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Review #1, by Emma Chapter 13, Welcome Home

19th February 2014:
is the story over when are you writing your next chapter

Author's Response: I am currently taking a break on this one to persue my newest one. I do have a few written chapters that are ready to go and are awaiting validation by my beta before being put into que.

They will be up soon, I promise. Also check out my new one! Stirring the Serpent's Cauldron. I should have the first chapter up by the end of Juune, maybe early july. It's a Hermione/Severus FanFiction.

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Review #2, by Mia Chapter 13, Welcome Home

5th October 2013:
Could you complete this?

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Review #3, by Lovely Jane Chapter 13, Welcome Home

15th February 2013:
Please update soon! This is bloody brilliant. I am absolutely in love with this stout. The plot is very original and unique. Please update! (:

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Review #4, by Pinkpal1992 Chapter 13, Welcome Home

29th January 2013:
please make the new chapter soon

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Review #5, by LunnyLupin Chapter 13, Welcome Home

16th January 2013:
Please update, please please please! i love this story so much

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Review #6, by qtbaby88 Chapter 13, Welcome Home

8th December 2012:
aw amazing job that was so cute

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Review #7, by LadyMalfoy10141920 Chapter 13, Welcome Home

24th November 2012:
I really love this story...I can't wait until you write more to the story...It was awesome

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Review #8, by KiraPotter16 Chapter 13, Welcome Home

4th November 2012:
Got so excited when I saw this updated! Anyway, loved that chapter and the introduction of Jasone was very smooth and like him. And I can't WAIT to see how the interaction with Draco goes! :) x

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Review #9, by MadiMalfoy Chapter 13, Welcome Home

29th October 2012:
Hello there! This is a very well written story, and I appreciate your writing skills since a lot of the stories on here aren't written as well as they could be, so thank you! I love the take on this Dramione! One suggestion is to make sure when they are talking, they stay in character. I noticed Harry and Ron are a little too bullyish and such to Hermione, even when she was Hermione Granger. Just keep that in mind! Other than that, great work, I'm excited for the rest and to see where it goes! :)

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Review #10, by Slytherin_Seeker_Forever Chapter 13, Welcome Home

25th October 2012:
Omg I love your story it is the best Hermionie Zabini story ever that I have read and can't wait to read more!

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Review #11, by dracos lover Chapter 13, Welcome Home

25th October 2012:
I love your book so much please update i want to know if hermione n draco get together and how christmas goes.

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Review #12, by Leah Hathaway Chapter 13, Welcome Home

24th October 2012:
really want to know what happens next!!! brilliant writing with everything but it just seems a bit soon with the wedding perhaps?? the way you wrote it was great but seems a bit of a shock to me about all of that :P xxx

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Review #13, by i freakin love malfoy Chapter 13, Welcome Home

24th October 2012:
wow I absolutely lovew this story!!!

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Review #14, by caitlin Chapter 1: A Brand New Me

24th April 2012:
i really like it so far! i cant really think of a better way to say it!

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Review #15, by Sydster999 Chapter 12: Life in Paint

24th April 2012:
i need the next chapter. like, immeadiately. seriously. now. .now. aww, just hurry up and write!

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Review #16, by HermioneJadeZabini 

20th April 2012:
Just so everyone knows, I am waiting on my beta for chapters 14 and 15

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Review #17, by Anonymous Chapter 12: Life in Paint

3rd January 2012:
This is amazing! you are trueluu brilliant! Please update soon :D Keep up the good work (Y) rating it 9/10 because it is not done yet, and if possible can you please update more consistantly? Thanks :D

Author's Response: Sorry for the inconsistency. I get writer's block real bad. Plus I am planning my wedding, working, and going to school. It's a little rough over here, but I am trying :)

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Review #18, by KiraPotter16 Chapter 9, Masquerade

21st October 2011:
i have read what there is of this story countless times. and I only just realised that the journal entry at the beginning might not be talking about Draco! And now I'm freaking out! :)

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Review #19, by dracoisamazing2011 Chapter 12: Life in Paint

5th October 2011:
please finish im only giving a 9/10 cause its not finished but this is my favorite stories so far u write like u are a real author u brought me into the story like it was real life please finish

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Review #20, by Amulu_potter Chapter 12: Life in Paint

12th September 2011:
u really r bloody brilant!! :)
i literally cried reading abt hermione's story poor girl had to go through so much :'/
that painting she has done is awesome!!!

i did love to beta ur story but i hve never been a beta before

update soon! :)


Author's Response: you are so nice to me! email me at "jareth sara fae@ yahoo .com" (no spaces) with subject line "HPFF BETA" and we'll talk. plus, i can send you photos of her room - sorta and dresses and anything else you may want to see

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Review #21, by Jessie Chapter 12: Life in Paint

31st August 2011:
I love your story! It is proubably one of the best I have had the pleasure of reading. I hope you wright mote soon!

Author's Response: thank you for the compliment, reading these reviews always makes me smile

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Review #22, by Amulu_potter Chapter 10, Nightmares Revisited

29th August 2011:
Nightmare Revisited! god i think i m still in tht nightmare.

i really hope this dream doesnt come true both her brothers are soo sweet n protective


Author's Response: message me on aim if you have it. esaperanafae
i need you as a beta

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Review #23, by Amulu_potter Chapter 9, Masquerade

29th August 2011:

well first off u are a AWESOME writer!! really! i just love ur work
WOW Masquerade ball didnt disappoint me at all it was bloody awesome loved every bit of it

to forget a ball which was to happen tomo well its hermione! she forgets everything wen she is into a book

Tht journal entry was nice!! of course i saw the hint u hve been droping it everynow and then but i liked the way u played it to confuse us yes ur editor is right u r cruel but i know hu she means!!! YAY!! :)

The dance was brillant and the idea to disguise was cool and the use of middle names so noone will recoganise them was superb!!

I think after Hermione turned a Zabini she and drama go hand in hand lol :)

i think her nightmare will return but her knight in shining armour will save her!!

Brandon and Blaise are talking abt what i hve been guessing from the beginning!
I really hope tht the golden trio reunite will they??

i was thinking that u forgot about the Parkinson twins but no! u just had to bing them in full on like tht. they deserved wht they got i hoped they will be expeled :(

Hermione is gonna marry Draco :):)

am i right???


Author's Response: you are so far ahead of everyone my friend! let me know if you want to be a beta, im looking for one

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Review #24, by Amulu_potter Chapter 8: To Fly and To Dream

29th August 2011:
To fly. well the way u described hermiones feeling and thoughts i felt as if i was the one who was flying n not her it felt soo real!

tht dream was awefull poor girl!

draco is sweet and awesome as ever. can wait to read abt the ball!!

Author's Response: i love writing deeper feelings, i think it helps draw readers in, so to hear you say its working makes me feel awesome!

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Review #25, by Amulu_potter Chapter 7: A Day Of Girly Pursuits

29th August 2011:

Nice chap!! :) and u did justice to the girls as well as the chapter title :)

I loved the way draco asked hermione out!!! she doubts whether or not having strong emotions for draco!!! ohhh pls tht girl is head over heeel for him i just think she is hving a hard time just excepting it yet
ginny's dialogue was awesome everyone but u two knew

i loved everyones dress

as for the relationship between the lioness and the dragon its going to turn pretty well!! with the prophecy saying it and all ;)


Author's Response: i love how you dissect my chapters, it really helps and makes me feel awesome.

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