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Review #1, by suriusblack Going To Romania

20th March 2008:
honestly... i find your plot line thin and predictable and very boring... constructive critisism

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Review #2, by derek Inside

18th February 2006:
i like the story but don't put don't put A\ N in their it ruines the entire mood of what you are saying in the story. Sorry to be so blunt about it. Derek

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Review #3, by Statsu The Order Of The Phoenix and Falcon:The Elementals

13th April 2005:
umkay, I just wanted to say that it is pretty good, but Harry is just not believable... If Sirius really got released, then he would have done more than grin. AND Sirius wouldnt've gotten released, because Peter Pettigrew is supposeldy dead.

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Review #4, by alexa The Order Of The Phoenix and Falcon:The Elementals

19th February 2005:
:)) already posted a review...guess i did read it

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Review #5, by alexa The Order Of The Phoenix and Falcon:The Elementals

19th February 2005:
i remember i read this once more ...but hmmmm shish i think i.ve got problems:D goor work anyways

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Review #6, by alexa The Order Of The Phoenix and Falcon:The Elementals

5th January 2005:
hey great fic:)

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Review #7, by ChrisPhoenix Babies, Endings, and New Beginnings

27th October 2004:
awesome story come out with more like it please

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Review #8, by c1i2n3d4y5 Babies, Endings, and New Beginnings

1st April 2004:
cool! Write please :-D

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Review #9, by Black Widow Going To Romania

30th March 2004:
I just started your story and I think that the only thing you need to work on is your emotions their too abrupt. Otherwise its great but I nearly forgot that this was a year 5 book and not a year 6 after OotP. yes I know that you can't really change ther chapters after this but I thought it would be nice if I gave you this suggestion

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Review #10, by FroBoy Babies, Endings, and New Beginnings

15th October 2003:
Great story!!!!!

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Review #11, by Professor McGonagall The Order Of The Phoenix and Falcon:The Elementals

4th June 2003:
Excellent! Excellent! Well done. Quite a talent you have there. I hope you continue with it. I enjoyed the entire read.

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Review #12, by VyingQuill The Order Of The Phoenix and Falcon:The Elementals

5th March 2003:
So far, I\'ve only read the first installment (with Chapters 1 and 2)...not enough hours in a day to go around :-) I haven\'t read far enough to see what kind of plot is going to develop, but I already see some problems that you might want to fix. In the first chapter, you had everything going in past tense narrative...\'He said\' \'She said\' \'He grabbed\' \'She screamed\'...but then in the second chapter, you had it present tense \'He says\' \'she says\' and you also threw in a few past tense verbs \'He trailed off\' and \'He thought\'. Some of the dialogue seems too Americanized. I can\'t picture Vernon, a middle-to-upper class British citizen, yelling at Harry to \'GET OFF HIS BUTT!\' or something to that extent. Maybe use arse or behind or bottom, something more British. Same with some of the expressions Harry and Ron use. Anyways, I like that Sirius finally got free (WHOO HOO!) and the rat was caught. Hopefully he gets punished...and punished *good*. The b-day presents were fun to read about. However, if Hagrid checked in on Arabella, finding a Dark Mark floating above the house, wouldn\'t Harry see it too? And if he saw it, wouldn\'t he also go and check out the scene? Or did the Death Eater attack happen right before school let out? Sorry for sounding so critical, that\'s just kind of reviewer I am...:-) Keep writing.

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Review #13, by DanielaFuchs The Order Of The Phoenix and Falcon:The Elementals

1st March 2003:
This is bout as long as Harry Potter 1+2! I am very impressed. You stayed with a good storyline, and with the story! Good job.

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Review #14, by jenniferj The Order Of The Phoenix and Falcon:The Elementals

10th January 2003:
you have a huge talent for writing, i really like this story, even if the SOME people don't know how to press the review button i do, 36 chapters is a huge accomplishment, and you deserve a lot more prasie then you're getting, (unless your deleteing reviews) i hope you continue writng, because i will continue reviewing

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Review #15, by PurrtinaPearson The Order Of The Phoenix and Falcon:The Elementals

23rd December 2002:
Pretty good story. Check mine out: It was bound to happen, Sometime and Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. Also if you like songfics see mine: The Twelve Days of Hogwarts

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