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Review #1, by Lovethestory A Pair of Familiar Emerald Eyes

11th February 2012:
thank you for writing this, i love it!!!

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Review #2, by Jakumo1 A Pair of Familiar Emerald Eyes

14th December 2011:
Ironic how there's four chapter's to this story and it's for the fourth of July. I'm probably just being slow, but did you do that an purpose? :-3

Author's Response: Yes I did.

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Review #3, by Neytirihime A Pair of Familiar Emerald Eyes

6th October 2011:
I cant wait this story is amazing so far wonder what danger you are talking about does it involve something fae? Also you write that Inky is THEIR pet as in he belongs to the whole family which makes sense but he is bonded to Harry cause he brought him alive right? So that makes Inky Harry's Familiar like Firefly is for Eileen right? and when Harry is at Hogwarts does he bring Inky along after all you dont separate a Wizard and his Familiar right?

Thanks bye the way cant wait for the next surprise I shall leave you then. Best wishes and lots of luck!!!

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Review #4, by David Wang A Pair of Familiar Emerald Eyes

23rd August 2009:
It was amazing to bring Lily Snape back briefly in that fashion.
It really surprised me!

Oh little Eileen was so cute!
Definetely a daughter Severrus Deserves to have.

So there'll be a sequel involving a Plague at Hogwarts?
Cool. That idea alone sounds quite original!
Could it be some kind of biological weapon a dark wizard is using (since I firmly believe that the Snape-haters aren't all gone yet)?

Author's Response: Great I had hoped it would!

She sure is and she's a lot like both Severus and Alaina.

yes, eventually there will be.

Could be. Or it could be just plain old-fashioned mother nature leveling the playing field.

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Review #5, by Wanted Free7 A Pair of Familiar Emerald Eyes

21st August 2009:
Okay, the Snape family. Tell me if I'm missing anyone. They are: Severus, Alaina, Harry, Lexy, Eileen, Toby, Inky, Lexy's owl, Tobias, and a deer? That's one big family. 10/10!

Author's Response: Nope, you got them all. BTW, lexy's owl is called Mystic and Eileen's deer is Firefly.

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Review #6, by Wanted Free7 The Best Prank Ever

21st August 2009:
Whoa. I never knew Tobias ever had it in him. I mean, pulling his son in to a pool? I think Sev would look GORGEOUS dripping wet. *coughs awkwardly and blushes* Did I really just write that? 10/10!

Author's Response: woohoo, so would I! I dream about that!

yeah Toby has a great sense of humor, hahaha!

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Review #7, by Wanted Free7 Eileen's Mistake

21st August 2009:
Well, that certainly was a big mistake on Eileen's part. It's a good thing she didn't get trampled. 10/10

Author's Response: She was very lucky and Harry and Lexy were very smart to rescue her like that.

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Review #8, by Wanted Free7 Morning of the 4th

21st August 2009:
I wonder how Sev's going to do to Harry because he said something to his four-year-old sister about PMS. I bet he's gonna be in trouble. 10/10

Author's Response: He will be, LOL!

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Review #9, by natholius A Pair of Familiar Emerald Eyes

20th August 2009:
great story. the best two words i can use to describe it are: Epic Awesomness!! Your writing is always amazing, and You are very talented, to be writing four separate storylines. keep up the crazy, amazing work!

Author's Response: Thank you and I love writing this series and all my other ones.

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Review #10, by SIRIUSBLACK A Pair of Familiar Emerald Eyes

11th August 2009:
Great. I am definitely waiting for sequel...
but I think it would be best is you finish the other stories you mentioned first and then go ahead with this...
besides i am also waiting for the sequel for 'Hide Yourself Away'...

Author's Response: Right and I will! yes, I'm working on that too!

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Review #11, by Deatheaterbabe A Pair of Familiar Emerald Eyes

10th August 2009:
aw this is my fave series! meanie lol!

please do another one! ill give u panther! yeh ill give u Inky!

lol i loved it

Author's Response: okay, I'll try and think of another one! Hope you enjoy my other stories. I'd love a panther!

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Review #12, by Liana A Pair of Familiar Emerald Eyes

10th August 2009:
That was an amazing twist to this story. Of course, I hate to think that it's over but I do have a sequel to look forward to--whenever you get to it. I also think you're probably portraying typical conversations between the magical and muggle members of a family. There are things muggles just don't understand and have to trust. Great chapter!

Author's Response: You're right, and sometimes it's hard for someone without magic to understand what it's like to grow up with it. But Severus will make sure his children are never hurt the way he was. And they will grow up well adjusted and happy.

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Review #13, by HP_Ravenclaw Morning of the 4th

9th August 2009:
Can't silence them either--- that's brilliant. I like Harry's little slip up.

Author's Response: So did I. I thought it was a typical thing for a teenage boy to say. My nephew said it once to his little sister.

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Review #14, by Liana The Best Prank Ever

9th August 2009:
The pranks were pretty funny. Too bad Alaina was gone. Now I'm wondering what the startling revelation is going to be. Can't wait to find out. You always make it good.

Author's Response: yes, she would have gotten a kick out of it. Just wait it'll be surprising.

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Review #15, by Deatheaterbabe The Best Prank Ever

9th August 2009:
haha tobias fell in the pool!!!

lol that was outstanding!!

Author's Response: yes he did and so did Sev! yay for throwing them in!

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Review #16, by SIRIUSBLACK The Best Prank Ever

9th August 2009:
waiting for next chapter...

Author's Response: Thanks the next one will be up shortly.

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Review #17, by SIRIUSBLACK Eileen's Mistake

9th August 2009:
i love you...
you write sooo well...
waiting for more chapters.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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Review #18, by Deatheaterbabe Eileen's Mistake

8th August 2009:
awww so cute
poor eileen it wasnt her fault was it?
wat will sev do now?

omg i loved it :D

Author's Response: No, not at all. She just wanted to play with the fawn. Umm . . .you'll see what Sev does next chapter. He won't be mad, he knows it wasn't intentional.

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Review #19, by Deatheaterbabe Morning of the 4th

8th August 2009:
that was really good and i loved the new addition!!! Toby William so cute!

did u like my banner?

Author's Response: Isn't he though? Loved it and I posted it!

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Review #20, by Liana Eileen's Mistake

8th August 2009:
Well, I guess Eileen had the right idea. And wasn't it great that she could actually pull her magic together and sing that many deer into her presence. That's more than accidental magic isn't it? My favorite part, though, was at the beginning when Lexy warned Eileen to get dressed before she went out flying so the bears wouldn't look up and see her undies:)

Author's Response: Yes, it was a bit more than accidental magic, but not much. Uh huh, wasn't that just hysterical? I should be posting the next chapter soon!

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Review #21, by SIRIUSBLACK Morning of the 4th

8th August 2009:
Eileen is great...
poor Harry though...
he's always in trouble...

Author's Response: Isn't she a little minx?

Yeah, that's our Harry though! Trouble and him are old friends.

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Review #22, by Liana Morning of the 4th

7th August 2009:
I was kind of surprised by baby Toby. Harry seems like such a nice older brother. I think Tobias is going to end up in the pool. I hope the kids are gentle and he doesn't get too upset about it. I'm glad this story is continuing. And we have another one of your new creations--a spellsinger. Great job.

Author's Response: Oh good. I wanted Sev to have another boy to raise, since he did such a good job with Harry. Harry is a good older brother. Uh, yeah you're right. They'll try to be.

Eileen's new talent will be useful in the big sequel I'm planning. I like giving Sev's kids unusual abilities. Don't know what I'll come up with for Toby though!

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Review #23, by angelice86 Morning of the 4th

7th August 2009:
hmmm... id really like that just for fun... make them push him off... baby toby seems to be a cute baby...

Author's Response: Okay, and that can be arranged. He is a cute thing, he's Sev's son!

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