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Review #1, by pieface Severus, Not Cathy

12th October 2009:
i havnt actually ever read wuthering heights, but this is really great/beautiful. this might only be me, but i think that songfics are really hard to write well (not that i write or anything.. brrt) but you have done such a great job with this i really like it! i love your portrayal of snape/lily, you've actually made me think about snape's experience from a different poi and you've done it really nicely too lol. :)
i think the second part of your songfic is kind of ironic because i think that if lily had been with snape, then he would have almost taken her for granted, and not do all the things he's saying that he would. but now that hes realised what hes lost then yeah.. just me pondering haha dw if none of that made any sense to you!

i really like this bit:
"Anger burned like venemous flames inside him. Lily Potter- he cringed at her married name- Evans. Lily Evans was dead. There was no escaping that. And there was no escaping his involvement in her death either. He needed her. He'd always needed her, since that evening in the park when they were so much younger, so much more innocence. She was his, really. He'd always thought of her that way. His Lily. Not Potters. And now she was gone. That just wouldn't settle in his mind. Lily had been full of life, it was impossible that she was gone, surely. Not Lily. Anyone but Lily. He just couldn't understand it."
- the sentences are truncated and it captures snape's character really nicely and i can understand how his regret, reminsicence and a thirst for lily are almost overtaking him.
this is a really beautiful songfic, great work i cant wait for more from you!

Author's Response: Wow this is one long review, thank you so much!!!

I'm glad you enjoyed this, as its only the second review I've ever gotten for it :) You're awesome. And songfics are pretty hard to write but they do wonders when you have writers block as they can be short but you can sort out any scrambled ideas you have within them. I'm really pleased that you think it was good, and you should totally read Wuthering Heights, it's an amazing book, and Heathcliff is amazing!

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Review #2, by Gillian_Black_ox Severus, Not Cathy

10th September 2009:
Absolutely amazing!!
Thought I'd read because you read mine and I'm so glad I did!
Really really good, I can't think of any complaints :)

Author's Response: Oh thank you :) I'm glad you like it xxx

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Review #3, by ohcrapidroppedmybrain Severus, Not Cathy

31st August 2009:
Lily Evans, from a young age, had always been the most beautiful girl he'd ever laid eyes on. He vibrant red locks and emerald eyes had always captivated him, only to be cruelly snatched away by that arrogant, bigheaded James Potter- and his own stupid slip of the mouth that put their friendship beyond repair forever, and never allowed any more progress. But the conversations they'd once shared- about magic and their familial nightmares- Lily's stuck up muggle sister Petunia, and Snape's horrible parents- they stuck in his mind. He remembered their fantasies of escaping Spinners End forever- to far away lands that didn't really exist, lands of their own invention. He wished he could run away now. But he couldn't. He was stuck, trapped.

That was a beautiful piece of writing that was =]]. I loved it that you compared this story to Wuthering Heights, because surprisingly it is similar. When I saw you had a Snape story out, I almost gasped because I'm in the middle of making one myself! Your descriptions were great, and you kept Snape sentamental but not TOO sentamental. He was the perfect Snape =]].

Author's Response: Oh wow you're truly amazing thanks so much for reviewing!! I thought nobody was ever going to find something to say lol I know it's not that great.

Well basically we studied Wuthering Heights in English and I noticed some similarities and some friends and I were talking about how we should do a Harry Potter crossover but it proved like way too hard to do, but seeing as there was a song, I thought I could at least do a songfic.

It's so sweet of you to pick that paragraph out, thank you :):)

And kind of spooky that you're doing a thing with Snape too! Post it up, I'd love to read it sometime :)
Thanks again :D

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