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Review #1, by Drunaforever New Beginnings

31st March 2012:
Aha, I saw this story and knew that it would be another fantastic piece of art, and I wasn't disappointed! Though I personally prefer Draco/ Luna, you made this story really great the way it is and I love it!

Author's Response: Glad you like it!! XD You make me smile!!

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Review #2, by NightCrimson New Beginnings

23rd February 2012:
I like this story.. Nice plot.. Especially the marriage and the babies in the end..:):)
One suggestion: Edit your work because there a quite a few spelling mistakes
Otherwise, the story's good:)

Author's Response: Yeah, I always use to rush through them but with my recent stories I've been working so hard on grammer and spelling and etc so it takes so long!! Someday I will go back and edit all of them, hopefully! Glad you like it though! = )

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Review #3, by NightCrimson The Beginning

22nd February 2012:
I was so surprised! Hermione leaving Harry with a child! :O:O
I still can't get over that..o.O
It's just so weird but in a good way..:)
Harry and Luna and Seth are really cute..:D

Author's Response: Glad you like it! XD

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Review #4, by DracoGal New Beginnings

1st January 2012:
Awe!! This was another amazing story!! I still can't get over how awesome your writing is!! I can't believe how selfish Hermione was and how she hated Seth!! She hadn't even met him!! I do love the Harry/Luna pairing!! :D

Author's Response: I love Harry-Luna too! XD Glad you like it and thanks for the compliments, you make me smile!!

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Review #5, by terry New Beginnings

4th April 2011:
That was the best chapter ever.

Author's Response: glad you like it!! = )

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Review #6, by terry Finding My Way Home

25th February 2011:
I hope the next chapter comes out soon.

Author's Response: Glad you like it! Hopefully it will!! = )

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Review #7, by terry Finding My Way Home

25th February 2011:
Great chapter. Love this story. It is really good!

Author's Response: Thanx for reviewing! I'm glad you love it!! More to come! = )

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Review #8, by the pretty reckless Problems Ensured

22nd February 2011:
hi, i really like this hermione going to help?- please update this one soon(aswell as: new wounds, jack frost and my twin...)

Author's Response: Yeah, working on updates this week (Mid-Winter Break, gotta love all the free time!) This story is all sort of Hermione-bash (every one bashes everyone else except her it seems!) so I make no promises that she will help!...but I do promise the story WILL have a happy ending! Glad you like this one (and it seems like all the rest of my stories) more to come!! = ) thnx for reviewing!

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Review #9, by datbenik513 Of Bookstores and Death Eaters

14th December 2009:
A few corrections beforehand.
"Phoenix Ash inside" I think you should change it to "phoenix core" or "phoenix heartstring".
"cart venders" should be "cart vendors"
"I set my book a side" should be "I set my book aside".

This chapter adds a few interesting traits to Luna. Normally, in canon, Tonks is depicted as the clumsy one. Luna is "otherwise" strange :D It was fun to read it, big fun.

Also, I liked that there was at least some chemistry between Harry and Luna. That "hug" thing and the like. I love that girl.

Finally, Seamus. he wouldn't be himself without a good shot of good ol' whiskey, ain't it right? This opens up a nice little possibility for you to tell us something more about the years "in between".

Going strong, a highly enjoyable story!

Author's Response: Glad to hear so! and again, thanx a ton! = )

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Review #10, by datbenik513 Being Harry's Son

14th December 2009:
This was amazing. The whole chapter like one big monologue; thirteen years told in a nutshell by Seth himself.

Having a world famous father is not an easy thing to handle. I really feel his frustration, his wish to be accepted as himself and not the "son of". You did a marvellous job depicting the woes of this troubled teenager mind.

I'm slightly disappointed that Luna is only "Luna". No romance between the two?

Check your "where"-s, there's quite a few of them :D

The last sentence was simply brilliant.


Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! and, again, thanx for the picky-ness! = )

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Review #11, by datbenik513 The Beginning

14th December 2009:
Before I started reading this story, I quickly scanned through your other writings. I understand that Hermione is your favourite character and you're kind of experimenting with pairing her up with different people.

I have mixed feelings about this first chapter. Even treating this story as AU, in the beginning I felt rather un-Hermione-ish from her to throw away her newborn child just like that. On the other hand, she'd been through many, many awful things in the past years and the war, and she might have developed some kind of PTSD, so... well... it happened. I can imagine that she wouldn't have left, had she not seen Luna with Harry.

That was a very awkward, painful scene and it was written very well.

The question is, how Harry's going to handle this situation. Is he old enough to be a father?

Furthermore, I liked that Harry took care of Luna after her tragedy. I expect, no, rather hope, that they'll develop a romantic relationship in the future.

There were quite a few typos in the text. You consequently wrote "where" instead of "were", the Simple Past form of "to be".

"Barley above a whisper" should be "Barely..."
Finally, your dialogue structure.
"'Seth James Potter.' She said," should read "'Seth James Potter,' she said,"
"Sorceress" is a female wizard, I'm pretty sure Harry doesn't qualify for being one :D You might want to consider changing this.
Sorry for being nitpicky, but I'm doing this only to stories I like :D

This Hermione/Harry/Luna triangle is interesting, although the story itself is about Seth. I do hope we'll see more of them though.

An intriguing begin to an interesting AU story I will be following up with! Good job!


PS. May I recommend my story, Shadowlands, which is also a Hermione/Harry/Luna triangle, to your attention?

Author's Response: Hermiones actually not my favorite character, just the easiest to write, I actually perfer Luna to be honest. thanx for being picky, it does help a lot! = )

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Review #12, by crystal The Beginning

12th December 2009:
AW! That's sooo sweet!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! more to come! = )

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Review #13, by em The Beginning

12th October 2009:
Hurry up with chapters!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! I'm working more so on where I want the plot to go - but I promise I will get a chapter up before the end of the year!

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Review #14, by Chiller Being Harry's Son

17th August 2009:
Cool story, definately go on writing

Author's Response: Thanx! And I will! = )

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Review #15, by DeliaDee The Beginning

14th August 2009:
I guess you decided to change the first chapter? I'm assuming so since you didn't write an author's note explaining what happened. I really liked the last first chapter. It caused me to become instantly enamored with Seth. So, are you starting from the beginning this time or is this more like a prologue? At any rate, I look forward to finding out what the next chapter will be.

Author's Response: Yeah, I switched it up but I didn't really think anyone would notice since there wasn't that many reads yet. I decided that I didn't like how I wrote Hermione, she was just to out of character for my liking, and I couldn't think of a way to fix the chapter to keep it the same so I just scratched and re-started. I will be throwing in Seth's POV in the chapters to come, so you will get to know his character like in the first draft, but I just wanted a good base for the beginning and for my plot line. I hope you keep reading and thanx for the review! = )

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