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Review #1, by theblacksisters October the 31st

2nd October 2013:
May I please introduce you to my good friend punctuation? He'd be absolutely delighted to help you.
Siriusly, it would make the story better. It's very good already (original, ya know) but it would be less distracting if you added periods, question marks, and exclaimation points.
And about the plot: it's original, sad, and horror/angst.
Bellatrix is a little OOC.

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Review #2, by aint_no_muggle October the 31st

22nd May 2010:
It was... dramatic.
And I hate drama. A little bit here and there is all good, but it's when people start calling each other 'love,' and 'my love.' 'Darling,' in the right circumstances, can be excepted once or twice as long as they are far apart, but I gag when people call each other 'my love,' or any other variant of it.
Otherwise, though, this fanfic was good :)

Author's Response: thank you for the review. it was meant to be dramatic, but thank you for your opinion.
lily times

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Review #3, by Theia Luna October the 31st

12th November 2009:
this is so sad..!! i feel so sorry for hermione, but atleast her sons were safe..?? is there a sequel..?? it would be sooo awsome if there was..!! This story is really good..!!

Author's Response: thank you for your review. i tried writing a sequal but i couldnt finish it so im not going to post it.
Lily Times

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Review #4, by FallenAngel4 October the 31st

21st September 2009:
That was very very sad :(. I thought it was very good but it could of used more discritive words and more detail, watch out for capitalazation and punctuation. i hope yo have found this useful


Author's Response: thanks for the review
Lily Times

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Review #5, by twilight_banned October the 31st

13th September 2009:
Your story was good, only with the exception that i felt like there should have been more to the story than just this one chapter...other than that it was really good. Great job with details.

Author's Response: thanks i didn't have time to write a full story, coz of my exams but the more i think about it i think i should write a longer story, maybe a sequal.
Lily Times

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