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Review #1, by Blue Biro What Would James Do?

30th July 2010:
heheh, great chappie, update soon please!
loved it!
becky ;p

Author's Response: i'm working on the next piece right now and i'm planning to get it out once the closure is no longer!!! thanks again for the consistent support!!!

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Review #2, by Blue Biro Work and No Play Makes Rose A Weasley

30th July 2010:
aw, amazing chapter, again!
loved it!
must read on!
your fan becky ;P

Author's Response: thanks girl!!! thank you so much for the feedback on each chapter!!!

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Review #3, by Blue Biro Comfort Food

30th July 2010:
aw, poor ros,e although it is kindof her fault!
well, cant wait for more!
must read on!
becky ;p

Author's Response: wow! 100/10!!! thanks soo much! ;D

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Review #4, by Blue Biro The Story of My Life

30th July 2010:
wow, great story idea! deffinatly one of the most original ive read! and ive read many!
wow, rose is.a bit differnt!
i like it though, its nice to read a change in normal story plots!
this looks really promising, you're very talented!
loved the chapter!
your newest fan becky ;)
10/10! you rock! (fact!)

Author's Response: hahah, thanks so much for the review! i'm glad that you think my story is original! make me feel like i accomplished something!!! yee! thanks!

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Review #5, by Fireball Nymph What Would James Do?

23rd July 2010:
Lmfao I love Rose. Amazing chapter (:

Author's Response: aaayyy!!! i'm glad you like her! thanks soo much for the feedback! small things like that do help!

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Review #6, by Fireball Nymph Work and No Play Makes Rose A Weasley

23rd July 2010:
Damn! I thought she was gonna do the Muggle thing. :p.

Author's Response: hahah, what muggle thing??? anyways, thanks for the review!!!

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Review #7, by Serendipityyyy What Would James Do?

22nd July 2010:
I just discovered your story and its definitely going in the favourites :)

Can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: yayayayayay!!! thanks soo much!!! i am soo happy you like itt!

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Review #8, by louise_loves_hp What Would James Do?

14th July 2010:
mm this is very different, all of your characters are your own and they are not the same as what I always come a cross as hats off to you!

Author's Response: TTHHHANKKK YOOOU! this is what i am going for! thanks so much for this review!!!

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Review #9, by Nikkie Work and No Play Makes Rose A Weasley

13th July 2010:
Love it!!awesome story!

Author's Response: thank you! :]

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Review #10, by phoenixphire1427 Work and No Play Makes Rose A Weasley

12th July 2010:
Cool story. I can't wait to read what happens next. Upadte soon please!

Author's Response: thank you so much! the next chapter should be validated shortly!

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Review #11, by missmasquerade The Story of My Life

7th June 2010:
I liked this. (: It was interesting how you portrayed Rose. I've always seen her in my mind, and in other stories, as a mini Hermione/Ron. But I can see where you're coming from about making her more spoiled and selfish. She is, after all, the daughter of two of the greatest wizards of all time. However, what I didn't understand was why Hermione was so uptight all the time, and why Ron was so calm. Hermione seemed a bit harsh, and Ron, who usually has a huge temper, seemed much too calm for my liking. It wasn't laugh-out-loud funny, but I did find many of your descriptions and metaphors extremely amusing. Good job.

Author's Response: yee! thanks for the review.

when it comes to hermione and ron, i just personally figured hermione would act differently towards rose because she's a "failure". i feel that she would be harsh with rose, almost still pushing her harder because rose still isn't doing anything to get her life on track.

ron, however, i feel that he would remain indifferent because he already knows how much pressure she is under from her mom. ron i feel is only just the fatherly support.

thanks for bringing this issue up! i'll be sure and keep it in mind when i continue writing!

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Review #12, by hopelessDREAMS Comfort Food

23rd March 2010:

I thought I'd take some time before I went to babysit this morning and review this chapter finally!

You're writing is better than ever and I love the scene between Albus, Scorpius, Rose, James, Roxanne and anyone else I maybe forgetting. The humor is brilliant and the tension that Rose feels towards everyone is sad, really. I know exactly how she feels with such a successful family, apart from my Ma being disabled and my Daddy retired.

This is just brilliant, hun. Really. I can't wait for the update! ♥

Author's Response: hey alicia!

thanks for stopping by!!! i'm sorry i'm getting this to you so late! but i appreciate what you think of what i've done with the characters!

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Review #13, by Jellyman Comfort Food

9th November 2009:
Okay, to put it quite simply, I love this story. It's fresh and original and the plot is great! The characters are fun and quirky and you write the relationships between them really well :)

You asked me in your request if I thought Hermione was a little bit harsh - my honest answer would be yes. But only sometimes - in the previous chapter I thought that her reaction to the dress quite natural. Like, my mum would be like that. But in this chapter the water was a little bit malicious and a bit OOC for Hermione, in my opinion - but to be completely honest, I didn't mind. It was entertaining and who knows - maybe she was a little bit stressed, lol :)

BUT OMG SCORPIUS - love, love, love him! I adore gay!Scorpius and this is exactly how I would imagine him to be. Plus flamboyant gay characters are always fun and his flirting with Fred and OMG ABLUS (XD) was great. It was written so well, and I am completely impressed and entertained :D

Rose is a really, really fun quirky character you can really sympathise with - she's very much a young adult character struggling to find her path. I like her :)

Amazing work so far, Alice, I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens next! And I'm sorry this took so long to get this to you - life caught up with me ^_^

Author's Response: yeah, now that i think about it, the water thing was quite harsh. i'll try and think of something to add later into the story to make it make sense.

yess! i love what i did to scorpius! it is so much fun!!! but wow! thanks so much! i'm really glad you like this chapter/story! like, what you praised in the review is exactly what i was aiming for!! thanks again georgia!

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Review #14, by mr cool cat Comfort Food

14th September 2009:
I really like this story so far. It is so entertaining, and so different from most of the stories on this site, which either depict Rose as a bitch, a bookworm, or pregnant. I like that she is so girly and loves to shop and isn't a total nerd. I also love that Scorpius is gay. Is James gay too? Just curious...

I can't wait to read more so please update soon!!!

Author's Response: Eeep! Sorry to take so long to get back to this review!!! I've been busy as I said in my personal thing. But anyways, I'm really glad you you like this story!!! It makes me happy! I really wanted to play with the stereotypes with my next gen stories. Like I hope I'm being different from most next gen stories as well! And no, James is not gay. He's supposed to be along the lines of a meathead. ;D

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Review #15, by RonsGirlFriday Comfort Food

13th September 2009:
How could I not have reviewed this chapter yet? o.O

Another really good chapter -- I always love reading about when the Weasley family gets together, and in this case it really threw Rose's situation into sharper perspective by surrounding her with her more accomplished cousins (and brother, who seems like he must have done well for himself at school). There was even a nice, serious tone at the end of the chapter, and it made me feel quite bad for Rose -- it also really humanized her, because it's not like she doesn't care about anything. She realizes that her life isn't exactly as she wants it, and maybe she even feels disappointed. Like I said in my last review, I definitely don't see her as a bimbo. She's a young woman who's really struggling.

One thing I felt I should point out -- and you can take this or leave it, because it all depends on character interpretation -- but Hermione is seeming a bit shrewish, for lack of a better word. I noticed it a bit in the last chapter, and then in this chapter she went and threw water all over Rose's dress, and I was like, whoa! It seemed much more bitter and antagonistic than I understand her character to be, although since she's older you have some leeway...maybe she's stressed and overworked or something, haha. ^_^ Anyway, just thought I'd point that out. But it all depends on what other people think, too, so if everyone else loves it, then just disregard all of this! XD

Ok, Scorpius and Albus' little interaction...ROFL. That was hilarious. As well as the thing about Scorpius slipping love potions into guys' drinks. Haha. I love gay Scorpius.

Great job!


Author's Response: Hey Mel! Sorry I took forever to get back to you on this! College happened. ^_^;

Gosh, I really love your in-depth look at Rose! It makes me feel like I'm doing such a good job with the story! Like, you also kinda opened up my eyes to something I wasn't really aware of about Rose. Like I never would've thought of her being upset, but more like trying to turn things around. And struggling is probably the best word to describe her.

Hm, you're not the first person to point out Hermione's characterization. And don't trip. Like it's only the beginning and I hope later on, everyone will understand why she's different from what everyone used to.

Yup yup! No Rose/Scorpius here!!! Ahah! For some reason, Scorp kinda came off as gay to me. I dunno, maybe it's because I saw Lucas Grabreel in Scorpius's character and aside from watching HSM, I saw Milk and realized that Grabeel does well acting light on the loafers. XD

Anyways, I really appreciate this review!!! Thanks so much Mel!!!

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Review #16, by WeasleyTwins The Story of My Life

5th September 2009:
Hi Lovey! :]

Okay, funny? Here and there, yes, it's very funny. I think that the little quirky comments about Rose really make the story. That last paragraph absolutely made me giggle because it was so cute! To know that Rose thinks that Hugo dresses 'frumpy' and he's embarrassed to be seen with him, well, that is so older sister, it was just great!

"You're asking the wrong twin, but I'll do my best, but I can't guarantee much. I didn't get an OWL in Transfiguration." - I thought I was absolutely going to burst into tears at this sentence. It's so sad that George thinks about the little things concerning Fred and almost uses them nonchalantly. It was the perfect sentence for that part in the scene.

At to Rose, I simply love her. She's very materialistic and self-absorbed and I really that that part of her character really makes the story. You show that Rose has a bit of compassion, but she's very into herself. Yet, she's not so vain that she's oblivious to others' feelings.

Overall, it is a great first chapter, Lovey! xD



Author's Response: Aw! Twins!! Thanks sooo much!!!

Like, I guess in a way, I think I'm like Rose when it comes to my sense of humor. I'm self absorbed. I know I have a good sense of humor, but actually writing is much harder. I think so at least. But I'm glad I was able to get some laughter going down!!!

Ha! Yes! When it came to that whole Transfiguration thing, I was hoping to show that George still isn't over his death. Not in the depressed kinda way, but in the sense that when something reminds him of Fred, he's going to bring it up.

You're not the first person to tell me that Rose is self-absorbed. Like, when I first heard it, I took it as a sense of a negative connotation, but I guess seeing it around a second time, I kinda understand better. Also, probably because you mentioned that she's compassionate; that made me feel better!!!

Thanks so much Twins!!

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Review #17, by Fireball Nymph Comfort Food

5th September 2009:
Love it! Can't wait to see what's next! LOL :D This was really good, and I didn't know that Scorpius was gay? I thought he and Rosie were gonna get together. Now who's she gonna be with. ;D Awesome one!

Author's Response: ahahaha! Thanks sooo much!! Scorpius kinda struck me as being a homosexual. And I thought I would have a little fun with it. Like, I wanted to be different with this story so, here's me, being different!!!

thanks so much for the review!!

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Review #18, by anoymous Comfort Food

3rd September 2009:
i love the way this story is going! Keep up the good work!!!

And last chapter you said something about Rose sounding like a total bimbo...I don't think she's a bimbo at all. But she sounds a lot like me, so maybe I'm just biased.

Author's Response: ahaha! i sound like that and i'm a valley girl and some people are like total haters on valley girls cause they dont understand!!! But thanks so much for understanding and reviewing!

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Review #19, by autumnweasley Comfort Food

3rd September 2009:
aw i love rose in this story

Author's Response: aw!!! thanks so much!!! i'm glad you liked it!!!

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Review #20, by DeaVanity Comfort Food

3rd September 2009:
omg, I was cracking with laughter while reading Scorpius scenes lol xD .

I hope you don't mind that I'm not reviewing this as I would if you requested but I just had so much fun reading this that I actually didn't pay any attention to possible grammar and/or spelling mistakes ;D

Too bad that Rose is feeling left out, but it's what she chose, right? So I suppose everything is going to work out for her in the end, but it's still early in the story ^^

Do re-request when the next chapter is up, it was really enjoyable to read this :D

~ DeaVanity

Author's Response: No, please, by all means, leave informal reviews!! I personally like these ones better because they're more fun and personal!!! But yes!! I'm sooo happy you weren't laughing but cracking up!! Yaayy!!! I'll be sure and drop by and tell you when ch. three is out!!! Thanks again for all this support!!!

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Review #21, by twinklinghazeleyes Comfort Food

3rd September 2009:
I love this chapter and story!! Poor Rose feeling all left out!!! Hope something good happens for her soon!! Agin I love it!!! Please update really, really soon!! 10/10!!

Author's Response: Aw! Thanks for the review!! I'm really glad you took the time to do so because I love meeting my readers!!! I'll do my best to update soon!!! Thanks again!!!

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Review #22, by Little Miss Gryffindor The Story of My Life

31st August 2009:
Haha! I loved the dissaparating part! Good job!

Author's Response: baha! thanks so much!

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Review #23, by Emailycat The Story of My Life

25th August 2009:
i love the story. i can't wait until she gets a job.

Author's Response: haha! thanks! i can't wait either!

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Review #24, by Tinkerbell01 The Story of My Life

25th August 2009:
Alice, this was truely amazing.

I love how you have a different side of Rose. Usually you see stories that are going for her "mother like daughter side" of her and clearly you aren't. I like how you have her own personality and not have her be like Hermione and be the top of the class and perfect marks. It's new and original.

I love how sarcastic and humorous you make this all feel! It's refreshing to read some humor.

I also like how you have in this chapter that Rose is like any typical person. Trying to find out what they are doing in their life. She's like me, really. I wasn't all that great in school, plus I'm still living at my parents, trying to survive this world.

My favorite has to be where you have George helping Rose when she needs it most. Even if her parents don't know about her quiting school (which she shouldn't!), she's got someone there to help her where it's needed.

I'm not sure what else to say hun. This is amazing! Really! There are a couple spelling things I noticed, like for instance, "Riiight," he said slowly. "And do you have any money left over?" You should only need one "i" in there because you can express his, what's the word I'm looking for... ack. You know what I'm talking about, I hope! I've notice that a lot in stories where people do that epsecially with punctuation. So be careful with that.

Other than that, this is an amazing peice and I don't hesitate to drop by when you update the second chapter! ;)


Author's Response: Hey Alicia!!!

I'm so glad I was able to finally catch you! You are so popular these days!!!

Anyways! I'm SO glad that you accepted my Rose! I was just so worried that people would throw stuff at me for butchering her character like that. But I stand by this Rose and I'm happy with what I did for her.

And yes, a lot of people are just like you Alicia. I just hoped that people would be aware of that. And yes, I am glad that this story is refreshing to you. I was honestly kinda bored with seeing Rose as the smarty pants. It's gotten old. Very old.

Thanks again for the review!!!

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Review #25, by padfoot4ever The Story of My Life

22nd August 2009:
Hi Cali! :)
I really liked this. Although I'm not a huge Next Generation reader, I like how this one is playing out. Rose definitely seems a little spoiled, which is only to be expected of the daughter of Ron and Hermione Weasley, war heroes. She is very self-absorbed, something I'm hoping will be remedied in future chapters, or just something I hope will be addressed again because it's very amusing! Poor old Hugo - I wonder what present he'll end up with??
I really like Rose's relationship with George, it's very original. I like how she is more like Fred and George than her mother, because a lot of Next Generation stories tend to make Rose exactly like Hermione. Rose really couldn't be any less like Hermione in this story!! Hermione did seem a bit cruel though, especially to Ron when she made the comment about hand-me-down clothes. It just seems that Hermione has spent all seven books trying to make Ron feel better about his poverty and I don't think she would make light of it.
Apart from that though, I thought this was very good! I think the use of Confessions of a Shopaholic in the chapter image was very appropriate too! lol
As far as funny goes, while I didn't laugh out loud, I definitely smiled and found it amusing. But it's only the first chapter, you have plenty of time to make people laugh!
Well done, keep up the great work!!
Heather x

Author's Response: Thanks Heather!

Wow, I kinda feel guilty now putting that joke about Ron's hand me down. I was hoping it would be funny, but I guess my sense of humor is a little harsh. Bah, oh well.

I also didn't want Rose to come off a self-absorbed, so i will be sure and keep that in mind later on in the future.

But yes, thanks so much for this review!!!

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