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Review #1, by beapinkie The Race

23rd September 2012:
Loved seeing the wild side of Remus... P.s did Sirius break his nose because Remus stole his bike?

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Review #2, by Nynfadora The Race

21st December 2010:
I loved reading this side of Remus, it was completlydifferent to anything else I've read of him but I adored it! He should have fun more often!
Loved the description throughout, a detailed, nicely written one shot with a clear sence of style and plot.

10/10- welldone :)

Also, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Author's Response: oh wow, thank you for the lovely review, i have to say ive not been on for a while and it was nice to come back to.
Ive always thought people write remus a little too serious, he was a marauder for a reason after all =]

Anyway im glad you enjoyed it, and i hope you had a good christmas and new year also.

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Review #3, by Red_Camelia The Race

19th December 2010:
I love it! Perfect ending! xD

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Review #4, by Galawen The Race

22nd August 2010:
Lol woah quite a different Remus to the usual "good, studious and calm" guy we see! Still I really liked what you did with his character. I kinda saw it that as soon as he stepped onto that nike he lost all inhibitions and just went with the flow for once.
Nice play with Mustang Sally btw ;) and I loved how at the end Sirius made sure his friend was ok, THEN decided to deal with the whole theft issue! There were like one or two tense changes that I noticed but they were tiny and I can barely remember them.
Well done! :)

Author's Response: Thank you im glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #5, by whisky The Race

30th April 2010:
i like it, love it, and definitlely DONT hate it!!

Author's Response: aw thank you so much, I really apprecate your review =]


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Review #6, by elladora The Race

8th November 2009:
Alright. This was my challenge. I accidently found this story. I love Remus in your story. That's what I call a badboy and also your end. That was fantastic. By the way your character Sally was great

Author's Response: OMG! I did try looking for the topic but by the time i had it to a half decent standard I couldn't find you. Can't believe you found me AND that you like the story =D BONUS!

Thank you.

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Review #7, by SortingHat The Race

3rd September 2009:
ahahahhaa i love it! my fav fanfics are ones that actually fit with the story line and very well could have happened, i love this!

Author's Response: aww thank you so much i'm really glad you enjoyed it i loved writing it =]

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Review #8, by alanapotter The Race

21st August 2009:
You know, I still really like this! It really shows Remus in a different light than many other stories, and it's quite unique in it's own way. Your description was really wonderful throughout and wasn't overpowered by the dialogue.

It's a great piece, I'm glad you posted it! :D

Author's Response: JILL!

I KNOW! im so tired of seeing the shy little remus, i can't see him being too much like that unless it was adventagous to the situation.

Thanks for all your help with everything! =D


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Review #9, by Phoenix_Flames The Race

21st August 2009:
Liz! Hey there, how are you? I've finally gotten around to reading this! YAY!

And it was really awesome. I love Marauder stories, and you can't find them as good as this anymore. It's all sappy Next-Gen now. :P But you brought the Maruaders back to life awesomely.

It had a brilliant opening, saying that Remus had done many stupid things in his life. Knowing Remus, it doesn't really seem like it would be that way. However, you took Remus and weaved him into a much more lively character in this story.

Really great job! And I love the title by the way! :D



Author's Response: DRUE thank you soo much for reading this for me, if there is one persons opinions I value its yours =]
I'm flattered that you think so highly of me i'm not sure I deserve it.

I'm sick to death of reading about whiney little remus' who are always sulking about being a werewolf I thought it was about time he had a bit of fun.

Thank you again, and I'm sorry I didn't get around to replying to you earlier (I had done it and it didn't save and I only just noticed)


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Review #10, by marauderqueen The Race

19th August 2009:
Yeah I really did like it :D
It's cool to think of Remus as a bad-boy ;)
So yeah I did like it and im glad you posted it!

Author's Response: thanks, i'm really pleased you enjoyed it =]

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Review #11, by Eighmy_Lupin The Race

18th August 2009:
Great story, very well written

Author's Response: Thankyou so much =]

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Review #12, by Dancing_by_Magic The Race

17th August 2009:
This was really well written! Good job!

the end is perfect... and hilarious!

"And then Sirius broke his nose" indeed!! This was great! I'm glad you posted it!


Author's Response: OH WOW! Thankyou I can't tell you how much it means to me that you like it =]

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