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Review #1, by soliloquy Chapter The Second

22nd August 2009:
HAHA. Again, wonderfully hilarious. Was Peter taking place of the Cheshire Cat? It's been awhile since I've seen/read Alice in Wonderland. I keep imagining Lily bald and it kills me. These ideas are excellent! Ah, the adventures they will have...I think my favorite has to be the harried first year. :D!

Author's Response: Hey, thank you! Yes, Peter was taking the place of the Cheshire Cat. I found the Invisibility Cloak particularly useful in that circumstance. :P I did rather like eschewing the cliche of "rivers of reddish-gold hair" and just boom! made her bald! I'm glad you like the imagery! And yes, Bruno Hare is also my favorite. ^_^

Thank you so much for the review! XOXO, Kalina

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Review #2, by GubraithianFire Chapter The First

14th August 2009:
Here I am, traversing the Recently Added pages, and I found Wonderland here. With one review, when I distinctly remember there being at least six previously. So, after finding Rita's new one-shot (I had been looking for that while traversing the Recently Added pages), I followed a series of links that led here. And my oh my, am I glad to have found myself here. Bewildered. Astonished. Ecstatic. But glad.

This is genius, in every sense of the word. Your characters are wonderfully parodied and yet given a strange sort depth that I have not seen before. Your diction is nearly impeccable (nearly, because of silly typos: arefully instead of what I think should be carefully, Hogwarst instead of... well, I should think you see the error there, things like that). This is probably the best written parody in a long time. If you were to read this aloud (and I do mean you specifically, Kalina), you would have a straight face and be so serious that the expression on my face would make you stumble and smirk at my idiocy. I don't know if you got that, but just know that this - and Mad Potter - is genius.

Going straight to my favorites, this one XD You never fail to amaze me.

Author's Response: Oh, Gubby. -blushes- You always flatter me so much. Actually, I had noticed that all of the six reviews were for an older (and far worse) version of Wonderland that I had previously posted as a one-shot. LMFAO! I'm happy you're glad. :P

Genius! -blushes again- Oh, that, I cannot claim. Depth? Dear God, that was precisely the non-point. T___T What will my readers think of me now, giving depth to parodied characters? I'm a failure! Aha, the typos. I can explain that. I was writing it longhand in my notebook on the train and rapidly typed it up again on the site. Hence the typos. I'll fix them right quick. Best written parody in a long time? I beg to differ! (Personally, I find "Murder on the Hogwarts Express" far superior to mine).

Well, I admit I didn't follow you to the end of that thought, but you are most certainly not an idiot! I'll definitely try reading it with a straight face, to see if I can manage through it. I'm so happy you liked it, Gubs, and thanks so much for reviewing! ^___^

XOXO, Kalina

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Review #3, by soliloquy Chapter The First

14th August 2009:
HAHAHA. YOU ARE COMPLETE GENIUS. the mad potter. i nearly peed my pants with laughing (okay, not really. but i did fall off my bed :P) this was brilliant. seriously. oh, my, gosh. and is lily still meandering about bald? the image kills me. oh dear.

genius. genius. :D

Author's Response: Heeheehee! :D I'm so pleased you liked this - and that it's made you laugh! It's my first foray into this genre, so I'm exceedingly relieved that you found it hilarious. Lily is indeed still meandering about bald. :P
Thank you so much for the lovely review!
XOXO, Kalina

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