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Review #1, by Hermione713 Wubble Wubble (double trouble)

12th March 2006:
Hard to read, otherwise OK.

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Review #2, by Hermione713 Harry and the piano lessons

12th March 2006: was hard to read, but I can see a plot.

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Review #3, by ronsluva Wubble Wubble (double trouble)

9th August 2005:
o.....k...... it was good i guess.

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Review #4, by HAWEE Harry and the piano lessons

7th April 2005:
this is REALLY funny!!!!!!!!

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Review #5, by charmed ravenclaw Wubble Wubble (double trouble)

26th November 2004:
That was weird. What on earth did that have to do with piano Lessons?

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Review #6, by hmm. Wubble Wubble (double trouble)

24th October 2003:
has it ever occured to you that maybe some people might want to take piano lessons and it's not really that bad of a thing!

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Review #7, by NOT FUNNY Harry and the piano lessons

16th August 2003:
I am forced to say that this has absolutly no point and in no way is it funny.

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Review #8, by Padfoot Harry and the piano lessons

1st August 2003:
very,er,funny and long, i like it, do another chapter, cassie

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Review #9, by Snakegurl Harry and the piano lessons

1st August 2003:
This is not Snakegurl this is her neighbor who hacked into her name, this is not Tinaofive either. Lol....great Story...write more......Piano Leesons....hahahahahahahaha *friend slaps her* so hope you have a good day ~not Tina~

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