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Review #1, by Violet Gryfindor 3

19th July 2011:
I've meant to review this much, much sooner, but I was never able to find enough time to give it the kind of review it deserves. Even now I don't know how to put into words my admiration of your work - after reading other stories, both here and elsewhere, I return to your writing with greater respect for your talent, which is an amazing talent.

You know how to write people as they are, flawed and real and full of life - they step off the page, their voices clear and ringing, their actions natural. Even Dumbledore, who I know you dislike, you write perfectly - you captured him like very, very few can, all those contradictions of his personality that make him mystifying, if frustrating. Sirius is still your best character - you get right inside of his head and understand him better than anyone else ever has. You also make him the perfect match for Lily. James is good, well-written and a "good man", but he's not as interesting as Sirius (so I can't blame Lily for her choice here one bit - I'd happily steal your Sirius from her any day). They have one of those relationships that is intensely complicated, with a great depth to it, especially suited to Sirius's characterization. In other words, I love how you write them together.

It's not fair how perfect your writing is. It's probably why I put off reading your new updates until I'm well in need of something of your high calibre. ^_^

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Review #2, by Noblevyne 3

21st June 2011:
Dumbledore is a hard character to write, there's so much you have to keep in mind - and he always talks in riddles in the book, never giving much away. I think you've managed him beautifully - he's wise, sceptical, whimsical and just a little bit vicious.

Again, I can't give you enough praise for how you've handled James and Sirius' relationship. They're my favourite relationship in the book I think, so I am always thankful when someone gets it right. And you do them great justice.

I really hope yo find time and inspiration to continue this Linda, I'd love to read more. I think you're building the tension superbly and really fleshing out the characters well.

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Review #3, by Noblevyne Uneven Odds

21st June 2011:
Onto the action! You are so good at balancing all the elements of a story: action, dialogue and character development; and you manage to give light even to the angstiest of stories (not a word, is angstiest, my computer informs me - it is now).

I'm very much liking how you're writing the interplay between the Marauders and NOT giving poor Pete the dumb stick to play with. James is great - strong, but in a very different way to Sirius, and he plays well off of him. Your writing for Remus is like a comfortable bed to slide back into - even though this is only the second chapter, you've managed to say a lot about them with few scenes.

Loving Sirius and Lily - I can't explain why, but you make them believable, which is what I appreciate most in a story, especially when it veers away from canon and my own favourite 'ships. It isn't forced, it isn't fluffy, it isn't easy and it's truthful.

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Review #4, by Noblevyne 1

21st June 2011:
It's been a long while since I've read any fanfiction. A very long while - so I thought, where better to start again than with someone I can trust with a story and characters I love to read about?

You haven't let me down, this is a great start and I have missed your Sirius very much. And your fiery, complicated Lily who isn't just palmed off to the sidelines and is given breadth and depth as always. You know I love James and Lily, but I enjoy how you write her, and how organic you make her relationship with Sirius.

And I love Sirius - I love that he's troubled and guilt ridden, unable to find happiness because he feels he doesn't deserve it.

Cracking start, off to the next chapter now!

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Review #5, by clowsan 3

4th January 2011:
Aw, Sirius is worried. It's wonderful how you are able to make such a tense scene just enough fluffy.

As always beautiful writing. I can't wait for the next chapter

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Review #6, by clowsan 1

4th January 2011:
I just finished reading "Reckless" and was hoping for something lighter but hell, with this type of writing I'll be gladly reading angst all the time.
I love the way you portray Sirius and Lily's relationship so very raw and passionate and beautiful. Sirius with his issues and such it is very realistic. I love this line "Sometimes he found his friendship with her impossible. She never listened when he warned her, never trusted his instincts on what was safe, never believed that his being a Black was reason enough for her to stay far away.
And then there were these times. Moments after the danger had passed and he knew he wouldn't trade her for anything in the world." This is superb writing. Please do continue

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Review #7, by AndrinaBlack 3

5th December 2010:
I have to start from the end of the chapter, by saying that I love it how you write the danger into the Sirius/Lily relationship. I think it's in all of your stories with them, how Sirius' family is a danger for Lily and he's always so worried about her. It really gives something more to the dynamic in the relationship, although it already works without it too. Great to read a proper Sirius/Lily scene from you again!

James. First I thought, poor James, but then I was about to hit him when he burst in in the middle of the important conversation. Anyway, I like the way you write Sirius and James' discussions together. They really seem to know each other well and trust and defend each other to the end, like they should from what we know about their friendship.

And Dumbledore. You write him as the more annoying and not so fluffy kind of Dumbledore. And I do understand that because sometimes he is really annoying in the books too. I can also understand that Sirius has a somewhat different relation to him from Harry. Sirius is more of someone who wants to keep his own things to himself and act independently. Not that Harry doesn't do that too but he seeks more advice anyway.

So, well that analysis means that I enjoyed the chapter once again. Keep it up and don't be shy to post. This is a great story so far!

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Review #8, by Ravenclaw333 3

3rd December 2010:
Really enjoying this story! I love your depiction of Sirius: he's so believable and realistic, and you're building the atmosphere of fear and danger in the leadup to war brilliantly. Looking forward to the update!

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Review #9, by Violet Gryfindor Uneven Odds

28th November 2010:
Wow. Again, I'm wowed by your skill in writing such an emotionally fraught story. The detail in this is fantastic, from the dust in the Shrieking Shack to the people in the bar, it's fantastic. I was there in the story, watching it all and feeling it, too. The details you included for the characters themselves was also stunning. They emerged from the page, fully-formed, and this only added to the atmosphere and feeling of the story.

I'm most interested in your portrayal of Sirius here. It's a little different from in your other stories, I think, especially in his relationship with the other Marauders and his frustration with them. They're not a group anymore, their own personal problems overshadowing their friendship, and its Sirius who feels it most. However, he's still a perfectly canon Sirius, rebellious and pushing the limits to the extreme, very suited to his time. His emotions drive the story in an amazing way.

I really enjoyed reading this. Well-worth the wait.

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Review #10, by Georgia Weasley 3

28th November 2010:
Another excellent chapter. I love that you depict Dumbledore as an actual man with faults rather than the saint-like leader everyone follows blindly. Sirius' attitude is justifiably rude and irritable, and I think the tension between him and James is brilliant. I enjoyed seeing them interact as true brothers, bickering and disagreeing, rather than the adolescent Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum we are usually subjected to. As much as they understand each other, there are still things nobody gets about Sirius. That frustration is palpable, as well as his fear of losing those he loves just because of his family. The attention to detail overwhelms me again, from the $4000 bottle of scotch to the antiseptic smell of the cures Lily uses to cover her injuries. I would love to see an original story from you, girl. YOU got skills!~GW

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Review #11, by Georgia Weasley Uneven Odds

28th November 2010:
Again, the attention to detail here is so fantastic. That Sirius noted Lily's change in wardrobe and difference of attitude so quickly, bringing him to sudden awareness of the danger in the pub, was brilliant. I also like the dynamics of the Marauders in this. It is more realistic and original to have them bicker within the group instead of being the Three Musketeers minus Peter we see so often. With so many strong personalities, there had to be some disagreements, regardless of their love for one another. Also, the total disregard Sirius has for the girls in the bar and his talents in seduction are done without the 'playboy' attitude he usually sports in fanfic. In short, you've created a real person instead of a caricature of Sirius Black. I can see why you love him so much. I think I do, too!~GW

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Review #12, by Georgia Weasley 1

28th November 2010:
Good lord, how have I missed this story? It is fantastic to wade through the stuff we read on the queue and then come upon something like this written with an eye for detail by a truly skilled author. There is so much I love about this chapter, from the emotions you infuse into Sirius to the characterization of Lily, and then the relationship between the Brothers Black. It is realistic and raw, the fear and frustration they both feel when confronted with the other. Regardless of the situation, they do still care for each other. You bring the reader into the situation, and I could feel the struggle within Sirius as he worried about his relationship with Lily and his fear that it would be the death of her. I can't wait to read more. Excellent beginning. ~GW

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Review #13, by AndrinaBlack Uneven Odds

17th November 2010:
Sirius/Lily!!! Yay! I've been hoping that you haven't abandoned this story, so I was happy to see there was an update! I don't know what it is; you plus Sirius plus Lily or something, that makes the beginning of this story awesome and I'm already sure I'm going to like this story.

There is something about how you write the dynamic in the Sirius/Lily relationship and how you write Sirius and the atmosphere that makes me really like this. I love how Sirius is being really chivalrous to everyone and at the same time a bit rude and just using this slytherin girl for his own needs.

There was a little mistake that I noticed: "His alliance with Death Eaters not only gave them an excuse to finally get even it was like a free pass to strangle the git with their bare hands." I think you're either missing a word or some punctuation there between even and it.

I don't really know what else to say. I loved it! Oh and I hope his not getting beaten up, though I'm afraid he will be.

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Review #14, by Quazie89 1

1st April 2010:
Sounds like this could be antoher great story! I'm interesting in seeing what happens next. I hope you continue!

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Review #15, by spinx 1

15th September 2009:
Oh.oh, oh, oh.

I am so very glad that I decited to check on you tonight. Even though I actually came to reread another story of yours-finding this new one instead was a pleasent surprise.

A very pleasent surprise indeed.

I'm so glad that you havn't given up on Sirius and Lily after all (the young versions that is...). You are, after all, the one who made me like them so much.

And well-what can I say, even after all this time, and the high quality your stories have reached-you've actually gotten better. That is a surprise, somehow.
Don't know why, but I didn't really expect it.
But even more so is your ability (talent) to still keep this as fresh after all this time. It still feels as though you're writing your very first story- taking care of everyone and everything.

There is still this eager energy to show something new, something different.

You always approach them (Sirius, Lily and everybody else for that matter...)on a different level, which is simply fantastic.(I just can't get over that) Even more so are your interpretations and your vivid scenesetting.
It's a bit hard to explain.but whenever I start reading one of your stories, it never feels awkward, forced or unsettling.
Never wrong or misplaced- not even for a word- a sentence.

I simply never feel like reading fanfiction with you, but rather like reading what naturally belongs to HB universe.

To make one thing very clear though---you are, by far, worlds ahead of JK and her meager romance attempts.
(I know of course, that HP was never meant to be that sort of story anyways)

But that's not all I meant with the above comment.

See, I am not into romance-usually- but you just write that stuff so good, with an actual killerstory to back it up (and more), that it's really hard not be pulled in by it.

Not that your stories are just romance of course!!! Please, do not believe, even for a minute, that I am that shallow not to notice the care and attention you put into everything else beside that one part!

Emotions however--bringing people together, making them react and interact simply jumps out first.

This just may be your strongest point-well, right now I couldn't even come up with even the slightest of weaknesses on your part anyway.

Trust me---I know just how bootlicking my words sound right now-but theyre everything but that. I know how tiring those "Oh, you're so great!", sentences can be, especially when I see them thrown on a bad story.

But the thing is---I've known your work for quite some time now. And NO-- I do not read fanfiction alone. Not to say that there arn't some really great (rare) fanfiction authors out there. But you- you've simply surprised me with your rapite growth of skill in this short period of time.

I'm not the type of person to review a story I don't like---never done that---but with you.well.I just have to put down those lenghty reviews for you.

And believe me when I say that I'm not a very emotional person myself, not teary eyed or heartfluttering when confronted with cheesy romance.

And so many writers have that one very wrong. For most of them- even the pros- romance equals emotion. There is more than romance, more than trying to get that one solving kiss, which, by magic, makes everything else disappear.

Your stories are dark, dirty, real, gripping-unforgiving.
The characters are neither perfect nor do they seem to follow a prescribed route. What they think is not what they end up doing. Which is one the most refreshing things you've got going for you.

How many times have I experienced characters who strictly follow every though in their mind. It is simply unrealistic. Real people arn't like that.
Just because I decide something with all my willpower doesn't mean that I end up doing it (most of the time).

It's just one the things you're really good at. Keeping the reader surprised and guessing. Letting gestures speak rather than words.

Well-not to say that you're not good with that too.

I just don't think that you can get any better with dialogue even if you tried to.


Well-believe it or not, I'd actually like to write an even longer, BIGGER review---but I really fear for your eyes.(my post will be hard to read anyways---I just kept jumping from one point to the other---but hell---I was just that excited ;t)

To sum it all up!

You're a better writer than JK by far.(She is a genius in terms of ideas and suspense- no denying that---skillwise however, you outdo her [and alot of other prowriters as well] by far)

You have style, good ideas, great settings, fantastic dialogue, amazing characters, depth, grip, a certain distance.I could go on for another hour at least!

Which brings me to my one and only question-just how the hell does a person manage not to get involved with your characters? (emotionally)

You're a great writer---period. I doubt that there'll ever be another bad piece of you (the only ones I didn't like being your very first two stories).

Keep on writing---it would surely keep me happy and smiling.

(I know how obsessed and fangirlish this whole review may sound- trust me. But it's really not meant to be that way. I didn't mean to praise you without thought- or to praise just so you would write more of this rare pairing---you're simply that great of a writer-the only one Ive ever bothered to follow, and still keep track off---the only one that ever got those long reviews and praises. The only one who really deserves it.)

(Its 3 am at my place right now--- Im sure you can tell by my ramblings!!!)

Author's Response: Wow. I think your review is longer than my chapter! Thank you so so much for the wonderful, kind review. I've been a bit disheartened with my writing lately and it was so wonderful to come home to a review as kind as this. Thank you tremendously for taking the time to write such warm words.

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Review #16, by live_laugh_LOVE 1

24th August 2009:
oh. very intense!!! Please update!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #17, by Lizzie 1

19th August 2009:
Ah another Lily/Sirius fic. I love these, the way Lily is around Sirius and the way they are together is just heartwarming really. They seem to understand certain things about each other which most don't and I always love stories which show that Sirius wasn't a complete ass towards Regulus and still had hope for him yet.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I hope I'm able to show Regulus and Sirius both in a separate but good light through this story :)

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Review #18, by AndrinaBlack 1

15th August 2009:
That meeting between Sirius and Regulus was brilliantly done and really emotional! What I like best about it is the way they interact and how their childhood knowledge of each other mixes with the present to show more how they really care about each other. I just realised that a lot of your characters are shown in how they interact with Sirius because you write Sirius so much, but this way you get the characters really right. At least they seem to me just how they should be. But, back to Sirius and Regulus, it really feels heartbreaking to see them so close but unable to really show how they feel.

I like the line: "No way, Lils. I'm not playing 'let's dissect Sirius Black' with you tonight." They do that occasionally in your stories, don't they? And I like those moments, because they often show what Sirius and Lily's relationship is like at the moment and what they think about each other. And in a way this still comes here although he says that, though more in his mind. I love this one as well: "Fitting, he thought, that the woman that could best calm him had infused herself with a calming herb." Just because it's humorous and made me chuckle.

The talk about the scarlet moon gives a nice touch of mystery to the story and of course connects the first chapter nicely to the title. And I love it in the end how Sirius is still his careful self when they kiss and tries to protect Lily so much from himself and his enemies.

What a great start of a story again! I'm happy to see you are writing a Sirius/Lily once again and I can't wait for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: *hugs* Thank you so much, hon! You always write the sweetest reviews and I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to review for me. Thank you!!!

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Review #19, by DarkLadyofSlytherin 1

14th August 2009:
I absolutely love how dark and sweet this chapter is. I never pictured Sirius to so dark and brooding, but I rather like that he is in this fic. I also really like that Lily doesn't care that Sirius wants nothing more than to shelter her from the hate and pain Voldemort and the coming war will bring, while she only wants to keep - by the sounds of it - a man she truly cares for (maybe even loves) safe.

I'm one of those people who loves as much detail as possible, and while I was reading this I wasn't quite sure where it was taking place. All I can gather is that it is somewhere with a wooded area, and a pub (so I would imagine a town or village). My instincts tell me they are in Hogsmeade, but without being told so much, I really can't be sure.

I really hate (and love) that Sirius is pushing Lily away when all I want to see him do is let himself be loved the way he rightly deserves. Bah! Boys! lol

Great chapter, and I can't wait to read more. There is more right? :D

Author's Response: Oh, thank you for such a kind, thoughtful review! I actually left the location open on purpose. I couldn't decide if I wanted it to be Hogsmeade or somewhere else that I'll use later in the story so I purposefully took out some identifying markers. Amazing that you picked up on that!

I appreciate you mention the way Sirius treats Lily too. It's been quite awhile since I've written them so it's nice to hear that it came out the way I intended.

Thanks again for the kind review! *hugs*

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Review #20, by goodbyetoyou 1

14th August 2009:
this was such a great start, timeturner. Normally I'm a strictl canon type of girl, but when I saw Susan recomending it, I decided that it wouldn't hurt to read. Not to mention that I love your other stories. The relationship between Sirius and Lily, even at this point of the story, is far more convincing than most of the James/Lily stories I have read. I shall keep watch on this! ;D


Author's Response: Aw, Susan is so sweet to recc it. I'm so glad you gave it a shot, it's definetly not canon which, for me, is a really odd thing to be writing. But I'm glad you stopped by and enjoyed what you read. Thanks for taking the time to review it and offer your support!

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Review #21, by JLHufflepuff 1

14th August 2009:
I'm so glad you posted this. The first section is my favorite simply because of all the angst and relationship issues present. I love the way you depict the two brothers, as well as the atmosphere of danger with Death Eaters lurking nearby. I think what really amazes me about this part is the characterization of Regulus. You show him as the evil, nasty Death Eater, but I get the sense of his existing love for his brother and desire to protect him even though they don't share the same loyalties. It's that kind of emotion that could build up to him doing what we know he did.

I love the way Lily can understand Sirius so well. The painful, conflicting emotions he feels because of her are just amazing to me. You convey them perfectly, and they just make me go all gaga fangirlish, not so much over Sirius but just in general! Their kiss was very electric. That's just the first word that came to my mind about it. The way you bring up so many demons of Sirius's past is entrancing as well.

Also, I LOVE the feeling of foreboding all the talk of the war creates. You have the Death Eaters lurking closer and closer to Sirius's world and all the people he cares about...

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Review #22, by Violet Gryfindor 1

14th August 2009:
Wow, that plot bunny became this?! This story is perhaps one of the best compliments I've ever received. After reading so much of your Sirius/Hermione, I'd forgotten how perfect the Sirius/Lily ship is for you. The ship really is yours. You demonstrate exactly why Sirius and Lily make for a perfect pairing - there's a mutual respect between them that James/Lily or Snape/Lily always lacks. Sirius doesn't worship her quite like the other two wizards do, doesn't put Lily on a pedestal, and that makes Sirius/Lily a "stronger" ship (more suited for the high seas? :P). Now I remember how you've managed to convert me.

Okay, this story. *focuses* So you're finally getting into the AU for Sirius/Lily, which is great to see. This chapter introduces the basis of their relationship (from first meeting to the beginnings of romance), making clear how you've ventured from the canon. And yet you're not that far off canon, which is what makes this more plausible and believable than most AUs. You've characterized all the characters exactly to canon, as well, which you always do anyway. I want to steal your Sirius, but you'd never allow that. *sigh* And your Regulus, I like him very much. He's a very intriguing character even in the books, and what you've done with him here is pretty much how I imagined him to be. The relationship between him and Sirius is spot on, perhaps even more close than Sirius lets on in OotP. What stood out to me was how Sirius noticed little details about Regulus, like the limp - it demonstrated the closeness between brothers without you needing to state it straight out. That's a definite sign of quality writing. :D

There's a great poetic feel to this chapter that made it a delight to read. The way that you describe the setting felt like a painting, very vivid and bright, but also beautiful. That may sound mushy, but it's all I can think of. The combination of romance and suspense reminds me of Reckless, which should be a good sign. ;) But I think this one's going to be better, much much better.

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Review #23, by onestop_hpfan18 1

14th August 2009:
It's nice to see another story by you, you really are a superb writer. You're the best at writing Sirius, too, and it's nice to see that you can still write him with such poise. Also, I'm not much of a fan of Lily/Sirius, but the way you write the romance between the two of them makes me forget my distaste of this ship.

I also thought you did a great job of the intense scene between Sirius and Regulus. The turmoil of the brothers fighting on different sides, but at the same time still caring enough for one another to protect each other, and trying to get the other to switch sides was well written. I'm looking forward to the next chapter, great job; 10/10

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Review #24, by LikeWhoa 1

14th August 2009:
I already love this story. [:
I'm usually into more lighthearted tales, but this chapter was great. It was serious and a little melancholy, but it kept me riveted. Sirius/Lily is actually one of my favorite pairings, so that was a plus, and your story kind of reminds me of Shakespeare, for some odd reason.
Anyway, keep up the good work!

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Review #25, by James 1

14th August 2009:
I'm glad to see a new story from you and this one looks promising to be an epic. The Marauders story from their graduation on? And by getting James out of the mix, you've put your on unique spin on it. Do you intend to continue this as a complete AU? Meaning where James/Lily are never together and this is an alternate version where it is Sirus/Lily? Or are you going to do as in most of your fics an make room for James and Lily to exist outside of the other relationships.

I enjoyed the scene with Regulus. Full of adventure and mystery which is a new genre for you but one that you've pulled off well. The romance, of course, was well done as expected from you and Sirius. Well, no one does him better than you.

Can't wait to read more!

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