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Review #1, by Yasmin Potter  Cheery blondes & Sandy haired saviours

3rd September 2010:
i like how you didnt put the exclaimation mark after the smiley face! :)

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Review #2, by saaimaxx  Cheery blondes & Sandy haired saviours

1st September 2010:
hey luv ur story but honestly cud u get any slower in updating!!? ;-) im kiddin but plz update faster odawise gonna go off ur story andd i agree wid some ov da fanz dat uv got a really gud setting..anyway enough wid da compliments ;D PLZ MAKE MORE JAMES AND LILY SCENES WID DEM FIGHTIN..nd plz make sure u include sirius cuz i absolutely adore sirius! xx

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Review #3, by heyITSme Invade Away

10th March 2010:
soo, i've already reviewed this story. but i hope by reviewing again, you'll realize that this is a really interesting and unique plot that i would love to continue reading! please updatee

Author's Response: Awhh thank you, it really means a lot that you would go to the trouble of reviewing again just to get me to write.So i'm glad to inform you that the third chapter is currently in que.A bit late ..okay a lot but better late then never (:

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Review #4, by LilyFlower_x Sticky Situations

22nd September 2009:
i like it :)
can't wait to read more!!

Author's Response: awwh thanks so much.i've been really busy lately buh hopefully my nex chap will be out sometime this week.thanks again for the review :)

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Review #5, by Lily_JamesFan Sticky Situations

10th September 2009:
This is great! I love how you introduced all the characters and how you're using an original setting so it's not just the same 'lily and james at hogwarts' story.

Author's Response: awwh thanks so much your review made my horrible day a little bit brighter!*hugs* and yea the settings in most lily and james fics as well as maurader storys seems to always go back to hogwarts and sometimes its a little repetitive so i wanted the readers to breath a bit of fresh air and change it up a bit :)

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Review #6, by heyITSme Sticky Situations

6th September 2009:
ahhh!! this is such a great AU! so unique! i'm really excited for an update!

Author's Response: Woohoo*does a very energetic happy dance* I am so glad you like my story! and I'm going to be updating very soon keep an eye out for the next chapter :)! Thanks for the review made me smile.

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Review #7, by iha_02 Sticky Situations

6th September 2009:
Loved it! this stroy is amamzing! i love how you described all of the charachters! usually ppl have lily all prissy and nerdy but i love her sarcasm and temper in this story its great! cant wiat to see what goes down next with hte potters:) update soon! 10/10

Author's Response: awhhh thank you so much and yea i thought i should change lily up a bit buh she will still have some of her nerd tendencies it just wont be her entire personality thats nerdy haha nerdy in doses :P thanks for the review it made my day :)!

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Review #8, by clare Invade Away

6th September 2009:
Good start, it's well written but the massive gaps between the paragraphs are a bit ennoying soz. But it doesn't detract from the storyand I'm intrigued as to how ur going to play this out. I'm heading on to read the nxt chapter =]

best of luck
clare =]
P.S. I love your description of flying at night: it sounds so peaceful. :)

Author's Response: I couldn't get rid of the spaces when I was editing, im glad it doesn't take away from the story though :)! Yaah *does happy dance* thats what I was going for when I was writing the flying scene its suppose to be what lily does to relax herself.Thank you so much for reviewing.

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Review #9, by Yasmin Potter Invade Away

27th August 2009:
NOOO! I loved the ending :D It was so amazing, i just had to smile,"well then I must lucky considering Im James Potter....hehe :P

I really like how you made Lily like flying and know how to ride a broom. Many stories all assume thats shes exactly like Hermione and hates flying/qudditch. I'm glad you moved away from that common cliche, their two diffrent people.

I can't wait to see Lily's response to that, update soon! xD 8/10

Author's Response: yaaah first review !!:) *smiles brightly*
I'm trying to stay away from the common cliche of lily being a complete bookworm although she still will sort of be haha thanks for reading!

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