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Review #1, by Quidditchandhorses I Want You Back

21st April 2009:
Wow, the ending was surprising. Your writing is pretty good, but maybe a little more description. Your dialogue is really good, but there's so much of it, that it all comes on really fast. The ending was quite a twist, but your story was pretty good. Nice work!

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Review #2, by Kaity I Want You Back

17th June 2004:
I was just wondering what did Draco do to Hermione? Other than that the story was awsome!!

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Review #3, by Kayla I Want You Back

11th August 2003:
Good at the beginging and middle. but the ending was kind of...weird

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Review #4, by islandbreeze I Want You Back

11th August 2003:
Wow! It\'s creative. I like the part about him proposing and her being pregnant. It\'s like totally awesome! It\'s totally rad. Like, write more!

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Review #5, by mrningglry I Want You Back

9th August 2003:
They snogged while Hermione\'s friends were happily watching?!?! AHHHHHHHH! NO PRIVACY AT ALL!!!!! Okay well that was a bit sudden, but all in all it was good... I\'d never wanna snog infront anyone! Need my privacy..:D

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Review #6, by sami I Want You Back

1st August 2003:
i thought it was really good. im not too much of a draco/hermione fan,but whatever. it was still good.keep writing!!

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