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Review #1, by Lillylover22 Gone Forever

24th April 2012:
Oh that was so sad. You could make this into a chaptered fic. 9/10 : )

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Review #2, by meladee Gone Forever

3rd January 2011:
this was amazing. and touching. and heart gripping. absolutely adored it. THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING FIC!!! :D

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Review #3, by lunarocks14 Gone Forever

2nd December 2010:
Aawwh, poor Scorpius! D: (Yes I am a sap, but I want them to be together xD). Write a long slash fic? Please? *Puppy eyes* it'd be aamazing! :D I love this ^.^. 10/10!

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Review #4, by Hannah (again) Gone Forever

16th September 2009:
-skips in-
line* ffs :N had to correct that it was bugging me
-skips out-

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Review #5, by Hannah Gone Forever

16th September 2009:
D: D: D:

omfg Liam that was amazing. Seriously, I'm about ready to cry. Not only was it amazingly written - soo many props to you - the basic story ling - tears up - gah.

The whole thing was beautiful.


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Review #6, by I_love_fred_and_george Gone Forever

9th September 2009:
Oh wow, you really described every emotion really well there, i was pulled into the story. I really felt for Albus bless him. I think your a great writer!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! I love Al/Scorp - I think they make a fantastic couple XD And yes, I did too when I was writing it. Poor Albus :(

Thanks again for the review! It means alot :]

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Review #7, by WeasleyTwins Gone Forever

5th September 2009:
Hi Liam! xD

"Water sprayed from the heavens, drowning the very lake itself, bursting the banks and sending water into a teenager's shoes." - This particular sentence really set the mood for the one-shot. The imagery of this was just brilliant. Coupled with the diction, it completely drew me into the story. I also love how you described basic clothing to give us an idea of what the characters looked like, but continued with the description of the setting.

"For a moment he was sure he saw a grey tentacle splash over the surface before disappearing." - What perfect subtlety! After that piece of dialogue, this sentence really stood out to me. For me, this was like Albus was seeing their relationship - quick and lovely, but gone in a instant. Showed a bit of foreshadowing as well; absolutely brilliant!

Liam, I absolutely loved your characterization! I believe you took the challenge and used the 'kiss in the rain' to your advantage. I love that it wasn't a happy ending, that it was sad and angsty. I also ADORE that we don't know who Scorpius slept with. I think that is the greatest suspenseful, was great, I don't even know how to describe it.

Overall, I just completely fell in love with this Liam. It's worthy of every bit of praise is to come!




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Review #8, by Lovely_Slytheriness Gone Forever

4th September 2009:
Oh no :(

Poor Scorpius. Poor Albus. *huggles them*

But... YAY for angsty!S/A slash! I haven't read a lot of Al/Scorpius, I must admit - most of them has been sugary fluffy and carefree and that's really not my cup of tea. This was lovely written angst - I could feel how Scorpius' betrayal had hurt Albus to the very core. I feel for both of them.

I truly enjoyed this, it's such a well-composed piece of writing - I loved the descriptions on the rain, it created a vivid, alive image.

Albus wrung his hands together, trying to distract himself from the insistent rain and the boy hed once called his, the one he had loved and cherished, who had completed him, been his all, his everything. His saving grace and his best friend. The one who eventually broke his heart.

That was a lovely passage, I think it really captured the essence of this one shot perfectly.

I noticed that you've written more Al/Scoripus, and now I feel very compelled to check those out as well. Thanks for a fantastic read, Liam! ^_^

- Lovely_Slytheriness

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the review!

I've written three Al/Scorp one shots now, and every one of them has been angsty. For some reason I've never seen them as a ... fluffy couple. I don't know, I just don't think that genre really suits them, I'm glad somebody agrees! XD

I'd suggest checking out some of KaraBlack's work if you're into angsty Albus/Scorpius. She's a wonderful writer, and maybe you'll enjoy them ^_^

Ahh, that paragraph was a bit of a pain to write. I don't usually like to write in fragmented sentences, but for some reason it seemed to fit with this fic, so I just went along with my muse [:

No, thank YOU for this review! I'm truly touched that you enjoyed it so much. Thank you!

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Review #9, by KaraBlack Gone Forever

3rd September 2009:
Thank you so much dedicating this to me...and ilysm I'm so sorry that this whole thing happened between us...but we're fine now

As for the story, I really loved it, it was fantastic! I love all the word choice and description and imagery and it was all just really great. I particularly loved Scorpius' character and go Albus for being so strong (I know I would've given in to Scorpius xD)

ILY Kara~

Author's Response: Bah, it's fine. I'm still sorry.

Thank you, though. Your reviews still mean as much to me as the first time I ever got one from you. Ilysm Kara.

And yes, I would have too XD

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Review #10, by faerieall Gone Forever

2nd September 2009:
Liam, I love this! I have absolutely no idea why a lot of people won't read slash, because this is a great example of exactly how beautiful it could be. I love how realistic it was, the way you extended the moment.

And rain is always a plus, too. Every romantic moment is so much better if there's rain involved. :)

Great job, though! I really like this.

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