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Review #1, by HarrietHopkirk pomegranate gelato

8th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

This is beautiful! I really enjoyed reading this. It is so poetic and lovely and gaaahhh. I'm going to trawl through your author page now because I am consistently in awe of your writing, regardless of genre or characters or style. It just works.

And this is just gorgeous! I love Andromeda fics, but the ones I read usually explore her post-war experience, after she loses nearly everything. This is different, and although I was a little confused in places, I really enjoyed reading it. I loved the references to Greek mythology, the stars, the moths - Icarus? She never understood that these were not mosaics in the sky, that as high as she flew, she would not caress the bright tiles. She does not understand that she cannot touch them.

I had to read a couple of times to be certain. Andromeda, Lucius and Narcissa - Demeter, Hades and Persephone?! Help me out, here!

Anyway, even if I'm wrong, I really enjoyed reading this. Well done Gubz. ALSO LEONARD COHEN.

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Review #2, by TheHeirOfSlytherin pomegranate gelato

20th April 2011:
Wow...Intense! Loved it ^_^

10/10 and faved!

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Review #3, by Elysium pomegranate gelato

12th January 2011:
Oh wow. Gubby! This is precisely why I need to make a concerted effort in future to read more broadly on HPFF. I adore the narrative - highly poetic, and slightly disjointed (but in the most evocative and delightful way!) - style of this piece. It's precisely my favourite sort of writing :D

The repeated motif of the moth's wings, the stars - right down to the fact that Narcissa's namesake is not a star unlike the rest of the Blacks - and the beautiful way you interwove the mythological elements (really nice parallels, by the way... I never considered Lucius and Narcissa in that light but it works so well)... basically it's fabulous.

There was an eerie sort of beauty to the piece as a whole, somewhat chilling, which I suppose made it more effective in conveying Andromeda's view on their relationship.

In any case, I'm prone to rambling and probably make no sense at all! The important point is that I'm thrilled to have finally read your work and fully intend to familiarise myself with more of it :D

- Kylie

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Review #4, by angeless7fallenstarsong pomegranate gelato

20th August 2010:
This has me absolutely transfixed. All of your little metaphors were so bloody beautiful... Burning the moths' wings, Narcissa reaching out to stroke the stars, the Persephone bit... It's all so pretty...

I'd really like to have read more of this. I wish there was more of this style going around... But I guess part of what makes this so great is that it's so unique. :)

Congratulations on an exceptional piece!

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Review #5, by Amaranthine pomegranate gelato

24th March 2010:
I am in LOVE with this piece! I keep rereading it to let the poetry of the words sink in; it only gets better and better. It's dark and chilling and beautiful and now, an absolute favorite.

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Review #6, by Camilla Monet pomegranate gelato

10th February 2010:
I'm seriously ready to start bawling my eyes out (anyyy minute now!)
I love how you narrate your stories, it's so different than first or third perspective. I'm still a little shaky on second so I'm not sure if that is the perspective you use.
But I love the refrence to the Greek Gods! I love the greek myths, so much more realistic than life sometimes.
Thanks for another great story, I swear I'd die without a great story to read :)

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Review #7, by Lyn Midnight pomegranate gelato

25th September 2009:
Okay, wow. You keep getting better and better, don't you? In my book, you're now promoted from favorite author to omgiwannastalkyou author.

Seriously, that's some really strong writing, and it may sound silly, but I intend to print it out and study it. AND you wrote it all at once right? See, I know I should be jealous, but I am much too awed, so I'll just stay happy that I have another person to stalk, though I did mildly stalk you before too. Don't worry, though, I am the faithful and harmless, often helpful kind of stalker. :P

Oh, the ONLY thing that I'd change about it is reducing the many 'and-s', though it flows well with them as well.

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Review #8, by shenanigan pomegranate gelato

13th September 2009:
Oh wow.

To be honest, I had to reread this about eight times. Partly because I was so confused, but also partly because...well, I just wanted to.

You're writing is captivating. I mean, in order to fit Hades, hell, and pomegranate gelato into a fic together and still make it flow nicely... Well, only some sort of literary genius would be able to do that.

I've got to say, my favorite part would have to be the second paragraph. Something about the phrase 'gilt lies'... It's shimmering and evil and spiteful all at the same time, but I can't help but love it. And the way you smoothly intertwined Greek Mythology into the story... Amazing.

This was fantastic. If I could give it a 104/10, I would.

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Review #9, by Romina Stephanie pomegranate gelato

3rd September 2009:
I had to re-read this, because, while it's amazingly written, I was - and am to a certain extent - totally confused by this (I'm kind of hoping that it's the tiredness and still not my IQ -.-).

I absolutely love the imagery of this; as I'm sure you've already heard, this is art. The descriptions are beautiful, they're alive and they're engulfing. It felt as if I was living it - everything was incredibly real. The story of Persephone is my favourite in Greek mythology. What caught my attention was the pomegranate gelato part and I knew I'd love this. I was happy to see that you had incorporated Demeter, Persephone and Hades and even more happy with the fact that they represented Andromeda, Narcissa and Lucius respectively. You did a great job with these allusions and it was... yeah, it was just amazing, because it was spot-on.

I can't emphasis my adoration for your opening line, and closing line, enough. And you would smile, because you are Hades, and you are the reason she fell. - this is... pure perfection. It's so heartbreakingly beautiful, and sums up the relationships I imagine those three had. And how they'd end up ultimately: a resentful Andromeda, a triumphant Lucius, a naive Narcissa.

I'm rambling again. But seriously - this is hauntingly enchanting. It's art and it's amazing.

Author's Response: I knew it would be confusing; indeed, I sort of wanted it to be, so it's definitely not your IQ (and as you're a genius, it shouldn't matter anyway). Quick summary, Andromeda laments Narcissa's fall at Lucius' hands.

If "art" is "throwing random allusions and vague ideas onto Word document at eleven thirty pm and having no concrete plot and/or point," then yes, this might be considered art. But as writing is an art form, I really am pleased that you think it as such. I do think that the writing here was vivid because I was so caught up in it, having written it in one sitting and half an hour. Persephone is my new favorite in Greek mythology - her story is so chilling, and so intense that it's really a lot of fun to play around with. Pomegranate gelato was really random, actually, but it's got crisp, cool flavors and chills you, and is pomegranate, so it all works out in the end. Sort of. :P

Now, you know I'm a very modest person, but I did really like the opening and closing lines. The fic was going to be a little bit longer (not that I knew what I was doing), but when I wrote that last sentence I knew I couldn't possibly drag it out any longer. It does sum up the relationship between Narcissa and Lucius, and as it is bitter and resentful, we see Andromeda in diction. I really am happy that you appreciated it ^_^

Rambling, Steph, is always a wonderful thing. People don't ramble like they used to. But seriously - this is such a spectacular review. Coming from you, it's all the more awesome. Thank you ever so much for this! -squishes-

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Review #10, by Violet Gryfindor pomegranate gelato

25th August 2009:
My first thought when reading this was how absolutely creepy it was. Then I went back and saw that it is Horror/Dark, which means that the flesh-crawling feeling I got from reading it was intentional. There's something about Andromeda's voice that's so dark and deep - it gives me the same feeling as one of the creepier Hitchcock movies. But as it has to do with Blacks and Malfoys, that feeling fits. They are strange families, filled with darkness and destruction. This would be their existence.

What caught my attention next was the imagery. When reading, I wasn't seeing the words, I was seeing the images that the words created - butterflies and nightmares and stars and goddesses and gelato. But it's not overwhelming at all. It's a lot of imagery for a short piece, but like a poem, it carries it off in its artfulness. This type of story I would call "prosetry" because it combines both forms beautifully - poetry without the line breaks and measured beat.

The way you used Greek mythology perfectly represents the three characters and provides the backstory of their lives and how you've chosen to portray them. Andromeda as a warm loving sister (motherly Demeter); Narcissa as the girl who gets lost in the realms of the dead (the way that she actually doesn't like pomegranates was wonderfully ironic); and Malfoy the Death Eater as Hades. I loved how you could provide those three names and I knew exactly how you were characterizing the Potteverse characters. It's details like that which demonstrate your skill as a writer. ^_^

I love this and can't find anything to critique about it. Once again, Gubby, you've created a work of art. May I steal a wee bit of your talent, just for a little while? :P

Author's Response: I really didn't know how to categorize this when I was putting it up, but the only one that really clicked was "dark", so I guess in that way, yes, the flesh-crawling feeling was intentional. But otherwise, I didn't intend to creep anyone out, but it certainly is... unsettling.

The imagery was what stood out to me most, actually, more so than the tone or, indeed, even the actual subject matter. And I was worried about it having been too much for such a short piece, or if maybe the whole point of the fic would be lost, but I'm so glad that it isn't. I am actually horrible at poetry, so hearing the term "prosetry" is really surprising to me.

Everyone's been commenting on the mythology, and that is probably my favorite motif of the fic. It just sort of slipped in while I was madly writing at eleven thirty at night, and looking back on it, I do think it really fit. I'm so happy you knew what I was talking about by relating the myth personages and the characters, and even more so that it worked.

And Susan, you really don't have to ask for my talent. Yours is so superior that it's not even funny. But still, this review is just amazing and I'm so happy you liked it. Thank you so much!

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Review #11, by faerieall pomegranate gelato

20th August 2009:
This was... sensational. I saw the banner request, looking after the request arena. And then I saw you on inkstains, I just had to read it.

And I was not dissappointing.

Guh, this was stunning. The imagery, the pommegrante gelato (they're my favorite fruit!), just the concept! It was gorgeous and it's surely going onto my favorites.

Great work, but I can't really say I'm surprised.

Author's Response: Wow, I just... wow. Thank you so much! I do love pomegranates (seeds, not fruit), even if Narcissa doesn't XD But seriously, as this was whipped out in half an hour, I'm so relieved and even happier about this review! Thanks so much, Nisha!

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Review #12, by shadowycorner pomegranate gelato

17th August 2009:
Gubby! No way. Is it possible that you always amaze me more and more? Each time I read something new, I just go thinking that you simply have talent beyond compare.

What was this? It was poetic and terrifying. i love when you get terrifying in your writing. No one can chill me to the bone with mere words like you can. I loved the Greek Mythology. The story of Hades and Persephone always made me shiver, always made me feel trapped and stolen, but lured and sinfully satisfied when I imagined myself in Persephone's skin.

The words you always use...'tiles of the stars', honestly, just stop ripping my heart to shreds already. i always get fever when reading your darker stories. And when there's lust and passion involved as well, oh just dig me a grave, because I always die a little due to the way you so fantastically carry it all out.

You know, out of all the great and wonderfully talented authors, I have to say I admire you the most. 'tis just the truth.

Still. Just wow at this short piece. O.O You managed to stun me through what? 600 words? zomg, i am way too much under your charm, i swear.

Yeah, basically I just wanted to say that I loved this. Very much.

Author's Response: The problem is that my talent is considerable, at best, and incredibly miniscule when compared to someone of your talent. But I really can't tell you how flattered and honored I am and how much I absolutely adore this review.

I don't know how this fic became the way it is; it just happened, but I'm really quite pleased with the result. And when I started writing, building off Kalina's prompt, the myth just sort of slid in to the writing. I've always been fascinated with mythology, and recently, with Persephone's story - it is horrible and terrifying but, as you said, almost sinfully satisfying when you look at it from Persephone's point of view.

Of everything in this fic, I think I like the star mosaic thing the least :P But I'm so, so happy you liked it so much, and I assure you that I don't want to rip your heart to shreds. Although I have to say, I like my darker stories better, too; and with reviews like these, I'm dying a little, too.

But really, what am I supposed to say to that? I am nothing compared to you guys, but that I could ever compare to all of these wonderful authors... and... ugh, what am I supposed to say to that? Can I say anything at all? No. So we'll leave it at that.

I can't thank you enough, Liz, you are the hugest inspiration and an amazing friend. My heart stopped for a second when I first saw this review. Thank you.

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Review #13, by MajiKat pomegranate gelato

17th August 2009:

why oh why have i not read your work before?? where have i been?

sleeping, thats where.

goodnes gubby! this is incredible! ive read it about ten times and each time, the poetry of it does not diminish. its simply beautiful writing darling - such strong, incredible and tragic imagery! i love the repetitive motiffs throughout this - the moth, the stars, and oh! loving the references to myth ^_^

very clever. and very fitting. perfect casting by the way!

thank you for this lovely piece of heaven! i enjoyed it immensley and i shall be stalking your authors page as often as possible!!

kate xx

Author's Response: -blushes profusely- Coming from you, Kate, this review is absolutely incredible. I mean, if it were from anyone else, I'd still be floored - but considering your reputation and how amazing you are, it's all the more amazing. I really, really can't thank you enough. I can't believe you, of all people, are saying this about something I whipped out in half an hour. I think I like the moth and myth best - moth, because I think it's such beautiful tragic imagery, and myth because I'd been wanting to do a Persephone-inspired fic for awhile now. If by casting, you're referring to characters, that was Kalina's doing; and if you're referring to the banners, that was Rita and Kalina, so I can't take credit for either, but yeah XD Again, I really, really, really don't have the right words to express how absolutely floored I am by this review. But I suppose "thank you" would be a good start, so: THANK YOU!

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Review #14, by Indigo Seas pomegranate gelato

15th August 2009:
Here as requested! ^.^

Goodness, this was just... beautiful. Really, truly, beautiful. I mean, there are only so many stories on HPFF that are poetic and dreamy and just... a great read. This is definitely one of them. The style was just magnificent, and so... refreshing! I've never read anything like it before! Ever. So kudos to you for writing such a thing.

I think my favorite line would have to be: "Bring me back a star, bring your captor, your Hades, a star." Like I said earlier, this whole piece was just very poetic, and this line, in my opinion, highlights that. So great, great job on that.

It was short, but I don't feel like you left anything out. The flow was good. I also really enjoyed all the Greek references thrown in there. That added a lot for me. And the chapter title! Ha. That made me laugh. :) You tied everything together, which was great.



Author's Response: Oh, Rin! Thank you so much, I was so iffy about this piece, you have no idea. Seeing this review really made my day. Especially because you appreciated the style, and that line! One of my favorites, it was, after the first line and the last. I was also worried about it being too short, about not having touched on everything, so that it wasn't makes me feel a whole lot better ^_^ As for the Persephone references, I'd been meaning to write something with that motif for a long time, so when I realized that Narcissa was a Persephone figure, I threw it in along with the moth. The chapter title made me giggle, too XD Seriously, though, this review was lovely, and I really am happy that you liked it!

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Review #15, by Elesphyl pomegranate gelato

15th August 2009:
You always amaze me. Every single time. Never mind that it's 500+ words, it's beautiful. Possibly one of the most beautiful pieces of short fiction I've ever read. And because I am as repetitive as a cat's meow, I must again cite how beautiful this line is:

There is no fun in burning a moth's wings without an open window watching.

It's so singular! So captivating, so haunting! I would die for that line, Gubby, because it's so poetically you. The imagery of the moths throughout is absolutely entrancing. I cannot express much more how much I liked this. You've brought mythology together with my meager prompt - and you have the lyricism of a young Virginia Woolf within you, my dear. :)

I'm astonished that you were able to pull this out of my silly little prompt. Needless to say, your genius is boundless. I loved it. It was, in one word, divine.

Make of that what you will. ^_^
XOXO, Kalina

Author's Response: Is there a reason you continue to inflate my sizable ego? Every time I've read this review (and I've read it a lot) I feel shocked into silence. The moth's wings line was actually edited just before I put it up - before it was "without providing an open window," which was much clunkier, I think. But you absolutely cannot die; what are the rest of us mortals to do without you? Nor can you compare me to Virginia Woolf (no matter how much I detested To the Lighthouse, it was beautifully written); I don't deserve it.

I am so grateful for this prompt. I was iffy at first, but it was so nice to get out of my comfort zone and do something that's actually short, and that I actually quite love. Thank you so much, for everything. Even if I can't thank you enough.

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Review #16, by SnitchSnatcher pomegranate gelato

15th August 2009:
Wow - just wow. There is only one word for this - perfection. I loved the poetic nature of the words, and the fact that Andromeda is the one narrating the piece. And the repetition of the moth. . .I mean. Wow. I'm at a loss for words, if I'm being completely honest. Just when I thought you couldn't get any more amazing, you whip out this fantastic piece - and in a half hour as well! That's just not fair! However, I must thank you for writing this. It's inspiring and heartbreaking all at the same time. Great job, Gubby!

Author's Response: Molly - oh, my God. You really picked up on everything, didn't you? The prompt itself was (and I quote) "Andromeda, detached from her family as she is, calls out to Lucius. He's destroying her sister's livelihood and thus the family. She knows Narcissa is not evil, just naive." So I hope that, in this little work, I managed to convey that. I really can't believe this was done so quickly either, but I really am relieved and tremendously happy that you enjoyed it. Thank you ever so much!

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Review #17, by llyralen pomegranate gelato

15th August 2009:
Like I said in my PM Gubby, this fic was sublime. No words can describe it but I can try.

It felt sensual, sinful, nectarine, velvety, smoldering, lulling, drawing, smokey and dimly lit.


Author's Response: There are no words that I can think of that might communicate how grateful, honored, and humbled I am to receive this praise. From you, of all people. So thank you for everything, Rita. I truly am honored.

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