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Review #1, by Gail Welin She Wasn't Afraid

6th March 2016:
Hi Carla!


I always love a nice Dramione story and anyone that manages to write a coherent 500 words bit has my respect - you have my love, too :p
Wow, you seriously gave some neat chills here! For a moment, it was difficult to know if the person touching her meant to hurt her or not!
I really, really love the way you've used the repetition of "But she wasn't afraid. Not at all" to really hammer her state of mind in the reader's brain. Like a mantra, she's repeating it in her head because heck, the more you think, the more chances of it being/becoming true. I was terrified for her. Heck, I'd be terrified in such a situation - pitch black darkness without knowing where you are, who is there and what's going to happen? I'd definitely need a clean pair of-- anyway.

I spotted this teeny tiny little thing here "Seconds trickled by, Minutes passed" but otherwise, everything was flawless :D

Oooh, he kidnapped her to bring her to safety?? ♥
You rekindle my love for Dramiones, you!


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Review #2, by maskedmuggle She Wasn't Afraid

11th June 2015:

Ooh, I didn't read the story details and so was super intrigued about which 2 characters this was about. I usually don't mind Dramione, so it was really interesting seeing them written this way here. I thought you did such a great job conveying their relationship in 500 words. The whole setting of this and the plot was kind of mysterious, with the pitch black and the lack of detail as to their surroundings. I also thought your use of repetitively conveying that Hermione wasn't afraid worked quite well and was a good way to tie the whole story together. I definitely felt like your writing was really well done - the imagery and descriptions were fascinating to read about. This was such an intriguing fic to read, and I enjoyed this small snapshot into a possible Dramione during the war period.

- Charlotte
Ravenclaw House Cup 2015

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Review #3, by adluvshp She Wasn't Afraid

8th November 2014:
Here for review tag!

This was wonderful! I loved how you conveyed so much in just 500 words. The narrative and flow was beautiful. I loved the repetition of "not at all" as it conveyed Hermione's strength as well as the underlying fear. The way Draco suddenly came and held her and kissed her was interesting. The ending was also very intriguing and I wish there was more to the story - I really want to know how they ended up in that situation, what happened before, what happened after! Ahh so many questions, so much curiosity. But nonetheless, this was great.


Author's Response: Hi AD! :)

First off, thank you for the tag. And I'm glad you think that I managed to convey a lot in 500 words. I wrote this such a long time ago that I fear it's just so ugly now but I'm still receiving great feedback for it so I'm happy.

If I am honest, the "not at all" part was the line that was sort of the springboard of this entire fic. I thought about how actions could contradict thoughts and/or how it could be perceived us her utter bravery. Either way, it apparently works.

Since this is my first (and only!) Dramione I have no idea what happened to them before or what happens after. I mean, I love reading Dramione but writing it is a hard ask because it IS so popular and cliches abound. Anyway, I do digress.. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LOVELY REVIEW.


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Review #4, by HarrietHopkirk She Wasn't Afraid

9th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

I love, love, love this! I really enjoyed the ambiguity, how you didn't reveal their names until the very end. A mark of how much I enjoyed is that I don't usually read Dramione! Very good!

Your imagery and description were really well executed - you managed to communicate a lot despite your short word count, and a small amount of dialogue. Really well done.

The characterizations of the two were also spot on. The strength and bravery of Hermione was really good. I also really liked the repetition of Hermione not being afraid, it kept rhythm and maintained flow, and meant the tone of the piece remained chilling and unsettling.

Overall, very well done!

Author's Response: Thank you thank you thank you. hehe

To be honest, I think the main reason I didn't reveal names is because I had to stick to 500 words? That might be the case but I'm not sure. But, thank you, I'm glad it works!

Oooh! I'm glad you enjoyed it even though you don't read Dramione. (I, on the other hand, am a shameless Dramione lover)

Yes. Actually the choice of 'She wasn't afraid. Not at all." came from something else entirely and I thought.. what if the words belie the situation. Like, it's not the sort of situation when you would be unafraid but she steadfastly refuses to give in to fear.

Thank you for the lovely words! I appreciate it.


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Review #5, by lumos_knox She Wasn't Afraid

8th July 2014:
Hello! I'm here to review for the House Cup 2014 Event Five.

Even though this is short, you got across so much beauty through it. This was very powerful, and I need to commend you for it.

Your description is spot on and very amazing. It's vivid, and adds so much to the already intriguing plot.

I like how you chose to reveal Hermione and Draco at the end. I had no idea that it would be them, but still, it seems to fit.

Also, Hermione's bravery is so much like her. I think you kept her in perfect character the whole story long.

Thankyou for sharing this beautiful and touching piece.


House Cup 2014, Event Five

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you, I am super glad you think it was powerful. I think the greatest challenge was to stick to the 500 words. I knew what I wanted to say but having a limit to say it was the hardest. I actually don't remember how I managed it. All I know is that I did a lot of editing and changing of sentences because I could not go over 500. lol

I'm so glad you think the imagery was vivid. Before I wrote it, I could actually see it in my head and I struggled to make sure that others could see it as I did. I hope that was the case.

I was going through a Dramione phase. That's why it was them. Although it could have been anyone, I think. Thanks! I'm glad you like Hermione's characterization. I think she's even braver than Harry sees her in the books -- and she's already quite brave!

Thank YOU for the lovely review.


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Review #6, by Veritaserum27 She Wasn't Afraid

8th July 2014:

Great job with this! You kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire story. Your descriptions and word choice were so fantastic, that while I was wondering who the girl in the story was, I didn't need to know. I just needed to feel along with her. The way you described the arms around her made it seem like it could be friend or foe. I was worried that you weren't going to give any hints as to who the man and woman in the story were, but I was pleasantly surprised. You managed to convey so much about their relationship with such little dialogue. Her Gryffindor characteristics shin through - she is not afraid. She is wondering, realizing, contemplating. But never afraid. Great job!

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hi Beth. :D Anywho, thank you! I'm glad I kept you on the edge of your seats even with very few words.

But, thank you! I'm glad you like the imagery and word choice and descriptions -- I just beat myself about it so much sometimes.

And I honestly think this could be anybody but I was going through a Dramione phase. So Dramione it had to be.

Thanks for the lovely words, love!


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Review #7, by Pretense Of Perfection She Wasn't Afraid

6th July 2014:
I typically stay away from Dramione stories, just because I feel like a lot of times they end up being cliche and out of character. But I can say with one hundred percent conviction that is not the case here.

Even without a whole lot of dialogue or internal thoughts, you managed to capture Hermione pretty well. I can actually see her doing and feeling these things in my mind. Draco really only appeared at the end, but he was pretty good too. I personally probably would've had him call her Granger, but hey, I don't really do Dramione, so what do I know?

You painted a very beautiful picture, describing the setting with excellent imagery, even though it was pitch black. I literally felt like I could've been the one there in the darkness, feeling calm and unafraid.

I rather like the twist that you added at the end, about how Draco had captured her. It really shows their trust for one another that she doesn't freak out about it, and seems comfortable in his presence.

I didn't notice any spelling/grammar errors, so another excellent job there. This was a wonderful read.

--- House Cup 2014 Review ---
Pretense Of Perfection, Gryffidor

Author's Response: Wow, thank you, I was really hoping to stay away from cliche. See, I love reading Dramione but I can't write it because it strikes me as hard to NOT do a cliche.. Thank you for saying that.

I actually debated about whether or not he would call her Hermione or not. I thought if I had him call her by the first name it would speak to the level of intimacy they have.

Oh dear, I know right? It was a pervasive image in my head, actually. So when I wrote it I knew what feel I was going for. Like, I stood in the pitch black (It was Earth night or some green things like that, I think, so all lights were turned off) and tried to think about the sensations I had to use it accurately.

I edited this brutally. Firstly, because it had to be exactly 500 words and because 500 words just isn't forgiving grammar-wise.

Thank you, though. I really appreciate your lovely words.


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Review #8, by milominderbinder She Wasn't Afraid

15th December 2013:
Hiya! here from review tag :D

This was a really beautiful and captivating story.

I loved the repetition of "But she wasn't afraid. Not at all." It really tied the whole story together in a way that was almost chilling. Having that one thread weave through it over and over, almost like a beat keeping the time, worked really well. Especially with the last line, which kind of repeated and changed that phrase. I feel like that really stood out and was a great way to end this.

I also really didn't predict the pairing! I've never read Dramione before but here, because you didn't introduce the characters at the beginning, it kind of took me by surprise haha. But I think that was really interesting and I liked how vague it was for most of the fic.

In such a short amount of words you have crafted something really powerful here - well done!


Author's Response: Hello again, Maia. Well, you give the most wonderful reviews, don't you? I just love seeing that I've gotten another review from you! Anyway, I'm glad you've liked this first taste of Dramione.. I will admit they are a favorite of mine...

I'm glad you found it beautiful and captivating. I worked hard to keep it that way and to say the most I can with 500 words. thanks again!


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Review #9, by Roots in Water She Wasn't Afraid

18th July 2012:
This was a very interesting story. The repetition of "But she wasn't afraid. Not at all." really helped to reinforce the idea that she wasn't scared - if you hadn't repeated it so many times I probably wouldn't have believed her because in her unknown circumstances I would have been very afraid.

I suppose that she wasn't afraid because she either knew that she was close to death and thus had nothing else to fear in the living world or she knew that Draco would come and save her. Help her.

I really liked the repetition of the words at the end, since it added a sense of conclusion, of finality to the piece as well as deepened their relationship. With those few words you managed to convey that they trust each other, at the very least, and that, most likely, they are involved in a romantic relationship.

Am I right in assuming that Draco took her away to protect her? But if so, why is she in such a poor state of health? Did he think that she was dead and that's why he gasped when she spoke his name? I'm a little confused about the circumstances of their situation but then again I know it's hard to get across all of the necessary information in just 500 words.

As well, I noticed a small thing, though it's probably been so long since you've written this that you won't want to change anything. With the sentence"there and how..." I would change the "and" into an "or" since, to me at least, the "and" makes it seem as though Hermione does know the answers to those questions.

All in all, I think that this was a very interesting story with a very interesting idea behind it. Hermione certainly has a strength about her that wouldn't allow her to give up so easily in troubled times and your description did a great job of conveying the mystery of her situation.

Author's Response: I know I should make changes... The only reason I'm scared of doing them is because I couldn't be sure that the 500 words would remain, which is the primary reason that I wrote the story so vaguely and that way.
Although, I do appreciate the review! I'm super glad that you found it interesting. I didn't want it to be boring. Hate boring..


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Review #10, by LadyL8 She Wasn't Afraid

18th July 2012:
Hello there.

I must admit I was sort of skeptical in the beginning, because I think 500 words are too few words to really intrigue me in any way. But you proved me wrong.

I love how you keep repeating; but she wasn't afraid. It sort of seems like she is fighting with herself, like she is afraid but doesn't want to admit it. And then you keep adding different feelings she has, ending it with; but she wasn't afraid. And it just... It had a great affect on me. It made me feel the way I imagine she is feeling in this story.

But the best part is towards the end, where you find out who this girl is. I didn't imagine it was Hermione to be honest, but I loved it. And when you added Draco also, the story made so much more sense. You all of a sudden understood more of her emotions, and that is truly amazing.

The story is believable and I can imagine it happening at one point during the war. And although I'm not a fan of dramione, it worked for me. I liked it. I definitely did.

So yeah, you proved me wrong. 500 words can make you feel something, make you connect with the character and feel their emotions. 500 words can make a brilliant story. You proved that. Thank you for that!

Yours Sincerely

Author's Response: Thank you! 500 words was an awful length to limit myself. But it was also a wonderful challenge! Thank you so much, though, for saying it's a brilliant story. You're gorgeous. --Carla

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Review #11, by flawlessbutton She Wasn't Afraid

11th December 2010:
very nice :)
I kept wondering why she wasn't afraid if she didn't know anything, but I can see now :)

Author's Response: I'm happy you got it in the end! 500 words was not enough to expand it too much but I had fun as well! :) Thanks for r&r-ing. :)

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Review #12, by alicia and anne She Wasn't Afraid

18th August 2010:
o I never thought it would be them at the end! I liked how this flowed and how much information you put into those 500 words. I also liked how you used that she wasn't afraid at the end of each sentence. This was fabulous :-D


Author's Response: Thanks! This was just one of those stories that seemed to flow out so well (quite a feat for me, actually)! You rock, :)

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Review #13, by Cleopatraa She Wasn't Afraid

18th August 2010:
Well I was really suprised it was a Draco/Hermione I just clicked on the story and my thoughts were first maybe itís about a death eater or Azkaban then I thought maybe sheís going to get raped and then I was like huh Draco/Hermione. Coool! It was very vague at first but you ended beautifull. The story had quite a dark mood and quite chilly something I donít normally read but you did a fabulous job with this one. I could feel the tension in this story.

Author's Response: Wow! Your review is really nice!:) I started with this idea thinking I wanted it to be really vague... Thanks for reading; the fact you did is a great compliment! :)

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Review #14, by DracoFall243 She Wasn't Afraid

6th October 2009:
So I was a tad bit confused about what was going on, but like you said it's difficult to fit all you want to say into 500 words. But your descriptions were beautiful!

Author's Response: Sorry that you were confused! Exactly 500 words is difficult... XD If you're interested, there's a longer version I posted. :)

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Review #15, by Axjion She Wasn't Afraid

17th August 2009:
The repitition worked wonders; it gave it this nice, fluid flow. Vague at first but it all comes together in the end beautifully. This wasn't too bad. No. Not at all.

Author's Response: Thank you. :) I'm glad you like it. :) Your review wasn't bad too. :P hahaha. ~~Carla

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Review #16, by DefyingBoundries She Wasn't Afraid

13th August 2009:
You Should Have Said More!
Write A Sequel?!
I Love It :]

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm definitely thinking of expanding it or making a sequel. ^_^ Thank you for the review and for reading.:) ~~Carla

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Review #17, by JLHufflepuff She Wasn't Afraid

11th August 2009:
I like the way you capture the emotions in simple statement, and the repetition of the "not at all" was effective and gave a neat feel to the story. There's the idea of quiet assurance, yet there still is that menace of the unknown in there.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review.:) You've managed to say in a few words what I truly want my little ficlet to say. You make me blush and smile really well. Much appreciated, dear.:) Much. :D :D :D ~~Carla

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Review #18, by truthfullymalfoyed She Wasn't Afraid

10th August 2009:
This was quite nice. :) Great vocabulary! I hope you create more of these!


Author's Response: thanks... I'm finding I quite like shorts/oneshots and am seriously considering more of that. I'm glad you liked the story, short as it was... Thank you so much again... ~~Carla

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Review #19, by confusedlover She Wasn't Afraid

10th August 2009:
very lovely.

this was honestly a brilliant one-shot. you really got a lot through in just 500 words. amazing!

Author's Response: Thank you, hun!:) I really appreciate your review very very much indeed!:D I'm glad I got a lot through with just 500 words.:) ~~Carla

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Review #20, by theRandomSlytherin She Wasn't Afraid

10th August 2009:
The description was absolutely wonderful!

I loved the repetition of "But she wasn't afraid. Not at all."

It would've been awesome to see more, though.

Excellent work! I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you!:) I'm thinking of writing an expanded/extended version.:) I can keep you posted on that.:) ~~Carla

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Review #21, by Ydnas Odell (da jones on the forum) not signed in. She Wasn't Afraid

10th August 2009:
This was wonderful. I assume that what you meant in your authors note by flowery is that you normally use a lot of adverbs. There is not a hint of that here.

Well done, fear inducing, clean, excellent use of drum beat like repetition.

Author's Response: yes! That's actually what I meant. >.< sorry I couldn't express it well enough. Lol. :D I'm glad you like it. :) The repetition, I was pretty happy with.:) Thank you for the review!:) ~~Carla

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Review #22, by Jellyman She Wasn't Afraid

10th August 2009:
Wow, that was great! I think we should get an expanded version :P

But she wasn't afraid. Not at all.
This was quite chilling. I couldn't quite figure out whether she was lying to herself - in the beginning I was very sure she was, but by the end, I don't think so. But either way, the repetition was fantastic.

This was really quite well written! I would have love to have seen more, but I guess a challenge is a challenge, right? Haha, either way, brilliant work. The tension you created in the beginning was fantastic, and the dialogue, for some reason, just stood out for me. Especially the last line. I can really hear "not at all" being whispered around in my head, it is quite surreal :)

Fabulous one-shot! I really enjoyed it. 10/10!

Author's Response: Thank you. It was a really big challenge. Making something be emotional enough and fit it into 500 words wasn't fun. 0.o But, I'm glad you like it. I was thinking about an alternate sort of fic that's more expanded and where she really is afraid. :P Or maybe a sequel type thing to see what happens after this moment. Anyway, it's all up in the air but I'm really glad you like it!:) -hugs- ~~Carla

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Review #23, by Lil lily71 She Wasn't Afraid

10th August 2009:
Carla that was so beautiful and really well written. ily and i like how you kept repeating "But she wasn't afraid. Not at all." Also the fact that you didn't let the reader know who the characters were until the end. pure genius!!



Author's Response: you are a sweetheart, lore-bear. :) It was very spur of the moment but I enjoyed writing it. :) thank you.:D ~~Carla

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