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Review #1, by theblacksisters SLYTHERIN! (so far so good)

16th January 2014:
Quite an interesting chapter, but wouldn't Al be more surprised he was placed in Slytherin?

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Review #2, by theblacksisters On The Hogwarts Express (om nom nom food)

16th January 2014:
An interesting introduction, but I found it odd that Scorpius would grow up and not be predisposed to Slytherin House. I mean, I know Draco probably changed after the war, but he didn't automatically become some kind of Muggle rights advocate.

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Review #3, by BookDinosaur On The Hogwarts Express (om nom nom food)

4th January 2014:
Hello!I'm here for the Ninth of the Twelve Days of Reviewing Challenge over at the forums. :)

I really enjoyed reading this! It had me laughing out loud from the get-go, and there aren't many stories on the archives which do that to me.

I think you did an absoutely fantastic job with all the characters here. Eveyrone was acting really age-appropriate, and I had no problem believing that they were eleven years old, which is a point that some stories falter a little bit on. Al's narration was really young and innocent and I found that really amusing.

Your characterisation was great! I loved how quiet and reserved Scorpius is, and that's probably very realistic, since his father is a pretty reserved person and the Malfoy family would be wishing to attract as little attention as poosible to themselves.

Rose was really good as well, I love how huffy and suspicious she was of Scorpius, haha! I guess that's what would come of being raised with Ron Weasley as your father, bahaha. You also did a really good job of making her very clever but without using the old stereotypes, which I absolutely loved, so kudos to you there.

Ah, Faith was hilarious! I know some people exactly like her in RL, all bold and brassy and opinionated, and I think you did a fantastic job with her. I particularly loved her 'higher-quality wool' comment and how she explained to Al why Slytherin was better than all the other Houses. And her brain damage comment. I wonder how she became friends with a quiet boy like Lew?

And Al's plan is a fantastic idea and a really feasible idea. I'm really looking forward to see how that's going to work out, haha. :D

This was a fantastic start to your story, it sucked me in without shame and left me wanting more. Well done on such a great story! :D

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Review #4, by javu Epilogue

22nd August 2013:
Second year pl/eaaasssee

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Review #5, by Fawkes394 Epilogue

30th December 2012:
NO it can't be over already!!! Why is it so short?! Why do you have to be so cruel?! : (

I LOVED this story, I had so much fun reading it... I really hope you write a sequel, because your characters are amazing and so it's your writing.

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Review #6, by Fawkes394 Bloody Hell, Finally

30th December 2012:
"Potter! No! No hugging! Bad Potter! If your hair is contagious I will kill you! Get off!"

I think I laughed at that more than I should have
And I loved the chapter and Faith's tendency to do heroic things... and Lia's obsession with people being killed or siriusly injured. : )

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Review #7, by Fawkes394 Rosie Continues to Suck

30th December 2012:
I really like this story so far. I love Avery and how he's so protective with the younger kids in a non-oppressive way, Faith is also awesome, well, Slytherins in general are awesome.
But Rose and James are soo infuriating. Rose is such a... horrible person! How could someone who actually knows Al be so mean to him when he's such a sweet and innocent kid? Argh! It's so frustrating!

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Review #8, by nina lupin Epilogue

28th November 2012:
Albus! You adorable thing! I love you! Don't run screaming! James is a prat! So is AnnoyingRosie! I love Scorpius too! And Faith, and Kitty and TEDDY and Harry, and just about everybody excluding those named above.
Sorry, I just REALLY needed to get that out. I loved every chapter of this, like wowza.
eck. i'm so eloquent.
anyway, this was just to say how much I enjoyed reading this and to tell you to never stop writing.. ever.

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Review #9, by Cavell Epilogue

23rd March 2012:
Ah - I adored this, Al was one of the best Albus Potters I have ever read. I love how you portrayed everyone, with Faith being violent, Al trying to be sweet and cute, Score sometimes sullen and moody, Kitty being quiet and.. doing nothing, really, but most of all I loved Lia and Grim - honestly, they were the best Prefects ever! A brilliant story, and a fantastic read - I adored how you let Beauxbatons win instead of Hogwarts. Obviously one for the favourites!

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Review #10, by JustOneOfTheWeasleys Epilogue

21st January 2012:
But Al isn't actually dim! He just pretends to be. Gr, Al's epicness should really be better appreciated, like the world (or at least all of Hogwarts and the entire Weasley/Potter/Granger clan).

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Review #11, by Adrianna Epilogue

25th November 2011:
This is one of the most brilliant stories I've read on HPFF. Although the epilogue was a bit anti-climatic, I loved your fic! It's very well written, and interesting without having typical plots such as "I'm such a klutz and I love James Potter / Al Potter / Scorpius Malfoy".

I enjoyed your fic so much I'm quite devastated that it's ended. I really do hope you will write a sequel but I don't see much chance of this happening as you haven't written anything for a year now.

Another thing I wish to congratulate you on is your OCs - Avery, Lia, Grim, Kitty and Faith. They're all so amazing and wonderful to read about. I don't normally like OCs, but I absolutely love all yours! Especially Avery.

Which brings me to my next point. I've just realised, to my horror, that Avery is a seventh year. This means even if you do write a sequel he won't be in it :(( no! Could you maybe pretend that he's really a sixth year instead? :P I'm sure no one will care about the discrepancies in that because we'd love to read more about Avery!

I do hope that you will write a sequel to this.


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Review #12, by Chloe Epilogue

9th November 2011:
Sequel? Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

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Review #13, by Chloe Al Schemes (business as usual, then)

8th November 2011:
James needs no editing. He is a wonderful prat.

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Review #14, by Chloe James Ruins Everything

8th November 2011:
Another great chapter! I liked having a look into James' perspective; it was hilarious.

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Review #15, by Chloe The Daily Prophet (is a lying liar who lies.)

8th November 2011:
(This is a review of the story so far, rather than just this chapter)

This. Is. Awesome.
This is doubtlessly one of the best next generation fanfictions I've ever read. In general, I'm not a big fan of OCs, but I love Faith and Kitty and all your other OCs so very much. Just please keep being awesome.

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Review #16, by Noname SLYTHERIN! (so far so good)

14th July 2011:
I need to log off. BEST STORY ALMOST EVAH!

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Review #17, by noname On The Hogwarts Express (om nom nom food)

14th July 2011:
I thought all along that he'd be in Slytherin! Sorta like everyone assumes Rose and Scorpius would get together. I saw this book from one of my favorite author's favorite books.

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Review #18, by * All Is Well (al is in denial)

6th May 2011:
you've outdone yourself, SG

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Review #19, by MaiWishes Epilogue

11th March 2011:
Hows my favorite Albus story coming? Haha you said you would wright more. Just came to add this to my favs because I finally made an account, Im Hermy, and to bug you about updating :D GL!

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Review #20, by ReAnna Epilogue

4th January 2011:
That Story Rocked! I dont know if you plan to right more but i think that you should write the rest of Albus's years at hogwarts cuz i want to know if he succeeds

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Review #21, by Singularity James Ruins Everything

21st December 2010:
If I didn't already love you for writing this brilliant story, I would love you now for your author's note on this chapter. I guess that means I love you double. Neville is indeed the most badass character in the Potterverse. It's refreshing to meet someone else who recognizes that.

Keep up the good fight, my friend.

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Review #22, by hi hi Epilogue

15th December 2010:
so, loved the tale, any chance of a second year?

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Review #23, by phoenixy_friend The First Day (dammit rosie, quit sucking)

13th November 2010:
Can I just say how much I love reading about Lew? He's just so laid back, and not affected by ANYTHING. He just sits there, the Hufflepuff that doesn't care about what people think.

He's awesome.

And James and Rose are not.

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Review #24, by GailGreen Bloody Hell, Finally

8th October 2010:
What happened to letters being in italics? It was so much easier to identify the difference between the letter and the thoughts of the recipient when the italics demarcated the letter.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the bit where Al and Scorpius were talking about whether they should team up. I especally laughed at the whole next Dark Lord in Hufflepuff--just so no one would suspect--thing.

And the bit about disembowling in the ladies toilet. I can just imagine how Scorpuis heard THAT story! Brilliant!

Best by far, was Al's thought about how, once people suspected you of being manipulative once, they suspected everything you said/did.

I also liked Harry's words of warning on what made a friendship, and Al's interpretation. If ANYONE was meant to be in Slytherin, Al definately was!

Author's Response: Formatting error on my part. Sorry!

The next Dark Lord also knits and keeps kittens. As test subjects.

"So there I was, innocently minding my own business in the ladies'-"
"Don't make faces. - when suddenly Harry Potter jumps out and maims me completely without provocation! That's what happened."
"Father, I suspect that you are embroidering on the truth a little."

Still, you'd think Harry "Why Yes, I Am God" Potter would be able to come up with a battle strategy that didn't involve chopping someone in half. Score's in first year and he can do Stunning Spells, yet somehow Harry Potter, who is allegedly quite good at DADA, couldn't do the same? Rubbish.

Thank you! That's exactly what I was going for - a nice, but very Slytheriny perspective.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #25, by GailGreen Al Schemes (business as usual, then)

8th October 2010:
I loved the bit with Faith and Scorpius and her essay. Again, it was a great way to portray his character a bit more. I also liked how Avery told Al not to let Faith copy his (Al's) essay, as it would teach her better time management.

Why did Al stay up so late, though? Just to see how Faith got on with it?

Author's Response: Yes, pretty much.

Thank you for reviewing!

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