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Review #1, by Phoenix_Flames One

26th September 2009:
Ah!!! Rin, as always this was so purely amazing! Great job. Oh my gosh.

You have such an amazing talent in your writing. You do. Such excellent description. ^__^


Author's Response: Ah, Drue, thank you! I'm flattered.

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Review #2, by FlameoftheWest7 One

13th September 2009:
I liked it very much! Lucius and Narcissa are definitely my favorite pairing, and you've written them well!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you think so. :)

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Review #3, by ForgottenFace One

3rd September 2009:
This is a beatiful piece of writing, Rin. Truly emotional. I loved it.
And the dedication was so sweet. Thank you. I love you too *hugs*
Favourited ^^


Author's Response: Aw, Becca, thank you so much! Your review means so much to me. :)

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Review #4, by Elesphyl One

3rd September 2009:
OMG, Rin! That was beautiful. Well and truly.

You're right, Narcissa staring at a fire, but since I know you completed this for Liam's challenge - you executed it perfectly. Really! I didn't quite understand why Lucius had decided to burn all the paintings, but the imagery you've used in this is mind-boggling.

I especially like this line: There was the canvas of the country house, its copper roof gleaming brightly in the afternoon sunlight. Those who had resided in these paintings once were missing, making the scenes appear empty and alone.

You have a talent for words, my dear. Fantastic. ^_^
XOXO, Kalina

Author's Response: Kalina, Kalina, Kalina. What am I going to do with you? *blushes* Your reviews always make me smile so much.

To clarify on the whole burning paintings thing, it was because those paintings with other frames could easily transfer information they'd heart at the Manor to the residents where their other frames presided. Maybe I should make that clearer...

Anyway, thanks so much again. It means so much to me!

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Review #5, by The Empress One

3rd September 2009:
It's tragic Rin. I adore it because you've made me sympathize with the bad side. Something they did, sacrificed, sacrificed for their cause, and it makes me sad. It's very original. I had never thought of something like this, and it's a great idea. You're so amazing!

I love the simple sadness Narcissa is feeling. It seems to overwhelm and consume her, just like the fire consumes the paintings ;) And I love the simplicity of what she is missing, grieving, in the midst of all the grandeur of Malfoy Manor. Those empty, forsaken frames, nothing but backdrops, and she grieves them. Well done Rinni, well done.

-gasp- I've something dedicated to me? That made my day! ILY!

Author's Response: Haha, I had to dedicate it to you! You're so wonderful. And gosh, thank you so much for the review. I just got back from camping and the fire inspired me, and I don't know why, but I really liked the idea of burning paintings. XD I had to come up with some kind of excuse to burn them all, didn't I? Thanks so much for the lovely review, Shiloh. It means so much to me!

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