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Review #1, by Lostmyheart Theatre of Stars

9th July 2014:

I've read so many of your stories, yet I haven't read this. I'm not sure how that happened, but that doesn't matter - here I am.
I've always loved your writing style, it's so... magical, in many ways. How you describe things, it's beyond my imagination how you can do that.
I mean, even when you mentioned the fish, I didn't even laugh... I was like 'I know that feeling' and then I read on.
It was such a sad story, and you're so great at those melancholy themed stories.

I've been really interested in the ship lately, and I'll probably go check out Violet's story after this :)

You'll probably won't read this, but somehow I hope you do. I hope you'll write stories again - you're too talented. Or maybe you've started writing something else. Anyway, thanks for a great read :)

- Lostmyheart


Author's Response: Thanks so much for the lovely review. I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #2, by Novadestin Theatre of Stars

24th December 2010:
I love the idea of the stars 'applauding' at the end and how you worked it in there, wonderful. Since I am not much for Next Gen, this is a new ship for me. Yet, the scenario you wrote for them is so universal that not knowing the ship -or liking it one way or the other- doesn't seem to matter. It's a story that can speak to everyone, which is great because so many stories are based too much just on the ship itself.

Even if I didn't plan on reading all your stories, this would still make me want to read the sequel - which is where I am off to now!

Author's Response: hey there!

thanks so much for yet another lovely review!! i really appreciate you taking the time to read and review my little fics xD

that was sort of what i wanted for this - for the story to be one where characters can be interchangeable, because it could be anyone in this situation. im glad you picked up on that.


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Review #3, by emmapotter Theatre of Stars

26th October 2010:
ok. Wow.

Seriously? Oh my god! This piece is brilliant! It's so poetic!

I absolutely live it!

*is speechless*

Author's Response: thank you ^_^
im pleased you liked it and thank you for the compliments!


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Review #4, by NARIS Theatre of Stars

26th September 2010:
I think the first sentence, 'She sleeps with her window open.' is just great. I'm not sure why, it's just really great. :)
This is a very poetic story, which you plainly worked on a lot, and you used pplenty of metaphors, simales and the likes; the 'ship is a unique one, not many people have done a Rose/Teddy, and,the only bad thing is.

it's too short. I want to read more, but, unfortunately, I can't, because it is so short.

Apart from that, this is a beautifully written one-shot, and, quote 'the stars applaud' you for it.

Author's Response: wow thank you!
im pleased you liked it and would you believe me if i said i wrote this very quickly? something was just working that day, lol
if you want to read more rose/teddy, visit violet gryfindor's page. she inspired me to write it ^_^
and good news - there is a sequel to this coming soon, told from teddy's perspective

thanks again hun and im pleased you enjoyed it!

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Review #5, by Cedrics Blueyed Girl Theatre of Stars

4th October 2009:
Hiya, it's jetergirl from TGS! You requested a review a while back and, like the lazy/busy person I am, I am here now =]

I really liked the idea of this story - at one point, I wrote a Lily II/Teddy, and then deleted because I thought that was just too weird. But you did this in a way where it didn't seem as weird as it is, if you know what I mean ;)

Your writing style is lovely, a pleasure to read - you come up with really interesting concepts, like with the "curtains" at the beginning and the star theme throughout.

The only CC I have is that, when you edit through, work on the tense changing. When you write in present tense, it's hard to talk about the past without making the tensing/phrasing sound awkward, if that makes sense!

All in all, though, I enjoyed it. Good job!


Author's Response: hi darling! thanks so much for the review and i apologise for taking so long to respond!
im very pleased you liked this - this is the first time i have ever written teddy.
ahh tense changes! i wrote this quickly so yeah, my editing might be a little shoddy. i shall have to have another look at it!

thank you darling!!

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Review #6, by amandatonks Theatre of Stars

11th September 2009:
My first thought as I read this was that you have such an amazing style of writing. The descriptions were absolutely brilliant! It's like you change what could be very simple descriptions into such intricate, creative ones. And the whole Rose and Teddy delimma was an interesting concept. I've never read any of your stories before, but I am really glad I decided to take a look at this one. I will definitely go and take a look at some of your other stories. :) Really well done, Majikat!


Author's Response: wow thank you so much for such a wonderful review hun - you've made me blush ^_^

i'm so pleased you enjoyed it!!

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Review #7, by scarletheartedlioness (not logged in) Theatre of Stars

4th September 2009:
I don't have much time, which is why I was glad I stumbled across this short one of yours. 'Twas simply stunning! Short and sweet, yet heartbreaking. You could really feel Rose's pain. I haven't actually read a Rose/Teddy before. Its possibilities are very interesting! Thank you for entertaining me yet again, love! =)

Author's Response: DANI!
hi darling!
thank you - im so glad you liked this!! you can blame susan (violet gryffindor) for this work - she inspired me with her beautiful teddy/rose! i really enjoyed writing this so maybe i will try the ship again!!

thanks darling!

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Review #8, by The Empress Theatre of Stars

2nd September 2009:
First of all, I adored this story, and it is joining my favorites. I love Ted/Rose, Susan's story made me want to write my own as well, but it won't be anything compared to either of these. :) This is brilliant and beautiful.

It's delicate and has a very wistfully sad feeling to it. At the same time it's heartbreaking in a terrible way. (Which is good :P) I'm terrible at expressing things when I'm speechless, for indeed I am. But the sweet sort of love that Rose has, dreaming of him, and then having her heart broken like that. I can see her as being a very dreamy sort of person here, yet broken at the end as she watches the stars she loves.

Wow Kate. Just wow. I adore this now. It's so glistening and lovely. I adore you as well you know. I love that she prepared a monologue, that she knew so perfectly how she felt that she had rehearsed exactly how she was going to convince him to love her back. Or at least admit to it. This romance has a forbidden air to it, and yet not forbidden by anyone but him. Heartachingly beautiful, gorgeous work.


Author's Response: shiloh stop making me blush!
thank you darling for such a lovely review!

i really liked writing this - id never written teddy before and im not sure how i managed with him, but rose was the focus and i love writing her! ive never written her like this before - dreamy is a nice way of putting it because she knows that what she wants, she cannot have, yet she continues to hope for it anyway.

i don't know what to say hun - i really dont! im just so so happy that you liked it!!

kate xx

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Review #9, by Elesphyl Theatre of Stars

2nd September 2009:
I'm reviewing second because Susan has dibs on first. Here's a little ramble before I begin, just to pass the time:

I'm hungry. Have you ever been really hungry but nothing in the fridge suits your taste? That's me right now, though today, admittedly, I've subsisted on two bowls of Frosted Flakes and a glass of water. I should drink more, a single glass of water isn't healthy. But oh! I want to eat raspberries. Raspberry ice cream ... yumy. Seriously, the most delicious thing on the planet. There is nothing so perfect as a raspberry. Except perhaps this one-shot.

And that, my dear, is my amazing segue into the review. So here you are. :)

Heartbreakingly beautiful. That's what this is, Kate. Heartbreakingly beautiful. An absolute masterpiece. This line: "She said she still loves me," he whispers. "She said we could be together again." It's just ... heartbreaking! And that last line, so poetically perfect. I am in awe, in total awe, of your writing. As per usual, by the way. I love that she kisses him anyways, and I love the imagery of the fire and the moth.

But my favorite line is probably this one:
He has not spoken to her since that night, and each time she sits before her mirror and brushes her hair, she rehearses what she will say to him.

Something about the image of her brushing her hair sets off a very, very strong vibe. It's absolutely entrancing, because I feel like I'm looking in the mirror with her, that my heart is too suspended on a pendulum, and that I, too, might at any moment falter and fall.

I love the chapter title, too. Theater of Stars. Beautiful, and especially beautiful because of that last line. I have absolutely no critique for you, my dear. You have truly made Teddy/Rose come alive. I bow to you.

10/10, because you are unsurpassable.
XOXO, Kalina

Author's Response: O_O

kalina!! wow. (btw i loved your random ramble ^_^)

thank you so much - you know how much i adore your writing so coming from you, this review has made me grin like the village idiot!

im pleased that this worked out ok - and that the imagery is so strong.

i don't know what else to say only THANK YOU!

kate xxx

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Review #10, by Violet Gryfindor Theatre of Stars

2nd September 2009:
It's one of those stories where, at the end, I don't know whether to be sad or happy or what. It's wonderfully vague how things will go for Teddy and Rose - you leave it up to the reader to create their own aftermath. Mine is the heartbreaking angsty version where he leaves her, but still loves her, and she's broken hearted that he's left. But the ending you have is perfect - the personification of the stars is what I love most. It's like they're applauding the drama Rose and Teddy are acting out, a drama that's been played over and over in romance - which is another reason why you don't need to say how things end between them: these situations always end in a particular way.

You work through the Teddy/Rose ship incredibly. I've only experimented with it, yet you've created a full-blown representation of it in much fewer words (just listen to the jealousy seething out of me :P). There's the brotherly feelings Teddy knows he should have for Rose. Then the somewhat forbidden nature of their love - it's not forbidden in the same way that Rose/Scorpius puts itself out to be, yet it's still there. It's an unlikely ship, but you also portray it with a certain rightness - that it's meant to be, no matter what happens between Teddy and his "she" (doesn't matter who, though I imagine either Victoire or Dominique).

The language in this is brilliant. I've said this in another review to you, but it applies here equally well. Your descriptions and imagery are so beautiful to read - they have great flow and I love getting lost in your words.

Thank you for this story! Wow, it's so amazing that my story sparked yours - but yours is much better, hands down. :D I've loved reading it and it'll have a place of honour in my favourites list. ^_^

Author's Response: aww susan! what a lovely review! thank you so much!

i am a big fan of leaving things open at the end - i don't like being told exactly what happens myself :P - i love the power of inference! your version of this ending is as mine is - to me, there is no way this could end happily for rose. he is unattainable, and she knows that, poor thing.

gosh! a full-blown representation?? wow. see thats what i think you did with Midnight Rose. id not considered teddy/rose before reading your fic. and yes, i agree - its def not like a rose/scorpius, but something else.

thank you for your lovely comments hun! i don't know what else to say only that i am so pleased you liked it!!

kate x

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