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Review #1, by Mischief_managed18 Brother Dearest

30th July 2011:
Gahh I love this story. I feel like you did a really good job capturing Regulus. It makes you want to pity him. I mean of course you do in the books, but they never really went into all that in the movies. I think you did a really good job, and I applaud you on that. As I've said before, you're a fantastic author. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Oh geez. You always know how to make a girl feel flattered. Is it okay for me to consider you my number one fan? Because you're sort of fantastic :)

Thanks for the lovely review as always!


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Review #2, by Tricksy Brother Dearest

11th July 2011:
I really loved this story. I think you captured Regulus perfectly. I can imagine Sirius being such a tough act to follow, the perfect popular, older son and poor Regulus just being seen as Sirius lite, constantly compared but never quite living up. I can definitely see him becoming a death eater to try and forge his own identity.
A lovely piece, maybe you could try and write a longer story about him? I love Regulus so that's a pretty please!

Author's Response: Thank you! I really do love Regulus but I'm not sure if I could write a longer story about him. If I did, I imagine that it would only be a few chapters and would probably have his realization and downfall as a Death Eater.

But I really like the whole "you-made-me-what-I-am-because-of-what-you-are" sibling stories. Kinda depressing most of the time, however I like that psychological twist of nature vs nurture. Okay, getting too academic...

Anyway, thanks for the review!


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Review #3, by girly1393 Brother Dearest

11th October 2010:
So you wrote this before he realized he'd chosen the wrong side and tried to kill off a piece of Voldemort's soul? Okay, okay. I got it now. I was waiting for him to lay dying at the very end.

I liked it. I'm not much for angst myself, but you wrote it every well.

I really could feel how frustrated and disappointed Regulus was. I just wanted to hug him.

Bravo to you.

Author's Response: Ooooh. That would make a good ending too. But I like him still being all delusional...I think it adds something to the story when he still thinks that he was right and Sirius was wrong. That's just me though :D

Yeah, I'm not usually an angst person either but this challenge was too good to pass up and there's always room for an angsty Reggie (in my books anyway).

Yay! That's exactly what I hoped would happen. My friend probably felt like strangling me as I was progressing with the emotions in the drafts. "MAKE ME WANT TO CRY!" she would tell me. So I think that helped.

Thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #4, by Sev Brother Dearest

7th October 2010:
That is one of the most well written stories i've even read! The complex and entriely real emotions... I love it! 10/10!!!

Author's Response: Oh thanks! That really means a lot considering this was my first angst :D

Ah. And thanks for the favorite on this story and me as an author!


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Review #5, by gliter girl Brother Dearest

30th September 2009:
wow that was really good. I can tell your a fantastic writer!
is their going to be a chapter two?
oh i hope so!
I really like reading sirius fanfics. But their is not many on regulus, and i find him most interesting.


Author's Response: Thank you! Unfortunately, there's not going to be another chapter because this was just a short little one-shot that I did for a challenge. I also love reading Sirius and Regulus stories.


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Review #6, by serenade Brother Dearest

29th September 2009:
Tom Sturridge... mmm
Oh, and Regulus too. Who is an angry version of Tom Sturridge lol.
This was very angsty. But that's a good thing, seeing that that was what you were aiming for. I like this new edited version! Much more profound and emotional c:

Author's Response: Very Tom Sturridge, yes? Phew. I'm glad you like the new version better. I was afraid it wouldn't flow as nicely. MORE LOVE MORE LOVE MORE LOVE MORE LOSE MOST LOVE!!!


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Review #7, by Kitson Brother Dearest

10th September 2009:
Oooh. I've always loved Regulus Black. Ah, absolutely adored it. I enjoyed reading it and it showed he's angsty-ness. Good job! x, Kitson.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, Regulus is such an angsty little boy. I love him too. :D


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