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Review #1, by Serena_Snape Shopkeeper

21st June 2010:
Please don't abandon this story! I've really enjoyed reading it, as well as your other stories. If you're continuing it elsewhere I'll happily follow it there. Thanks!

Author's Response: I'm going to try to finish this story up this summer. Have no fear, it has not been, and will not be abandoned. Thanks for your review! BTW, it is also posted on Potions and Snitches, but has the same chapters as here.

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Review #2, by frodolove12 A Mistake

24th January 2010:
good beginingg!! poor harry though!

Author's Response: Poor Harry, but things will work out in the end.

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Review #3, by tabbycat Shopkeeper

15th November 2009:
I think this is a really interesting story so far. It's already clear that Harry and Snape are able to talk to each other differently to before. I was really relieved when I realised the reaing would take only a few days - different from most! :D I think you've got them both well in character so well done! I'll be keeping up with this, though probably on P&S rather than here - I came over here to try to find your 3rd shadowland story! xx

Author's Response: Ah yeah, I haven't gotten the third one started yet and probably won't until summer 2010 when I have some more time. Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by Timechild Shopkeeper

16th September 2009:
Nice to see a side of Snape actually caring for Harry. The dream was quite well done.

Nicely written

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you're liking it.

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Review #5, by pinks Shopkeeper

15th September 2009:
Great chapter! I'm glad Snape finally realized what was going on.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, it was important for the rest of the story that he did.

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Review #6, by Timechild The Unseen

24th August 2009:
This is getting funny! Harry at age 8 is completely comical. I can see Snape agitated about this.

I am actually hoping that they start getting along. I would like to see Snape actually start caring for Harry.

Nicely written

Author's Response: Thanks... hehe, your name almostmatches this chapter :)

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Review #7, by Sissy32 The Unseen

21st August 2009:
i really enjoy this! so... next chapter coming anytime soon? I cant wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. The next chapter is coming soon... hopefully before they shut down the site on the 24th for maintenance.

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Review #8, by William997 The Unseen

18th August 2009:
Finally! Some decency! All the Severitus' I've read are either wayy to long, usually with sequels just as long, or are really stupid. I like this one because it's not going to be too long, Harry isn't a fragile baby deer and Snape isn't wearing an apron and asking how his day was :)

Cool chapter pictures by the way, the one for this one is something out of the Slytherin Common Room

Author's Response: Thanks. I've got a good Sev/Harry story called Shadowland if you ever do want to read something a little longer... I agree with you about the oansy stories out there where sev plays mommy dearest though.,..ugh...

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Review #9, by Who Cares? The Unseen

17th August 2009:
Well, I must say there is nothing like eating a taco for lunch and reading fanfiction... except I almost choked when I found out Harrys age regressed! Wasnt expecting that! So, I hear a lot about stories where Harry turns into a little kid by accident, but have never actually read one since im more of a 'angsty teenage harry' person rather than a 'tantrum throwing little kid harry' but this should be very interesting... And I loved that last bit where Harry tried holding Snape's hand and he wouldnt let him- sort of reminds me of my dad o.O . Just kidding. I really liked this chapter, I think it had something to do with Harry wanting Snape to drink that mild love potion to make him like him- or tolerate him or whatever, the fact that Vernon made Harry drink perfume?, Snape not letting Harry hold his hand, and that I'm just really wondering whats gonna happen to little Harry now that he's eigh or so, though I do have an inkling. And I cant wait until Harry is seventeen again! Lol, that movie. Anyway, yeah, I'm already feeling a bit awkward for him and Snape.

Author's Response: No worries, Harry will be himself again in no time and we'll get back to teen/adult Harry.

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Review #10, by Cassandra Evans The Unseen

17th August 2009:


Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you like it.

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Review #11, by malikali The Unseen

17th August 2009:
:D so, at first I thought Harry's age regression was mental, not physical, and the idea of a 17 year old boy with an 8 year olds memory was just hillarious, but then I came to my senses. Aw, truthfully I've never read a fanfic where Harry undergows an age regression, but this is cute! I liked it :) but, is the whole story gonna be with an eight yr old Harry? No worries if he does, it should be interesting and I like where your going with the story

Author's Response: No, the age regression is only temporary and helps Snape to realize some things. Thanks!


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Review #12, by Who Cares? Dirty Work

17th August 2009:
Plegh! Looking for an apartment is just truly depressing- I'm not even graduated yet and I'm already looking for my own place! Well, not really, I cant legally move out of the 'comfort and security' of my parents house until I'm 17, which is legal here, but cant even sign a lease on an apartment until I'm 18, so its either my car, a friends basement or under a bridge till then? Ha! You believed me there for a minute! I'm totally having you on, I have no desire to move out anytime before college- my parents are stuck with me! Serves them right for making me eat my vegetables and take my vitamins as a kid! Anyway, I liked this chappie a whole lot, it was... it was like the scent after it rains -beautiful (and dirty) You know, when I first read the chapter title the first thing that popped in my head was an image of Snape and Harry wearing trench coats and sunglasses while holding magnifying glasses in a dark alley with a Scottish Terrier following really big, black footprints- something out of a Sherlock Holmes novel! Spy stuff and detective work and all that jazz. But Snape making Harry clean is good enough (it reminds me of that movie Shiloh but without the dog) though next time, and im just throwing ideas out there, maybe you could have Snape make Harry wear one of those sexy maid outfits while he cleans? (Just kidding, then you would have to issue a slash warning and be forced to post this on Walking the Plank .net (never go there o.O )
But hey, feel free to take my suggestionn! :P Well, I better get to bed, its 5:01 (and my time to quit) Adios!

-No one, no one at all (ew, what if i was Jkr herself, but in disgise?)

Author's Response: Somehow I don't think JKR would make those suggestions.

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Review #13, by Who Cares? A Mistake

17th August 2009:
Psh, sucks to be Harry. I can sort of relate to him- my high school lives to just screw my schedules up every year! And then they never wanna change it until a week into the new term! Plegh, enough about me- great story Miss Worley. I was randomly browsing the bowels and back of this site- perfect insomnia cure by the way- and came across this little piece of work. It's really good, but anything that was written after being inspired by a challange on potions and snitches has to be good, eh? And from Obsidian Embrace too! Well, just between you and me, I don't really care much for Lily's Charm- Harry is just a little too out of character for my taste- but not in your story! Harry is just right, like my mother's steaks... I make weird analogies when I'm tired, lol. It's 4:10 am :) - well onto the next chapter! And I think it's safe to say, even though I haven't read chapter two "Please update soon" (even though I'm sure you have a life and all, unlike some writers who update ok every day *cough* all the people *cough* on the shout box on potions and snitches *coughcoughcough*

-no one, no one at all

Author's Response: Lol, glad you are liking it.

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Review #14, by harry Dirty Work

14th August 2009:
come on, please update
seriously fast
i have been waiting since wednesday

Author's Response: Sorry, but two days isn't that bad a wait and I don't always have time to update every day. The next chapter is almost done and will probably be up by Saturday.

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Review #15, by malikali Dirty Work

13th August 2009:
I thought the chapter title fit well for this chapter :D I like your chapter pictures by the way, do you do them yourself? And both Harry and Snape are so in character, even in this weird situation! I really enjoy this story and look foward to the rest of it... just dont kill off anyone :|
Just kidding :)

Author's Response: No killing of the main characters in this one, promise! Glad you like it so far. Yes, I make all the graphics for my stories myself, including the chapter images and banners...some turn out better than others.

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Review #16, by malikali A Mistake

11th August 2009:
How very interesting! I'm definatley looking foward to the coming chapters! I love an angry Snape :D

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Chapter two should be coming in about an hour.


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