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Review #1, by Sue Clover Visitations

9th January 2015:
But the full moon was on Christmas Eve the previous year, too! It can't do that, not two times in a row. Oh, well. I guess the Moon does what it wants.

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Review #2, by Sue Clover Badgers, Monkeys and Dementors

9th January 2015:
Yay! Movement in the Vashti direction. They're still both being idiots, but it's a step. Maybe they'll realize they have bigger things to worry about, and a common enemy will make them see they're on the same side. As long as Vashti doesn't side with Voldy when he comes back, we're good.

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Review #3, by Sue Clover The Quidditch Match

9th January 2015:
I can't wait until Snape somehow gets proof that Kerri is still a virgin, and she and Remus really haven't been doing undecent things at all, and not because of Kerri but because of Remus. He's going to feel like such an idiot. At least, I hope that happens at some point.

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Review #4, by Sue Clover Troubles with Tea Leaves

8th January 2015:
She should move up the Unicorns in the curriculum schedule. That might help with the rumors.

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Review #5, by Sue Clover A Werewolf, a Toilet Seat, and a Permanent Sticking Charm

8th January 2015:
I'm really kind of saddened by Kerri's attitude towards Vashti. Sure, she's a piece of work, esp. to people she doesn't like, but she could be a really helpful ally in Kerri's werewolf rights mission. She needs to think more long-term. Besides, they don't actually KNOW that the permanent sticking charm was Vasthi's work, they're just assuming. And now they're upping the stakes on the rivalry when they should be trying to get her to see that they are ON THE SAME SIDE. Honestly. She'll figure it out eventually, I hope. I bet Vasthi will figure it out first, actually.

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Review #6, by Sue Clover The Staff Luncheon

5th January 2015:
Oh my gosh. Those two scenes were so beautiful, and that last one made me so happy. At least I know this awful stage of Severus's won't last forever. I feel I should go to bed now, but maybe one more chapter...

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Review #7, by Parvati_Khatri Hagrid Meets August

7th June 2012:
HAHAHA! I loved that last paragraph!!! It was superb!
Poor Remus, he really does think its a innocent harmless activity. I love all of your stories, please continue righting, these fanfics are my life! (No, literally!) 10/10

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Review #8, by the_other_potter Weasel, Kneazle and Butterfly

17th April 2011:
no0oo0oo0oo0oo its sad how the story ended im a big fan of kerri and remus. but on the positive side you are my favorite writer, i love reading everything you've written. speaking of which on to the next :)

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Review #9, by Bella_Portia Weasel, Kneazle and Butterfly

27th August 2010:
This was an outstanding chapter. The final scene with Remus -- and I'm including the whole long scene, from the artificial cave to the bedroom -- was crafted into a perfect transition in their relationship. We knew it was coming, of course. But I just thought you worked it out beautifully, and touchingly, and in a truly inventive meshing of your story with the canon story.

I wondered about the moment when Mme. Pomfrey said she was going to see Severus. I had visions of his barely surviving the encounter -- I imagined Mme. Pomfrey letting him have it. (Perhaps that's why he was so subdued when Kerri saw him.)

The moment with the butterfly and the AK spell was just perfect.

Author's Response: Thanks.

Some people thought this chapter was a bit boring after the last one because they felt that I glossed over the canon events. I did that on purpose because everyone has read the books and I felt it would be redundant. Also, I don't like to re-stage canon scenes (like where Harry tries to convince Remus to stay) because of the rules about quoting. So I focused on Kerri and Remus and went for emotion rather than action.

Yes, maybe Madam Pomfrey has had Snape cornered somewhere, shaking her finger at him.

And finally Kerri can do the spell. Which will no doubt come in handy in the years to come.

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Review #10, by Bella_Portia Hippogriff, Centaur and Werewolf

25th August 2010:
Your description of Hagrid was so enormously touching, was he prepared for Buckbeak's nearing execution. The way you handled his inability to process, the way things had to be repeated to him, really underscored his state of mind.

The part about the two dogs was lovely and absolutely true.

I could just imagine the chagrin of the Three when they realized that Hagrid had a visitor who'd witnessed them under the Invisibility Cloak. Nice, the way you (like JKR in the book) noted, but underplayed, the finding of Scabbers.

You could feel poor Kerri's stress while all this was going on.

Good point about Fudge. What, indeed, was he doing there with all he had on his plate? I think you are the first one to make this point.

The scene with Kerri asking Hagrid to walk her down the aisle was very touching (apparently, Kerri had relaxed a bit by then).

The scene with August was actually pretty shocking. And I knew it was coming. I even knew what happened to Buckbeak.

The scene that follows -- with Dumbledore and Snape -- is an exciting jolt, a complete change of pace, and rather invigorating. (So much fun to see Kerri and Severus at it again!)

The section with the centaurs was outstanding. Athena is a wonderful character -- I think she rules the centaurs, except she makes sure the males donít know it. And Kerri finally came through with the AK spell.

This was a great chapter, with lots of substance.

I'm so sorry it took me so long to get this up.

Author's Response: Where in the heck have you been? I was getting ready to send an email. Victoria told me about the accident. Is it going to prevent you from going to Universal next month?

By the way, I'm on Facebook if you're interested. I don't use it much but I have some pictures and things and since elderlies is gone now, at least we can keep in touch. I'm in there among Victoria's friends, which would probably be the easiest way for you to find me. You know what my real name is, right?

You read a part of this chapter once before I think when I previewed it at elderlies. It's one of my favorites because of the scene in the forest. It was my favorite of all my pre-written scenes.

Hagrid's part was easy for me to do because at the time, I thought one of my cats was dying. I wasn't really planning to go into detail with that part until my cat got sick and then it just came naturally. Also, the story about the two dogs was taken from reality. They belonged to my next door neighbors.

Kerri's an adult so I guess she would be more alert to taxpayer money being wasted by the Minister of Magic attending a hippogriff beheading. He couldn't catch Sirius so I guess he wanted to show that he had Buckbeak in hand...sort of. Kind of. Almost?

This will be Snape and Kerri's last major fight for a while. Hopefully the last major one ever. Right now in year 4 they're just sort of ignoring each other although they both already seem to share the same opinion about Moody. (Either one)

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Review #11, by ishu161 Weasel, Kneazle and Butterfly

30th July 2010:
I've been late this time...but oh well,
Story-wise, this last chapter was as well as to be expected. We knew remus was gonna bail, knew Kerri was going to be supremely angry at him, almost knew everything. So no point in me repeating all that.

But i feel as if this chapter was rushed. For a last chapter, the end of a year at Hogwarts, when so many big mysteries are revealed, the end of Kerri and Remus relationship, this chapter was way to short, and it didn't have that 'shock value' which I always imagined will hit Kerri when all things are finally revealed in the end (ending of the relationship came after that).
But even assuming that she was too tired and/or brokenhearted, her emotions, feelings were 'explained' quickly. I would expect her to have some of a reaction after all that happened. Although killing the butterfly was simply awesome :D
Overall, this story has far too many things going on, and since your update speed is fantastic, this hardly affects the overall story-line.
so overall,
5/10 - chapter,
9/10 - story
awesome stuff. Waiting for the next one :D

Author's Response: Sorry it's taken me a while to respond. My grandfather is in the hospital so things are crazy now.

Maybe the rushed feeling comes from the way I glossed over the canon events. I felt that we all knew the story so there was no point in rehashing it, although maybe if I'd done it in more detail it would have been fun to see Kerri's reaction. I was concentrating more on the demise of her relationship and the emotional turmoil of that.

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Review #12, by Margravine Weasel, Kneazle and Butterfly

23rd July 2010:
Oh that was a truly wonderful end. I will admit I've felt this story has been lagging a bit - it's really very long, and because you write about ordinary life (perfectly) my attention was wandering, but in the last few chapters you really have picked up the pace magnificently. Your characterisation is so nuanced and vivid and this chapter was heartbreaking, but it all felt very natural. nothing forced, all appropriate to the past you've built up, and the avadra kedavra was chilling. This series deserved the AU Dobby ten times over!

As always, the truly brilliant part of this story is what happens in the 'behind the scenes' of the books, and you've got tortured, believable, moral, stupid (??) Remus down pat. I'm looking forward to reading more!

Author's Response: The action scene from the last chapter was my favorite of my prewritten scenes, written two or three years ago actually. I've had a lot of time to play with it and clean it up. The actual final chapter wasn't planned in detail until fairly recently. The idea to have Kerri and Snape's final, quiet little encounter at the end was an even more recent idea. Both chapters have been getting good reviews which is a good thing, except now I'll have to figure out how to top them with next year's ending. (Which I do have one small pre-written scene completed for already).

Glad you liked the story. Looking forward to seeing you back for the next one. Chapter one is complete and I have a partial draft of chapter two. I'm going to use this two week vacation that the staff has gone on as a chance to get ahead.

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Review #13, by CoCo Weasel, Kneazle and Butterfly

22nd July 2010:
Another great chapter. Its upsetting that the yr is ending on such a sour note b/w Kerri and Remus. I cant wait for yr 4!

Author's Response: Thanks.

Well, they can't all be completely happy endings. Since I plan to write one story for each of the books, I have room to take my time and develop things slowly. (They do get married in the summer between years 5 and 6 though).

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Review #14, by CoCo Hippogriff, Centaur and Werewolf

22nd July 2010:
What an amazing chapter! Very intense, and very dramatic. I absolutely loved it. I was a bit worried how you would be able to fit Kerri into the action in yr 3, but you Just nailed it! :]

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm especially fond of this chapter. I wrote the action bits years in advance and it's my favorite of all my pre-written chapters. I guess now I'm under pressure to produce something better.

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Review #15, by Orabella Weasel, Kneazle and Butterfly

20th July 2010:
ahh!!! my review didnt show up :( i posted it really really late last night haha probably morning for you i think it was about 2 here. anyways i will just repeat myself :D

okay so i think this was the best ending. it was satisfying in every way and it just feels complete. i mean i am not happy with remus leaving but i understand it. i feel sympathy for severus because i think besides the revenge thing he truly thought he was helping kerri so when she did the killing curse i think it upset him. i also feel empathy for kerri of course but these are things i am supposed to feel and make this story and the way you write it amazing. it was PERFECT.

I am super excited, as always for the next book and cant beleive it has been three years. :) keep being the incredible author that you are and keep perservering through this story and life :D haha sorry a little dramatic but i love this story and i hope your life is turning out as well as these books are.

Author's Response: I hate it when reviews do that. It happens a lot. One of my readers, Morgana67 loses reviews on a regular basis. One time it was just week after week after week that they vanished. It's frustrating when reviews are long.

Remus's reaction is pretty typical of him and just couldn't be helped. Snape definitely believes he's doing the right thing -- and so does Kerri's kneazle. Isis checked him over and decided he was okay, proving that he is trustworthy. He means well, he thinks he's protecting Kerri, she just doesn't like the methods he uses.

I can't believe it's been three years either. A few months ago I realized I needed to start planning year 4 and started to panic a bit because I didn't think I was ready. It sneaked up on me a bit. It's always kind of scary finishing an installment, maybe because I have to worry about whether or not the next one will measure up, but it's also very satisfying too to be able to go into the "edit story" page and click on the "Completed" box.

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Review #16, by morgana67 Weasel, Kneazle and Butterfly

20th July 2010:
Well, this was a fantastic last chapter. You know me and my predilection for bitter-sweet endings. lol

You have built up a lot of anticipation for the new installment of this series.

You are extremely skillful when it comes to giving information to the reader without having to involve the main players (in this case the trio). Once again, you have managed to talk about a completely trio centric scene without having to write 'my boyfriend' at all. lol

Remus is totally in character here, the shame, the fear, the embarrassment, everything and so is Kerri. I wouldn't be too pleased if I were in her shoes especially after taking for granted that the wedding would happen and telling everyone. The sadness that they both felt is so palpable. I almost cried when Remus left and she didn't go to say goodbye.

Snape's shock at the fact that Kerri managed the killing curse successfully was masterfully done.

Great way to end year three!

Author's Response: Yes, but unlike you, I don't have a thing for murdering off my favorite characters either. (Not that I plan on all of my original characters surviving though either).

This chapter ended with a cliffhanger. The first chapter of the next story picks up a couple of months later but not much has really changed. Kerri is still upset and depressed and not talking to Remus. She won't until after the mess at the Quidditch World Cup so at least some good comes out of that.

I left your boyfriend out because I couldn't insert her directly into the canon events. You can only quote so many lines, after all. I settled for a quick paraphrase from Remus's point of view. Your boyfriend will be in the sequel though. Kerri will go to the World Cup with him. She can't possibly avoid him then.

Kerri does have reason to be upset with Remus although she did somewhat bring it down on herself. Remus constantly reminded her throughout the year that they were only going to discuss getting married. She got over excited and started making too many concrete plans. She still doesn't realize it either as she's too busy pouting. Maybe I should work on that.I should send her to visit Sophia who can probably set her straight. Sort of. Maybe. We can hope.

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Review #17, by Drummergirlred Weasel, Kneazle and Butterfly

19th July 2010:
I was looking forward to this chapter all weekend. I couldn't wait for Monday lunch to read the last chapter! I was not disappointed in the slightest!
Since I know the whole Remus thing will heal in time my favorite part was the very end. Loved Kerri killing the butterfly, rather poetic justice in same ways.

"Dumbledore will never suspect me and I will get away with it."

I was not sure to laugh or be scared with this line. I think I laughed evilly. I can just picture Snape rather unsure of what to do at Kerri's actions. I am excited to see how brother and sister regain their relationship. I'm hoping Kerri will be sympathetic to the Dark Mark returning.

Two weeks!! EAK! What will I do with my Monday lunches? Maybe re-read the old stories! Awesome job!

Author's Response: Originally the butterfly was a worm and then I decided that I liked the image of it's wings fading and changed.

Kerri thinks Dumbledore won't suspect her because she's never been the murderous type before. Maybe she's right but probably not. In this case it doesn't matter though because she won't be killing Snape. Still, it's fun to have him know what her abilities now are.

Yes, two weeks. I'm looking at them as giving me time to get a bit ahead. I finished the draft of the first chapter tonight and started the second.

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Review #18, by ShadowChanger Weasel, Kneazle and Butterfly

19th July 2010:
What an ending!

I can sort of see why Remus has decided to leave Kerri, but I still don't entirely agree with him. And, who knows what can happen next year? Obviously, since title says so, they do end up together, and have kids, but I'm quite desperate to find out how.

I feel that Snape and Kerri's relationship will soon be on the mend. Hopefully. And, I'm excited about looking into Kerri's view of the World Cup, the Triwizard Tournament, and the Yule Ball.

Also, the ending was well constructed, as was the entire story. Congrats on a great fic, and I can't wait until Year 4!


Author's Response: Yes, the title completely gives away the fact that they will get married. And the prolouge of the first story gives away the fact that they'll have children. I know when their wedding will be (the summer between years 5 and 6) and when their first child will be born too (the night that Dumbledore dies). I've written a partial wedding scene and a childbirth scene so those parts are already fairly detailed. They're coming. Eventually.

Kerri and Snape's friendship will return eventually too. Actually, her relationship with him will probably be fully mended faster than her relationship with Remus will. She'll be angry when she sees "Moody" harassing Snape next year and that will be the start of the reconciliation between them.

Lots of plans in place --- working on chapter one now. Wish I could post it next week but I'm still happy to have a little wiggle room again.

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Review #19, by Jen Weasel, Kneazle and Butterfly

19th July 2010:
Yours is the only story I read. I love it, thank you for continuing it.

Author's Response: Thanks. Glad you're enjoying it. I guess I'll see you in two weeks when hpff opens the queue again.

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Review #20, by crazy4fred2 Weasel, Kneazle and Butterfly

19th July 2010:
No! Remus! :( why does he have to be such a noble guy. I will be deprived from this story for two weeks and that makes me sad
Sad but I am excited for the next installment

Author's Response: What was it Ryann said about Remus once ? Something like, "He's very honorable but that's the only bad thing I know about him." Maybe now Kerri can appreciate that statement. To be fair, he never did say for sure that he was ready to get married. He only said they'd discuss it at the end of the year. Kerri did get a little carried away with it.

Sorry about the two weeks...that's hpff's timing, not mine. It came at a convenient time though because I had a bad week last week and didn't have much time to work on the story.

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Review #21, by Bella_Portia Tying Loose Ends

14th July 2010:
In your world, does Voldemort know that Snape is his son? Do any of his followers? No, I'm not asking you to tell me anything I'm not suppposed to know, yet. The reason I'm asking is -- I do so hope that you include a scene where ancestry-conscious Franklin, who treats Kerri like she's barely worth the time of day, finds out who she's related to. It would be so priceless.

I thought the "plotting" scene between Kerri and August was brilliant -- nicely written, cleverly thought out, very logical. I could just picture the timely entrance of Cedric. The following scene with Cedric was very funny. Hufflepuffs with ice cream -- sounds about right. I liked the line about Ravenclaws and complex math equations; figured that Cedric wouldn't be sure it was a joke.

I always enjoy the Kerri/Severus banter. I'm waiting for them to get back together, so to speak.

Great scene with Remus. The Rita Skeeter book about Gilderoy -- lovely touch.

Author's Response: Voldemort knows Snape is his. I've left it open as to whether or not his followers do in the event that I want to use that as part of the plot later. I'm not sure who or how many people will eventually know about Kerri, although several more people will by the end of year 4. (Harry and friends, the Weasleys). I'm not sure yet about the Death Eaters although probably some of them will. I'm not sure that Franklin will live that long though as I do have definite plans for his demise. (Year 5)

Ravenclaws probably don't joke much so maybe Cedric is to be forgiven for his confusion. Probably most of them are a lot like Percy who evidently thinks he's smart enough to be a Ravenclaw, but clearly wasn't. (Shame on me. That's not nice)

There are a couple of hugely ugly fights left for Snape and Kerri before the end of the story. It ends with her threatening him within an inch of his life.

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Review #22, by ishu161 Hippogriff, Centaur and Werewolf

13th July 2010:
Hands down one of,if not the best chapter in this series. It had everything. Emotion,action,drama,suspense...You pulled it off brilliantly.

I was wondering how kerri was going to fit into the whole equation. I have to hand it to you for making it as canon-like as it could possibly have been with so many other factors involved.
The scenes in the forests were intense. Kerri managing to cast the klling curse was my personal favourite moment in the chapter(that makes me terrible). And putting centaurs into this whole mess only served to increase the intensity. I never really wondered about what Rems would've been doing in the forest the whole time, and him coming face to face with the centaurs is pretty cool.
Kerri is obviously a nervous mess right now, all of a sudden her plans to get married and start a family have been shot down the drain.
Another brilliant thing about this chapter was Snape. His anger and frustration (or RAGE) was very well shown. He got a well deserved arse-kicking here...its about time.

The next chapter will be even more interesting as Kerri finds out the details of what has happened the night before. Remus is going to quit. I don't think Kerri will too, don't know if you've mentioned it previously...The whole Sirius Black mess will come to light.
Again, brilliant chapter. 10/10
P.S. I'm glad you didn't include a preview this week. sometimes they tend to be more like spoilers. :)

Author's Response: Sorry it's taken me a while to answer. My car was broken into and I've been dealing with that.

This chapter literally had years of planning. I wrote the forest scene years ago. It started out small and then I expanded it and cleaned it up, playing with it until it became my favorite of the pre-written chapters I've saved up. I've just been dying to post it for a long time.

This week's chapter was based on action, next week's will be based on emotion. Kerri doesn't realize yet that her wedding plans have gone down the drain, but she will in the next one. And she gets to use the killing curse again (not on Remus. She won't be quite that mad at him).

Kerri won't quit. She'll stay because she has to pay off her debt, if nothing else.

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Review #23, by morgana67 Hippogriff, Centaur and Werewolf

13th July 2010:
I was really wondering how you would explain the disappearance of Buckbeak given that the kids actually went back in time. I assume when this happens, the people who were there in the first instance, (i.e. when Buckbeak actually got executed) only remember the second time (the surprise at finding Buckbeak gone). Interesting point to explore. Your interpretation in terms of not remembering the execution although they were not the people who timetravelled actually makes the more sense. I assume this is what happened in canon or else the officials would have remembered and that would have been just too messy plotwise.

The scene in the forest is absolutely great, so action packed. You create the sense of tension and danger extremely well. I wonder what details will be revealed to Kerri in next chapter about what actually happened. I doubt the kids will say anything, or Dumbledore, although Dumbledore might 'off the record'. Also with Dumbledore not managing to clear Sirius' name, I figure that Snape's teasing won't end in a hurry either.

Can't wait for the final instalment!

Author's Response: I've been apologizing to everyone for taking so long to answer reviews but I can skip that with you because you already know what's been going on in my life.

I didn't want to get bogged down in the time travel stuff. If you think about it too long it just gets confusing. I suppose that the only thing they'd remember is the second one...technically that's the only scenario that actually happened. I think. Maybe.

Kerri ends up knowing that Sirius has Buckbeak and Remus tells her about Sirius being innocent. Next week's chapter is as emotion filled as this one was action packed so I didn't dwell on that part much. I was too focused on --- other things that I won't give away here, although you pretty much already know how the story is going to end.

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Review #24, by Orabella Hippogriff, Centaur and Werewolf

13th July 2010:
AH! im so excited for the next chapter. this was amazing. i had been really curious about what happened ot remus in the forrest and im glad you did too and added a story into it as you do with all of your chapters. brilliant. i think this chapter was just amazing even though it somewhat is a filler. well maybe it isnt i just cant wait for teh next one. i was hoping this would be the last one because i wanted to know what happened so bad with remus and kerri and how she took in the whole story. keep up the fantastic work. cant wait for your next chapter and your next book :)

Author's Response: Sorry it's taken me a while to answer. My car was broken into so I've been dealing with that mess.

This chapter is my favorite in the entire series because it contains my favorite pre-written scene (the forest scene). I wrote it years ago and have been holding it all this time. I couldn't wait to post it and I'm glad that everyone seems to like it.

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Review #25, by Bella_Portia Kerri's Decision

12th July 2010:
Nice scene at the Howards' store. What was particularly interesting (I thought) was the suggestion that Dolores Umbridge might be using Dementors to abuse the werewolves. Hm . . . doesn't Dolores have a thing for using Dementors as a tool, as is demonstrated a couple of novels down the line? Interesting bit of foreshadowing.

The scene between Kerri and Hagrid was a wonderful scene. It illuminated both of their characters, as well as their relationship. Hagrid's willingness to hold himself responsible for everything -- I thought you hit the nail on the head, as far as describing that self-deprecating aspect of his character. Also, the protective, absolute refusal to allow Kerri to put herself in harm's way showed how deeply he felt for her. Really nicely done.

Author's Response: Yes, Umbridge likes the dementors doesn't she? I think it would be fun to throw her to the dementors. That, or let Fenrir get hold of her and force her to live under her own anti-werewolf laws.

Hagrid is strongly contrasted with August here. August ignores his possibly pregnant girlfriend in favor of the animals. Hagrid is willing to sacrifice an animal in favor of protecting Kerri from possible arrest.

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