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Review #1, by randomwriter Coming Back

12th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Hello :) I'm here to review your story for the House Cup.

This is only the second Nearly Headless Nick story that I;m reading, so I do believe you've written about something that is rarely written about. So first of all, congrats on trying something new and unique. Secondly, I always admire authors who write for The Every Word Counts Challenge. It's incredibly hard to tell a tale in 500 words, and you did it successfully!

I usually find that shorter stories are heavy on description. Yours was the exception to the rule. It had a lot of dialogue and actually old a story with a plot and everything. I've always been interested in his death. This was an excellent way of telling it. You managed to do it justice in 500 words.

You've written this really realistically.I felt so sorry for both him and Latona. How sad it is to not get to say goodbye to your love. The ending made me smile though. It's really sweet that inspite of his form, she's so happy to see him and he's so happy to see her.

The pain of the first stroke was unbearable, but I kept repeating her name. Then came the second, the third... at forty I stopped counting. At forty-five it was over. These lines sent a chill through my spine. Really well written!

Great story :)

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Review #2, by lumos_knox Coming Back

9th July 2014:
Hello! I'm here for the House Cup Event Five review.

I think that this was a very interesting take on Nick's death. It took me a while to realize just who this was, but as I did I thought it was a very clever piece. Your description is fantastic. This is quite a short story, but you've got all these great words and lines in here and they really enhance the writing. I felt so sorry for Nick as he laid on the chopping block. Your descriptions of the pain, and of Nick's losing count were really powerful. And of course, I think you got just the right amount of romance in there with Latona, and Nick coming back. I was happy for Latona to see that Nick had decided to come back for her. I thought that was a nice touch.

Thanks for sharing this excellent piece!


House Cup 2014 Event Five Review

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Review #3, by Pretense Of Perfection Coming Back

7th July 2014:
Reading this was so bittersweet. I've never really thought about Nearly Headless Nick's life before his death, but this definitely made me stop and think about it.

You really captured his torment and fear quite well. I can only imagine how terrifying it must be to have to undergo having your head chopped off, especially since the botched it and his suffering must've been long and drawn out. But you managed to sort of temper that darkness by having Nick think of his love, and from her he received strength he might not have had otherwise.

Even though the ending is still sad, I like how she could still feel him there, even though she couldn't see him. It almost makes me want to try thinking about what happened when she died, because we can probably infer from canon that she didn't or couldn't stick around as a ghost to stay with him. All those long and lonely years without her might even be harder than the beheading part.

Beautiful work. I really enjoyed reading it, and the story was well written. Great job.

--- House Cup 2014 Review ---
Pretense Of Perfection

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Review #4, by LadyL8 Coming Back

18th July 2012:
Hi there.

This was such a interesting story. It was from a different era, and I have never read anything that goes so long back. But I enjoyed it.

First of all; Latona - I loved that name. When/how did you come up with it? Anyway, I enjoy the lines that are being said, they just says a lot about the characters. You don't have too much description, but definitely enough. Your story includes some things that are better not described, so I liked the way you wrote it.

I enjoyed the characterization, though you don't see too much of it- but I'm guessing that's the plan- you see enough to feel very sorry for Latona and Nicholas in the end. Heartbreaking ending by the way. I felt so sorry for poor Latona who is all alone in the end - or is she? But I think it was wise of you to end it that way. It just felt right.

Thank you for an amazing story that I really enjoyed reading. You write really well, so I'm probably gonna read some of your other stories in the future. Good job :D

Yours Sincerely

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! :) In reality, I had so much characterization for the both of them; I know so many facts of their lives in my mind, how the met, how they fell in love and got married. Everything. But I could't possibly fit it all in 500 words so I tried to only give some fundamental information and leave out all the rest :)

Latona is a name I love. It's the name of a Greek goddess, the mother of Apollus and Arthemis. It sounds very medieval to me and I just love it :)

I'm really glad you enjoyed the endings. Endings are usually my favourite part in my stories and those which I work mostly on. :)

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Review #5, by Cleopatraa Coming Back

18th August 2010:
You got the whole story captured in 500 words. There shouldn’t be anything more or anything less. I really thought this was very very cute. You had two very interesting characters but I would have loved to know more about them but seeing with the word limit I understand that wasn’t possible.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review. :) Fitting a whole story in 500 words was harder than I first thought because details of the lives of Nick and Latona kept trying to sneak in! I'm glad you liked it. :)

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Review #6, by Paloma Patil Coming Back

24th August 2009:
That was poignant and sad. Nice work.


Author's Response: Thank you. :]

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