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Review #1, by facetoface20 Wings

18th September 2010:
um. damn.

i loved the last line and its simplicity. it added a beautiful kind of starkness to the piece.

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Review #2, by Dragon_Slayer_09 Wings

25th June 2010:
I liked it, it was depressing but I liked it anyways! Good job!

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Review #3, by wishingtoliveanotherday Wings

23rd June 2010:
I don't think I've ever cried so hard as I did when i read this story. You are a wonderful writer, never give up.

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Review #4, by CelticAngel Wings

6th June 2010:
This was interesting- I take it she died in his arms then? I have to say I liked your other stories better, but this one was an interesting read.

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Review #5, by Harrypottergirl4eva Wings

19th April 2010:
beautiful. i especially love the ending. let's hope that's what death is really like..

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Review #6, by MagicallyClumsie Wings

22nd February 2010:
wow thats amazing...

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Review #7, by Kathryn Wings

6th February 2010:
It was so amazingly sad! I cried at the end. Such a good story though!

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Review #8, by J_O_I_Rowling Wings

3rd December 2009:
depressing! but the end of it was so sweet. and it was sort of perfect death ending. usually, people just end up going numb, then blacking out, when they write about dying.

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Review #9, by fantasy Wings

6th October 2009:
wow that was beautiful, sad but beautiful. Cancer can do that to lots of ppl and sometimes even though the person who has cancer has made their peace with it, sometimes its hard for their loved ones to make their own peace. I loved how Sirius could, although he will be hurt and in pain, he got to say goodbye to Arianna. The ending was just well written. Thank you for the well written read.

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Review #10, by Shukketsu Reikon Wings

4th October 2009:
That was probably one of the most beautiful things I've ever read, I can't stop crying.

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Review #11, by nikki_luvshp Wings

21st September 2009:
Beautiful story! Reminds me of this book I just read 'Before I Die'.

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Review #12, by effielena Wings

21st September 2009:
im crying - this was beautiful, simply beautiful, especially her death:

'i smelled lilacs'

enough said

xoxox effielena

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Review #13, by little angel Wings

21st September 2009:
I really wanted to say something about this little text, but as I try to focus on something my words kind os slipp away. I spotted your one-shot on the recently added stories and the summary made me curious enough to click and start reading this... And despite the fact I am, now, criying like a hopeless child, I have to tell you I absolutely adore this text.

The emotions are so well portrayed, the characters are great and... this does really touch inside of us! I'm a quite suspect person to talk about this, unfortunatly I saw too many loved people dying due to cancer, but this small one-shot is Perfect.

You have chosen quite a complicate theme, but you developped it intensly and amazingly. I just wanted to tell you this... You did indeed an amazing work, this really is one of the best One Shot's I had ever seen in HPFF. I don't know what elso to say right now...

20 out of 10... =) And this has a place in my favorites list.

Huggies and congratulations,


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