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Review #1, by oliverwoodssecretlover Battlefield

2nd September 2011:
I really liked that! It was short & sweet, not an epic romance story that drags out for years. What else have you written that I can go read? (:

Author's Response: Thanks! I'd suggest you take a look at my author's page and see what you're interested in :)

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Review #2, by SimplyStupified77 Battlefield

15th March 2010:
aww that was great! it's getting harder and harder to find good James/Lily stories these days, but yours are always great! 10/10!

Author's Response: Aww thank you :) I really appreciate it.

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Review #3, by xaverri Battlefield

31st August 2009:
Really great story. Loved it - great one-shot about Lily and James - then went to listen to Battlefield AND IT'S AWESOME and then I read your story over again and it's completely spectacular with the song. It's just the best song-fic I've ever read. Love the portrayal of the two's relationship in here too. I'd totally read it if you put up another:D annnd I think you've just made me want to go hunt down more Lily and James fics:)

- anne -

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so ahppy you like "Battlefield." Some of my friends think it sounds horrible, so I had to prove them wrong... somehow. Haha. But it's always good to hear someone agrees with me :) I have a few more James/Lily one-shots up on my page, if you'd like to check those out, along with two completed James/Lily stories. And seriously, go read those James/Lily fics! My absolute favorite ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by sreduaram Battlefield

29th August 2009:
i really love this one shot because its so different, its their disliked of each other while/after they were dating. i also love how you've written it. It just works how you've only referred to them as "he" or "she". and of course the ending is just really sweet, without being too clich or sappy. so overall, wonderful one-shot!

Author's Response: Thank you :) I'm glad that you liked it so much.

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Review #5, by glacialangel Battlefield

21st August 2009:
I've actually been waiting for someone to use this song in a one-shot. It's perfect and such a good song. =] And I love the one-shot also. It's amazing, as usual. I like the whole setup; it made it seem as if they actually were on a battlefield. It gave the whole story a very desperate, edgy feel to it. The characterizations were spot-on. You manage to give a total different prespective while staying true to what we know of their characters. I love it. =]

I also really need to go check out Then & Now. I've been meaning to but sooo busy! I'll make time though. And just out of curiousity, when do you predict a CTD update?

Author's Response: Yes it's an absolutely wonderful song :) The first time I heard it, I knew I had to do something with it. Haha. Good luck with all your work! I know how it feels to be busy and it really isn't a good feeling :( Take your time! And as for CD, I'm still stuck on the tenth chapter. I'm in this situation where I know what's going to happen but I have trouble writing about it. I'm still gonna try though, but since school has begun, I don't know if I can promise a speedy update. Thanks for sticking with me, glacial! :) I really appreciate it. Much love!

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Review #6, by Megan and Charly love HP Battlefield

16th August 2009:
*gaps* Oh. My. God. that was so super cute I want to go and read it again! You did an amazing job on this story! PLEASE PLEASE *Begs on knees* PLEASE write more Lily n James stories! I SWEAR I'll read them all! *claps and loads of cookies* -Charly

Author's Response: Thank you :) I actually do have quite a few other James/Lily stories out. Go check them out if you wish.

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Review #7, by Paige_____Quirks Battlefield

15th August 2009:
Wow, that was really something. Personally, I usually dislike James/Lily fanfictions, purely because they're always so generic, so plain and bland. But this has opened my eyes, how cliche it sounds when I use the phrase, to meaningful Lily/James, and after consideration, I think I may write one myself.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad I inspired you! :D James/Lily fics are always fun... but then again, I'm a tad biased. Haha.

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Review #8, by disgirl0 Battlefield

14th August 2009:
OMG!! i loved it!! very sad but cute!! loved how u wrote this one shot!! it made my heart ache when theirs did too!!

Author's Response: Thank you :) I'm so happy that you liked it.

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Review #9, by Lili Evans dotcom Battlefield

14th August 2009:
Nice! I really liked the way you always talked about the charactors in third person, rather than saying "James did this" , or "Liy said that". It really darkened the atmosphere and made it beautifully tense and angsty. Really good. :)

Author's Response: Thanks!! This was the first time I tried something like that, so I'm glad it worked out :)

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