Looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Awe, thanks! Wow, I was so happy and surprised to see that my story got a review!! Lucky you! You're the first one! Hurray!

Yes, my writing can get a bit confusing at times - it's completely haywire. What I meant by that part was that Bellatrix was agreeing (on Lucius' part) with the thought of Pepperell's punishment to have been an unforgivable curse, just, Lucius was wrong about which one it was. I should fix that up, hope you get it now?! Lol, sorry bout that!

Anyway, thank you for a great review - you made my day! =) Next chapter should be up in about a week and a half? Thanks!


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