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Review #1, by Misty_Rey The Ascension

15th July 2016:
Shame on me for not reviewing this earlier!!

This was a gorgeous piece of writing. Lily/Snape is a relationship that's just so rich in depth and complexity and I loved the way you explored it, tore it apart and examined the fragile, messed up, broken pieces. The love that Lily finally admitted to Snape was so subtle, anyone could have missed it if they weren't reading close enough.

The language and prose was such a delight to read. The words you chose to convey the emotion, the thoughts, the memories flowed wonderfully well which isn't a surprise because you're a great writer.

It was so interesting how in her final moments that Lily could describe herself with such starkness. The way you distorted the common cliche of her being perfectly saintly was a nice twist that fit in so well with the rest of the fic and where you were taking it.

Overall, basically what I'm trying to say is that I know this is an old fic and that you've probably moved on to other things. But I do hope I get to read more of your writing in some way shape or form.


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