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Review #1, by Wistful_Stargazer The First Omen

9th December 2009:
ARGH! I forgot to rate my previous review.

Please forgive me.

If I hadn't forgotten it, it would have been 10/10.

Sorry about that.

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Review #2, by Wistful_Stargazer The First Omen

9th December 2009:
'The limbs of his tall, muscular body floated by outside of the living room window, the gravel crunching beneath his feet as he moved quickly and purposefully around the house. He could have scaled the side of the walls easily and entered his quarters but Angel was far more aware of the importance of not abusing his powers; exposure would cost him a lot more than he could barter.'

[Oooo, very mysterious...I wonder what his powers are, you know?]

Well done--keep up the good work!

F.Y.I.--errors found needing correction:

1) 'Every Sunday ["Sunday" ought to be "Saturday" according to the following sentence.] night she had the same nightmare. And Every Sunday morning she awoke, soaked in sweat, trying to convince herself that the it was just a dream.'

2) '... they met with the rest of the Weasley's and Granger's for icream ["icream" should be "ice cream"] at the newly renovated Florean Fortescue Icecream ["Icecream" should be "Ice-cream"] Parlor, ...'

3) 'They were greeted quite fervently by other customers and offered free icecream ["icecream" should be "ice cream"] for the lot!'

4) '"But we're hardly inside in this outdoor tent, let's enjoy the icecream ["icecream" should be "ice cream"] shall we?"'

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