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Review #1, by --A. "The Sky is Falling."

7th August 2010:
awww! cutest v/t fic EVER!

Author's Response: Awh, thanks hun! I'm glad that you liked it. :)

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Review #2, by ginny winny "The Sky is Falling."

4th May 2010:
aw!! this is really good :)
it wasnt corny, it just just right
keep righting more like it

Author's Response: Thanks for reading&reviewing! Saying it was just right and that it's good made me smile(: I hope that my other stories match up to your standards, but I warn you, they get pretty corny hehe(: Thanks again love!

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Review #3, by -A. "The Sky is Falling."

10th March 2010:
ek!! absolutely adorable!

Author's Response: Haha, thank you for reading! and I guess eeking! :D

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Review #4, by hopelessromantic3 "The Sky is Falling."

21st September 2009:
OMG! that is so so so amazingly cute! im in love oohh, my. i cant stop smiling here! you are amazing!! ah. that was aammaazziinngg


Author's Response: Awh, that's so sweet(:

thanks for liking my story, i thought people would find it a little fluffy, but i'm glad you didn't. if you want a little more of my writings you can check out my other stories(:

Thanks again(:

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Review #5, by ohcrapidroppedmybrain "The Sky is Falling."

31st August 2009:
Aww, this was a nice bit of fluff for me which I desperately needed. I love the way you characterise Victoire- not as snooty as her mother but a little down to earth, like Bill. I can see a perfect mixture of them in her as I read this, which is nice and makes it read better. Good job!

If I could give any criticisms, I would say that you need more detail- for instance, Victoire's tea. What does it look like? Feel like? Having these kinds of details will make your story sound more believable and it will flow better. I also notice that your spacing is farther apart than what I am used to. Did you mean to do this? Because it gets a little exhausting to keep on scrolling down on the computer screen to read every other sentence. Your paragraphs are small and I think you can combine some of them to make it seem more realistic. You have a good story, but you would make it better if you had a variety of paragraph lengths. You also spelled Victoire's name wrong. If it helps, the French pronounce it veek-twar.

Besides this, the plot was great and I really wanted to know more. Teddy was one of my favorite characters too, and I could feel the chemistry between them from the beginning. Great job!


P.S: you said you wanted a banner. You can get one at the dark arts. I believe the link is on the homepage, but if it's not, you can always go to the top of the page where you see a heading labeled "forums". Click on it and scroll down to the "Help needed" section for banners and graphics. You will need to set up a free account, but once you do this you will have access to signatures, chapter images, banners, blends, and all other sorts of cool things. And if you haven't already, I would suggest setting up an account on the forums themselves. You can personal message other members on here, set up your own "Meet the Author" page, select a Hogwart's house, nominate Dobby Winners, gain popularity with your story by setting up a signature and requesting reviews (in the help needed section. I have one posted up there if you ever decide to join), talk about the HP movies and ships (I saw a Crookshanks/Mrs. Norris one up there. You don't know what to expect!), and begin your journey as a New Member until eventually, you graduate from Hogwarts (members are usually ranked New Member, First Year, Second Year, Third Year, Fourth Year, Fifth Year, Sixth Year, Seventh Year, something after that and eventually to the Staff). This is totally optional of course, but I'll leave the offer out there in case you wanted to try it =]]

Author's Response: Wow, first of all I liked to commend you because this is probably the longest review I've ever gotten. (:

Thanks for all the things that I missed, and about the spacing, sorry its so odd. I tried re-doing it a couple of times, but nothing happened. So I apologize.

Sorry about details, I wanted more the relationship of Teddy and Victorie to shine.

I'm glad that you liked my story and share the same feelings about it as well. To the banner comment, I am already signed up, I'm just patiently waiting for a banner maker.

Thanks for reading and the support, if you want to continue reading some of my work, you can read Two Wrongs make a Right.

Thanks again!(:

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