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Review #1, by potterfan310 Unpleasant Company

11th September 2012:
So this has been in my favs for a while and I'm a sucka for teen pregnancy stories. I like it ad it's really original. It'll be intresting to see what the baby comes out as, will it be a witch or a werewolf or even half and half?

All your characters have got a personallity to them and I'm intrigued by Zerus. I mean what boy hangs outside girls bathrooms?, I'm thinking maybe he has a thing for Daisy.

I finished this chapter and then read the reviews and I was a little confused because they said 'Rose' and 'Scorpius' as well as saying this was similar to Delicate. I know this was posted back in 09 and hasn't been updates since March this year but I was wondering did this story originally start off as a ScoRose? and becuase of the mentions of James and Roxanne.

Soph xx

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Review #2, by Harry_Potter_345 Unpleasant Company

26th November 2011:
Hey. when r u going to post again

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Review #3, by iloveharrypotter Unpleasant Company

12th January 2011:

Author's Response: I know I should get writing again for this, I'm sorry I haven't already...hope you liked it so far :)

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Review #4, by Scarlett Unpleasant Company

30th September 2010:
Please update, it's been forever!!!

Author's Response: You're right, I should get back to work on this! I promise I'll make an effort to update soon! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Lovehurtssoul Unpleasant Company

22nd August 2010:
Love the story, but, when are you updating?

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Review #6, by cheer2 Unpleasant Company

8th June 2010:
Great fic, cant wait for an update! I'll be honest I've never read a next generation story before, but this one drew me in. Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Hey, sorry I'm so late on responding, I took a HPFF timeout but I'm getting back into the groove now and I daresay the next chapter is underway.

Thanks a lot for your support and I'm very glad you like the story!

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Review #7, by Hermionegrangeravis Unpleasant Company

24th April 2010:
i love it r u updating?

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Review #8, by prongsie4ever Unpleasant Company

22nd April 2010:
that chapter was really short. i hope that the next one is longer

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Review #9, by amy Unpleasant Company

21st April 2010:
another great chapter

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Review #10, by louise_loves_hp Unpleasant Company

21st April 2010:
Well if I am right the connection that she could mean is Zerus?
Look forword to the next one want to really find out if it is Zerus or not and I would like to she Albus or find out were he is. I know I have said it in most reviews and sorry for that.

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Review #11, by louise_loves_hp For Lilly

21st April 2010:
Love how you got Zerus to take her to the hospital wing, he is becoming some you could she her being friends with, is there is be a friendship there?
Poor Scop, having his house taken, know I get why he was like that with Rose, and Rose surfing in Oz thats just funny as. 10/10

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Review #12, by louise_loves_hp To Tell or Not To Tell

21st April 2010:
Poor Rose! well I hate to say this but I dont like this chapter I know it builds tenion between the two of them but I hate to see Rose down.
The depth of your characters are coming along well but you might want to put in a bit more about Rose and Socps past like mmm after she tells him she is pregnant might have a flash back of something that has gone down between the two of them or one good thing he has ever done. Just an idea, sorry if its no help kind of got wraped up in the story.

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Review #13, by louise_loves_hp Pepper Pie

21st April 2010:
Despite my best efforts to pretend I dont mind his comment I can feel myself going Weasley red. Great line
But pepper on pie ewww, its good to know that she is knocked up, or I would be worried about her.
There meeting in the Kitchen was smart and done well. Still want to know if you have for goten Albus? soon will find out. 9/10

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Review #14, by louise_loves_hp Bathroom Blitz

21st April 2010:
well the bathroom was just funny and not what you think is going to happen there but yet again its Hogwarts.
Rose just keeps runing from her promlbes, mm just very diffrent and I like it. She is not head strong till she really needs to be or is in a tight spot as in McG office
Jordan the ex boyfriend now that is intresting look forward to more of him.
Trelawaney, love how you put her in she is most times in storys and is forgotten, the line about her saying 'the pain to come' and 'mortal danger' maybe Rose could have picked them up as she is going to have alot of pain to come, yet aging noone listen to Trelawaney but you think because of Harry knowing her to be a ture seer she would know.
Zerus is one odd boy, why would you not call out her name first, I could slap him. But yet to be worried about her thats sweet and nice, very unSlytharin of him

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Review #15, by louise_loves_hp Blue Turning

21st April 2010:
Jenna- Great friend to Rose, looks out for her, She does the right thing by her mates, she seems like the friend you want. She comes across as a girl that stands up for what she belives in and goes after it, and is a Femimest.
Penelope- I dont like her as she comes across as a proude, and not that friendly.
Just want to know where Al is.
Oh and I love how Rose is finding the Irony about things, and running into Scop at the end is just iceing on the cake. 10/10

Author's Response: Jenna is a total femminist! She will do her thing, no matter what others think of her. Penelope will be shocked when she finds out about Rose's pregnancy. I'm starting to see you are a real Albus fan. I'm so sorry I didn't include him so far.
Thanks a lot for your review!

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Review #16, by louise_loves_hp Daisy, oh Daisy

21st April 2010:
Well I have read this story before and loved it, they way your wrote the frist chapter was very real life, the thoughts that you go though. My favorit line is 'I like to think of my life at home as life in a loony bin…' Just think thats what you feel like if you grow up with a big and close family. Its a great way to expalan the maddness that we all think of that goes on in said family.
Loved the exaple of James Broom getting broken seem just like a nomal day to day thing for them.
The iroy just hiting her of the times she had told her friend to be carefull next time, is just what happenes to us all, therefore very beilveable.
Rose is coming along good and she is not judt like Heriome which is good as it gets over done. James is here but no Albus?

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the story! I thought I remembered you had favourited this story, so I thought reviewing it would go easy for you! It's hard for Rose, she's seen Jenna in trouble a dozen times, but nothing ever happened and now that she's in the same situation she gets the positive test...No Albus here, sorry!
Thanks a lot for your review!

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Review #17, by mileyo123 Unpleasant Company

13th April 2010:
I really enjoy your story!! i cant wait to read what happens next!! :) :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it :) In the next chapter Rose is going to try and find out more about Scorpius by using her Slytherin connections!
Thanks a lot for leaving a review!

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Review #18, by Malfoylover01 Unpleasant Company

13th April 2010:
i really can't wait for her 2 tell scorpius she pregnent that would be fun 2 read lol xxx

Author's Response: She will definetly have to tell Scorpius and it will be a lot of fun (at least for those not involved)!
Thanks a lot for leaving a review!

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Review #19, by flying_rabbit Unpleasant Company

13th April 2010:
Aw :) It's so nice to hear that Rose feels like the baby is really part of her (in more ways than one :P) and that she couldn't think of a scenario where the baby wasn't there! :)
Good. So Lorraina didn't hear Rose talking about the baby, then? And even if she did hear, they could've easily told her that they were talking hypothetically ;) Lorraina does sound a little too curious for anyone's good (and especially Rose's!). I'm glad Rose is against the whole House hatred thing, and it sounds like she has some good reasons for it! Would Lorraina kind of know already about Rose being pregnant, or was she just bluffing? It has to be unnerving for Rose if, as she says, people who don't acknowledge her most of the time, now suddenly notice that she's pale a lot.
Connections... does Jenna mean Albus and Zerus? (or was it another cousin of Rose's who was a Slytherin? Sorry :S) That's not such a bad idea at all. Are the two of them friends, by the way? At least, if they're both Slytherins in the same year and don't hang out with Scorpius a lot (at least, I think not, right?), they might as well be friends, sort of...
Oh, I'll make sure to read and review those stories, then, whenever I have the time ;)
Hope you'll update soon!

Author's Response: Rose is growing fond of the baby and Lorraina didn't hear her talk about it, but she is a curious and ambitious person, so she might cause a lot of trouble in the chapters to come!
Lorraina will keep an eye on Rose, but I really can't say more without spoiling too much ;)

Jenna indeed means Albus and Zerus. Albus is in Slytherin (at least that's where I picture him to be) and a good friend of Scorpius, so he knows quite a few things. Zerus on the other hand isn't a very good friend of Scorpius, but he already knows quite a lot and has proven trustworthy. This is where your idea about him sending the Prophet will come in! I'm still trying to figure out what kind of relation Albus and Zerus have...

The one-shot from Scorpius's POV is really short, but I just wanted to make sure his perspective is known as well, because I had a feeling I was putting him in a very bad light here. The other story is funnier and lighter, I hope you'll like that, too :) I will do my best to get a new chapter written soon!

Thanks a bunch for your review!

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Review #20, by Hermionniny9 Unpleasant Company

13th April 2010:
i still love the story, and cant wait for the next instalment.

Author's Response: I'm glad you still love it :) I'll try to update soon, I've already got a good idea for the next chapter. Zerus will be back!
Thanks a lot for your review!

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Review #21, by a rollerball Unpleasant Company

13th April 2010:
great chapter, plz plz plz update soon :) x

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! I'll try to update soon :) Thanks a lot for leaving a review!

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Review #22, by ohcrapidroppedmybrain Pepper Pie

11th April 2010:
OMG! This was suuccch a great chapter! I couldn't stop laughing through it! It was very genius; it's as though every chapter gets better and better!

Okay. So not a lot happened. But still. I loved it. Everything, from Rose's ginormous cravings, to the little house-elf named "Lenny", to Scorpius was right on track :) Here were my favourite parts:

My spells are usually accurate and work well, nevertheless there is a certain clumsiness to me that sometimes causes…unexpected things to happen. Or cauldrons to blow up.

Haha, typical Rose :) You've got to love her crabbiness when she's pregnant, especially because her clumsiness is probably quadruplified :)

But then his hand goes past my paralyzed face and he immerses his thumb and forefinger in my bushy hair. Turns out he just did that to take a piece of pie out of my hair. Once he has retrieved the piece of pie he puts it into his mouth and eats it. “Tastes of rose” he says and gets up to leave.

*giggles* I laughed at this for five minutes straight. I never pinned Scorpius as a creeper, but he is. Majorly.

What can I say? The only critique I have is the way "Lenny" spoke. House elves have a weird habit of talking in third person (like Moaning Myrtle). So it would be like, "Can Lenny do anything for Miss?" instead of "Can I do anything for Miss". But I think you get my point.

I hope everything gets better for poor Rose :( I can't wait until she tells Scorpius that she is pregnant- maybe then he won't pick food out of her hair and eat it :D

Author's Response: Aw Constants, I have a big happy smile on my face now. Thanks a lot :)

Rose can get very clumsy, especially when she's under stress (and the hormones probably don't help her get better) and Scorpius, well, he's human and so he does creepy things every now and then :D

You're totally right about the elf language, I didn't think about it, but now that you've pointed it out I feel like smacking myself on the forehead... Anyway, I'm still so happy about this review that smacking anybody seems out of the question :)

Unfortunately Rose is meeting a major bump on her road to better things next chapter that will also attract people who don't have her best interest at heart, but hey, Rose won't be going down forever, she'll have her happy times nonetheless. Zerus (aka the toilet stalker) will come to her rescue!

Scorpius definetly wouldn't be picking food out of her hair if he knew, he would rather be running around the table screaming (at least mentally)!

Thanks so much once again, your advice has helped me a lot to make this story better!!!

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Review #23, by kassandra466 For Lilly

11th April 2010:
omg! Zerus is such a creep!! anywho, that is besides the point, i LOVED the chapter! it was AMAZING!! :D

Author's Response: Hey kassandra,

thank you for leaving six reviews at once! I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw I had so many new reviews. There are few people who are so devoted to reviewing! I'm very happy to know that you have enjoyed the story so far. I hope you'll enjoy the next chapter as well (it just got validated).

Thanks a lot for your reviews!
xoxo sarina

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Review #24, by kassandra466 To Tell or Not To Tell

11th April 2010:
oh rose, you should just get things over with, and tell him!! but anywho, that is also besides the point, i LOVED it!! :D

Author's Response: Rose is afraid that Scorpius will reject her and the baby, but she really won't get around telling him eventually. I'm glad you like this chapter!

Thanks a lot again for leaving a review!

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Review #25, by kassandra466 Pepper Pie

11th April 2010:
well under normal circumstances, i would agree with Scorpius, Pepper pie is quite strange, anywho, amazing chapter!! i LOVED it!! :D

Author's Response: The cravings of a pregnant woman are uncontrollable ;) If poor Scorpius knew why she was eating pepper pie he certainly wouldn't be laughing that much...

Thanks for yet another review!

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