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Review #1, by sreduaram Chapter One

14th September 2009:
aww! that was lovely! and how despondent James was really added to the effect of the entire thing. and the idea of the christmas present being just a chocolate and the letter was just so sweet.
totally loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so happy you liked it!

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Review #2, by Fireball Nymph Chapter One

6th September 2009:
I love this. It was so sweet, and when I read that james was gonna jump off the cliff, I got so scared. I'm so glad he didn't. :-D awesome!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so happy you liked it :)

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Review #3, by Megan and Charly love HP Chapter One

31st August 2009:
AWW! This story is so adorable! I love James! You did an awesome job! and NEED to keep writing stories! *Claps and a cookie* -Charly

Author's Response: Thank you for the cookie and the review! I'm so happy you like my work, and yeah, I love James too :)

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Review #4, by rougette Chapter One

30th August 2009:
Very cute and I really enjoyed it!

Two corrections (just in case you want it super canon! :]):

James' eyes were hazel.
And Lily's name is spelled "Lily" with one "L" and not two.

Okay but seriously I really loved the whole letter part. I even think you could have dragged out the ending scene and made James make Lily feel really guilty about the whole thing. He could pull that whole, "I don't believe you. You really want me dead. You think life would be better without me around. And maybe you're right..." That kind of thing. And Lily would really have to fight him about it, all ending with her acception of his invitation to Hogsmeade (:

Just a few ideas! 8/10!

Author's Response: Thank you for pointing out the corrections, I'll fix when I can! The idea about making her feel guilty is great. Thank you for the review!

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Review #5, by Paloma Patil Chapter One

29th August 2009:
This is lovely. Is it a one-shot? It feels like you could write more if you wanted to - I'd love to read what happens next.

Oh - typo alert: "How did you know they were favourite?" Should it be MY favorite or something?

Other than that, great!


Author's Response: Thanks for pointing out the typo. I'll fix when I can, and I'm thinking of making it into a two-part! Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #6, by Wally Chapter One

29th August 2009:
Love it!! Are you going to write another chapter?

Author's Response: Thank you! eah, I may write another chapter, on their Hogsmead outing, but I'm not sure. Yay, I'm so happy that you like it!

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Review #7, by Twilight123 Chapter One

28th August 2009:
ahhh, It's so cute!!! :) It's a bit short, and I think it would have been a little bit better if it was longer. Not that it isn't already. Because I really do like it! :) But, then again, I never want things to end, so maybe it's just me! lol. Great job!!!


Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so glad that you liked it, I think it could have gone on a bit longer, but i wasn't sure how.


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Review #8, by Elvendork Chapter One

27th August 2009:
i'd write more than this, but i'm absolutely exhausted, so yeah... its nicee... i like it. Especially the ending and how its not at all melodramatic or overly done... infact its done perfectly, light, sweet and realistic =]

like i sed, i'm exhausted... i hope the 10/10 speaks for itself =]

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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