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Review #1, by Ginnyrocks117 Cue Crazy Dorm Mates

9th August 2010:
Go Rose.
She was like yelling at her roommate.
I wonder how everyone already knows!
Loved it!
Write soon!


Author's Response: News travels fast at Hogwarts, its just like high school would be ;)) especially when there are girls who love gossip like Rose's cliquey dorm mates :PP
Rose is definitely not one to lie down and let people talk about her or take her over she has a had exterior, it can help and hinder her...

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Review #2, by Ginnyrocks117 Libraries Can Be Fun

9th August 2010:
I'm glad he helped her.
But what was he doing to her?
And so Rose liked it...?
I'm glad Al had a good time.
Loved it!


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Rose is very stubborn and Scorpius is very persistent, it makes hilarity and awkward situations for Rose ensue haha. Rose was refusing to give him a reaction to what he was doing because she didn't want it to seem like it effected her. Scorpius was going to make sure he got a reaction haha
As for Rose liking it., not even she knows how she feels yet ;))
Yes Al had a VERY good time hehe

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Review #3, by Ginnyrocks117 Transfiguration, Finches, Thumbtacks, and What! Al has a DATE!

9th August 2010:
So she isn't going.
I hope everything goes good with her studying.
I wonder why Scorpius was looking at her.
Loved it!


Author's Response: Thanks!
Nope Rose is staying back and sacrificing her weekend so her cousin will have a good time ;)) Rose loves her family!
Hmm perhaps Scorpius was listening in... maybe he was just staring off into space... maybe he was seeing if she really did resemble a house elf... no one knows... well until you read the next chapter, then you'll find out hahaha

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Review #4, by Ginnyrocks117 Of Potion Making and Confusion

9th August 2010:
I'm wondering what made Scorpius sad.
What is going on with Rose.
She is begging to fall for him..?
Loved it!


Author's Response: Thanks again!!
Well as for good ol' Scorpius we'll find out a bit later what made him so out of it ;))
Oh Rosie haha I think we'll have to endure a bit more (Rose too for that matter) before she actually falls for him ;))

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Review #5, by Ginnyrocks117 The Last Thing You'll Find Me Doing is Going on a Date With Malfoy

9th August 2010:
I feel bad for Rose.
I loved it.
A really good first chapter!
Can't wait to see what happens.


Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!!!
hmm lets see if you feel bad for Rose in a few more chapters hehe :PP

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Review #6, by Catriona - R-For-H Libraries Can Be Fun

16th October 2009:
Great update!!

Sorry for the lack of review last chapter! Didn't realise it was up!!

LOL! Rosie was kinda slipping up ther4e! Hehe!

Author's Response: haha thats not a problem :)) i love how i have faithful reviewers already :)) it makes me happy and im glad you like the story enough to keep reviewing haha im working on the next chap just havent had a bunch of time to write recently :((

haha yea she was :PP i thought i would give the story i bit of action to make things a bit interesting but we'll see how things go now won't we ;))

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Review #7, by Lostaroundlondon Libraries Can Be Fun

30th September 2009:
AHHH!!! THAT WAS SO SO SO SO SO GOOD! omgosh. WOW. You really outdid yourself this time! I love how awkward it was for Rose in the library. lol it was cute at the same time! I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

Author's Response: haha THANKS SO MUCH hehe :PP i really enjoyed writing this chap hehe and i just started chapter 5 :DD hope you like it hehe

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Review #8, by spam_up_sam Libraries Can Be Fun

30th September 2009:
Malfoy, you made him very sexy there =]
It was a good chapter, I would have thought Rose would be more suspicious about his sudden shift in attitude though. I would have been, mind you if a good looking bloke started being flirtatious with me, I wouldn't complain so it really doesn't matter
Anyway, really liked this chapter, looking forward to the next

Author's Response: Yea i guess your right haha but Oh well hehe and i definitely wouldnt be complaining either haha :))

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Review #9, by Lostaroundlondon Transfiguration, Finches, Thumbtacks, and What! Al has a DATE!

26th September 2009:
AMAZING as always :D aww Albus has a date!

Author's Response: hehe thanks yea i know he's so shy hehe i think we all have some introvert in us though haha

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Review #10, by Jen Transfiguration, Finches, Thumbtacks, and What! Al has a DATE!

26th September 2009:
Wow, this is getting updated a lot faster than I thought!

Love the chapter name you came up with by the way:D Sorry I couldn't help you there

@ everyone: make sure to read the fourth chapter when it comes out. It's brilliant!

Author's Response: aww thanks Jen :DD like i said i cant wait for the fourth hehe :PP

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Review #11, by marrou Transfiguration, Finches, Thumbtacks, and What! Al has a DATE!

25th September 2009:
I really am enjoying this story and I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter. Great job so far.

Author's Response: thanks you very much :)) im glad you're enjoying it :DD

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Review #12, by spam_up_sam Transfiguration, Finches, Thumbtacks, and What! Al has a DATE!

25th September 2009:
What a chapter name aha lol
I'm really desperate to get another chapter now and see what happens gah, I wonder will Scorpius stay at Hogwarts too just to pretend he doesn't like her some more
Good chapter

Author's Response: thank you :)) i won't give anything away but i will say next chapter is my favorite one so far :))

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Review #13, by Catriona - R-For-H Of Potion Making and Confusion

24th September 2009:
LOL!! Great Chapter. I have a funny story which relates to how Rose fell over when she walked into MAlfoy. If you want me to tell you... MyLeaky is the place!!

Anyway great update!! Love Rose! She is just starting to figure out her feelings - and so is Malfoy - But they have no clue what it is!! How sweet!! XX

Author's Response: haha yes i will defintely want to hear this haha :PP

and thank you once again :DD

haha yes they're sweet aren't they hehe

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Review #14, by spam_up_sam Of Potion Making and Confusion

23rd September 2009:
Short and sweet!
Oh I wish it was longer *hint hint* lol
I really like this story so far, I'm interested in where you're going to take it and how, I also like you Rose and Scorpius characterisation.
I'll look out for the next chapter =]

Author's Response: hahahaha :PP well this one was longer than the last and i just get a feel for when chps are done haha i dont have anything else to say about the particular thing haha :PP

aww thanks i've "done my research" on Rose and Scorpius fanfics (i read almost all of them on MNFF and im working on reading a bunch here because they're my FAV) so i pretty much knew how i wanted them to be characterized haha i had a picture in my head :PP

haha well i hope you like it i personally cant wait to see chapter 4 and everyones responses are but i refuse to give anything away about it haha :XX

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Review #15, by Lostaroundlondon Of Potion Making and Confusion

23rd September 2009:
YAY! second chapter is up! This is story is so so so so so so SO GOOD! lol I love how you added that Hermione told Rose that it was "normal" to wake up early to do her homework. Amazing writing! can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: awww thanks a bunch :)) and i REALLY REALLY love the banner thanks again ;))

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Review #16, by Sundrops The Last Thing You'll Find Me Doing is Going on a Date With Malfoy

14th September 2009:
haha I created an account so I could keep track of all the stories i was reading on here! really nice work! I too know you from the Leaky Cauldron :D yay!

Author's Response: awww thanks for adding my story to your favorites list :DD im REALLY glad you enjoyed it!!! i will have to look you up on leaky ;)) thanks again for the compliment!!

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Review #17, by showbiz27 (from the Leaky Cauldron) The Last Thing You'll Find Me Doing is Going on a Date With Malfoy

11th September 2009:
Its great. But I'm not much of a fanfiction fan. I only came here because I'm in a group with you on The Leaky Cauldron and saw the link! I really do like it, but I actually, honestly, hate fanfiction...especially Harry Potter fanfiction because I feel like only J.K. Rowling should be writing about the characters. However, like I've said, its a great piece@

Author's Response: thanks :)) i appreciate your honesty and im happy you came from TLC to read it even though you dont like fanfic :))

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Review #18, by Amy The Last Thing You'll Find Me Doing is Going on a Date With Malfoy

10th September 2009:
I love how Albus got Rose to do it, a very nice twist! I can't wait for the next chapter! Squee!

Author's Response: haha yea i thought Al would be a bit conniving hehe :PP i cant wait for the next chap either!!! its in the queue :DD

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Review #19, by Catriona - R-For-H The Last Thing You'll Find Me Doing is Going on a Date With Malfoy

10th September 2009:
Great story!! Can't wait to find out more of the going ons of Rosie and Scorpius!

I have a feeling the potion making will certainly be quite eventful!

Author's Response: haha i think you might be right haha :PP its in the queue and i have all the way to half of chap 4 written so im just writing and posting haha :PP i will update regularly ;DD

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Review #20, by Jen The Last Thing You'll Find Me Doing is Going on a Date With Malfoy

9th September 2009:
Yay, it's up :D Congratulations!

Author's Response: Aw thanks Jen :)) i hope you saw my shout out to you :DD your an awesome beta!

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