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Review #1, by avidfan68 The Swing

13th November 2009:
Beautifully written. Very realistic with Molly and Arthur's grieving. Thanks for a good read.

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Review #2, by Jessica The Swing

8th November 2009:
i love when Ginny says "i can and will kiss you again tomorrow. that's a promise." i laughed for five minutes when i read that

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Review #3, by Rod The Swing

1st October 2009:
This is very good. I think you captured the emotions quite well. You should really think about trying a longer story.

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Review #4, by my wicked quill The Swing

23rd September 2009:
great job. u had me crying. so real, the loss of all the people who died in the series, it's just the pain is so real, good job!

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Review #5, by Harry and Ginny The Swing

21st September 2009:
great fic u have here.^_^


Harry and Ginny

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Review #6, by lauraf68 The Swing

21st September 2009:
Very Nice! I just love that Mr. Weasley, he always knows just the right thing to say. ~Lauraf68

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Review #7, by lyrix82 The Swing

14th September 2009:
What a brilliantly written oneshot! Well done! You made me tear up there in the middle... Very well written and a realistic series of events, excellent, thank you for sharing.

p.s. just one thing though, Fabian and Gideon Prewett are Molly's brothers...xx

Author's Response: Thanks for the lovely review - you're absolutely right about the Prewett brothers and I've just edited my story to reflect that. Doh! I think my confusion came from the whole Black family tree thing. Anyway - its all put right now... :)

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Review #8, by Malfoyfriend20 The Swing

16th August 2009:
AW! OH MY FREAKIN' SKITTLES! i loved this story!!! sooo cute!!! great job, poor harry *sniff*! *hands you a brownie* bloody brilliant!!!



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Review #9, by husain The Swing

14th August 2009:
Well i now Harry would have felt Survior guilt but i don't think anyone in the wizarding history had faced anything like him, watching his parents die in his dreams for abt 16yrs since his age of 1, facing death threats in his school since age 11 and that too at your first yr, facing death threats for every possible year at school is not like someone else and experienced in addition to that witnessing friend die in his 4th yr and godfather at 5th yr and his mentor 6th yr then the battle i don't think anyone faced death willingly and come back to finish off the enemy. That's quite a stuff.
I would suggest you to write another fanfic continuing from where you left

Author's Response: HI thanks for responding. I reckon I probably opened a can of worms with this story - just playing with some ideas, you know. PTSD/Survivors guilt - fascinating - you're right, that there's too much to deal with there in a one-shot - I thought that moonlit conversation with Mr Weasley might be a good first step for Harry. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Review #10, by hpobsessed12 The Swing

14th August 2009:
omg perfect!!! u got all the emtions down wonderfully!! a beautiful story displaying all the characters exactly as they would be!!

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