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Review #1, by hpgrl How Do You Speak to An Angel?

5th January 2012:
I really really wish you would continue this! I love the narrative style, love the characters, and love the political backdrop. I miss Sammy :( And love how Louis seems so genuine, a bit spoiled, and just a typical bloke. I want to know more about the plot and Annah/Louis, and the political coup. I guess you must have abandoned this, but I'm keeping it in my favorites just in case :D

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Review #2, by painterjane How Do You Speak to An Angel?

1st November 2011:
Love the way you write so much! Louis’ narration is perfect, and the diary style is so effective for getting humour across and just sounds really cool.

So many great one-liners scattered throughout the story, I can’t quote them all. I loved “Flounced then, maintained undignifed silence ever since”, and all the references to flouncing – it just captures how precious and a bit arrogant, Louis and Dominique are. But then they’re just so loveable and fabulous so much fun – and this story in general is one of the most fun next gen stories I’ve read. I love the political intrigue – it's the perfect way to get humour and just let the characters be their awesome selves.

I’m guessing this story is pretty much abandoned, since you haven’t updated in forever. Which is actually heartbreaking for me.

Author's Response: Ahh lawdy! This is the first time I've checked the site in months and I come across this. Hopefully people whose reviews I've ignored won't hate me too much. Won't really blame them if they do, mind. Look, in all honesty it pretty much is abandoned. It's funny though, I pretty much keep coming back to these characters - I can't seem to get them out of my head. Have to say I find it amazing that someone found this story after all this time, and that you liked it so much! I'll do my best to get it back on the road at some point, but I wouldn't be holding your breath, sorry to disappoint!

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Review #3, by MajiKat Sweet Disposition

11th February 2011:
lovely stuff, again. i know just where to go when the white noise in my head is getting a bit much, you know? i adore louis so much!

loved the scary harry knowledge!!! that was excellent - a complete stroke of characterisation genius and somehow, just as i imagined harry to be.

loved the press conference - nice and smooth, Louis. excellent job on that jack and ugh, the arrogant reporter. glad you threw him in there, because there is always (more than) one, lol.

not. nice. imagery.
scarred for life now (well not really, but you know)

and awww melbourne. thats way too far away for poor louis :(

be back for more soon!!

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Review #4, by MajiKat The Times They Are A-Changin’

15th January 2011:

love it!
love the politics - it helps that you know what you're on about jack.

this is going to be fun!
again, Louis' voice is brilliant! and molly - gasp! i've not read too many fics where molly is concerned but i don't think i have ever seen her portrayed as a homewrecking hussy.

nice one

this is really entertaining and so different to the usual doom-and-gloom i tend to read. its fresh and i like fresh!


Author's Response: GOING TO GET REAL!

The politics aren't very realistic at all. They are, however, a lot of fun. Over dramatised stuff always is xD

I love, love, love Molly in this. She's seriously one of my favourite characters. She's just awful. Completely oblivious and frighteningly aware at the same time. Quite like Dominique, but more focused on men. I'm sure you can see why I tend to cast Cintia Dicker as her now :P I don't think it's a completely unreasonable characterisation either, with someone like Percy, you know there are going to be massive daddy issues.

Blah doom-and-gloom. That's my problem with angst and dark stuff, after a while I feel like yelling at everyone to cheer up. Thanks again!

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Review #5, by MajiKat Oh! You Pretty Things

15th January 2011:
loved it!!
louis rules!

not much to say Jack - the characters are all fabulously written - love the crazy!beautiful girls (think i missed an adjective there) once more.

do you have sisters?? close female cousins/friends? cause you do such a good job with those characters!!

i like the 2 plots you have going here - we have the romantic plot, which i am thinking is the main one, and the other political plot, which i find intriguing. i like the way you reveal what your characters do etc. it flows wonderfully and feels very natural.

i could be watching a tv show. each chap like an episode.
might read ch 3 now xD


Author's Response: He's pretty much the best isn't he?

Ahh there might be an extra adjective in there, can never really remember though. It's really the thought that counts with them, know who you're talking about pretty quickly and all that.

Have a younger sister who's fair awesome. Really though, I was raised by teenaged girls, I've got them worked out better than most people :P

Pretty much exactly! The romantic plot is to the forefront, largely because Dom and the others keep him somewhat isolated from the political side of things. He's involved, but mainly from the periphery, so he sees how things are shaped, but can't really get involved.

Would make an AWESOME tv show! I would be good at that actually :P Haha thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #6, by MajiKat New Year's Day

12th January 2011:
"Was soon regaling us with tale of Boxing Day Quidditch Match against Australia, which we lost, because we’re England and that’s what we do. "

so true, Jack. So true.
(don't mention the ashes thou please...not that i care mind you, i hate sport but still...)

anyway. just wanted to pop by and say again how much i love louis!!! you write him brilliantly and i don't think i can read anyone else's interpretation of him without thinking of yours.

also loved this line:
"Dom was an Auror, significantly more powerful than self and definitely more willing to hurt people. "


must say i am impressed with the array of strong female types in here Jack.

love it!!

Author's Response: -FACE OF WOE- Most definitely no Ashes talk. I actually do care about it, so am majorly sadface over the whole incident.

Ahh thank you! Sure that's not true, mine is simply the most neurotic, memorable only for his neediness :P

You'd better be! They're pretty much my stock character, Jo has actually got a name for them. Calls them the crazy!beautiful!girls or something haha. They are a lot, a lot of fun to write, so I'm glad you like them!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by IncompleteSentences How Do You Speak to An Angel?

2nd October 2010:
yay new chappy! anywho, i really love louis and annah too! this chap was somewhat short, but at least it's an update. and with that said please update soon, i really do love this story!

Author's Response: Hahaha I'd say at least it's an update sums up my writing pretty well :P Do love Louis and Annah though, so maybe I should write some more of them ^^ Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Arley33 Long Cool Woman

19th September 2010:
Great story! You don't find a lot of Louis stories out there, and yours are the best by far. Just out of curiosity, who is the redheaded girl on your banner?


Author's Response: Grr I know! Poor Louis, he's so underrated. The best? Haha not sure about that! Thank you so much though ^^
The redhead is Susan Coffey, she's as close to Dom as I could possibly find.

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #9, by butterbeergal How Do You Speak to An Angel?

7th September 2010:
Louis/Annah FTW! ♥

Not at all complaining that plot might have been put aside for this lovely, lovely chapter.

Favorite funny moments as follows:

-Dominique's lunacy clearly being inflicted on more than just magical world.
-Unfortunately was times like these when she tended to get all bossy and sensible, like Victoire, only like a billion times better. And hot.
-Problem with smiles that are both utterly disarming and completely charming is that they tend to disarm and charm you, plus a little bit of enchantment on the side.

...and of course there are some more but might not be wise to paste them in here. ;)

This moment right here made me M-E-L-T into nothing but goo and stuff:

With some people you just... fit. Everything lines up and clicks into place. Me and Annah, we fit. Hands reached out. My left, her right. Fingers intertwined of their own accord.

Thought I ought to mention how utterly funny it was to read the exchange between Barry and Annah in the context of suit-making/planning/etc. Really clever! :)

I honestly really don't have any complaints with this one except, erm, write more? ♥

Author's Response: SO AGREED!

And agreed again! I'm just not a very good plotter when it comes down to it :P

I like all of those quotes! Really quite a lot actually. Did it really? Haha honestly never thought I'd write something like that. Oh well, what do you know?

Write more? I shall try! Things are going to be busyyy the next couple of weeks, so I'll probably end up writing FAR more than I should. Thank you so much lovely ^^

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Review #10, by sweeterthanhunny How Do You Speak to An Angel?

7th September 2010:
Dumpring. Heh.

Like my family and our 'flied lice'

Oh the Asian languages and their interchangable r's and l's.

Imagine. Hally Fleakin' Pottah.

Loved it, as per usual. The mad tailor was fun, and I loved the 'Bitch, Please Look'. As well as the image of Louis hiding behind Annah from said woman's once-over. =P

Author's Response: HAHAHAHHAHAA

-looks around nervously-

Hally Fleakin' Pottah is GOLD! And now I'm going to stop before I get in trouble with the staff :P

Louis and Annah are just lovely together. I think I need to write much, much more of them xD Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #11, by MidwinterMasque How Do You Speak to An Angel?

7th September 2010:
BAHAH! Love your writing so much. I laughed my arse of at this paragraph:

"And so found self strolling down Saville Row, only mildly self-consciously. Fortunate to have Veela genes as even if not particularly well dressed, v. pretty. Received sneers and looks of bitter and twisted jealousy in fairly equal measure from the Muggles. Was with Annah and so started casting patronisingly smug looks at all those nearby. Including a woman who started eyeing self up appraisingly. Hid behind Annah, who presumably gave the woman a Bitch, Please Look as said woman scuttled off with alacrity."

HA! I was actually slapping the desk, and receiving strange looks from the other people in the internet cafe. Aaah. I ducked in there to shelter from the monsoonal rains, if you were wondering. Not good for the Birkenstocks... Haha! Joke. Long live the Louboutin.
Anyway. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter, as Louis and Annah are progressing beyond my wildest dreams!
Oh, and if you like Audacity, you have to review, because I have severe confidence issues about that story and no one gives me any feedback! It needs rewriting, anyway.
But awesome chappie.

Author's Response: Hahahaha always a good start to a review! Don't think that paragraph is that well structured or whatever actually, do love Louis and Annah in it though. They're lovely xD

You got caught up in them? Really wasn't that bad down here. Did get some rain, but none of the floods or anything like that! Glad I could make you laugh though, always makes me happy to hear that. And hey! Birkenstocks most definitely have their place, unlike say... crocs which are an abomination and should all be burned xD

I'll try and write it soon! Uni is going to be a bit crazy the next couple of week, so I'll probably get heaps done :P

Eek you're still writing Audacity? I thought you'd given up on it. Guarantee if you started posting chapters again people would review it! I'll definitely stop by though!

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Review #12, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme How Do You Speak to An Angel?

6th September 2010:
"This is Louis, Dominique's sister." - If this isn't a typo, we have problems, my friend. Big problems.

Okay, aside from that appalling mistake to rival the whole bead/beard scenario, I thought this was such an enormous improvement on the last chapter. I think it was quite obvious that I didn't really enjoy that one but this was ♥♥♥, if only for the gorgeous, wonderful perfectness that is Louis/Annah. Screw plot. Keep this.

I definitely got a few more laughs out of this than normal. I'll throw some favourite lines at you:
- Fortunate to have Veela genes as even if not particularly well dressed, v. pretty. - any mention of his prettiness gets me, in all fairness.
- Hid behind Annah - CUTE
- Fully expected her to let her slim little hand slip from own. Which she didn't at all (etc) - see above as well as a little bit of a -gasp- moment and whatnot.

The funny ones were pretty much non-12+ thus non-review suitable but you probably know what they are anyway.

Lovely break from the plot itself, anyway. Slows it down a bit, makes it easier on the reader to follow, will get you reviews which is always nice and it's just really rather lovely. If these two don't end up together by the end, I am going to strop. Massively. Jane-inspired caps and everything. That little paragraph when Louis was talking about how they 'fit' was one of the sweetest things possibly ever, and if not, definitely in all of your writing. It was one of those moments that can only be referred to as squishy. All warm and fuzzy and loveliness.

I am interested to know how many chapters you've put flounce in thus far, across every single one of these spin-offs. It crops up so often (for both Victoire, Dom and Louis) and I think now it's become more than just a quirk of yours and more of a means of reinforcing character, setting, etc which is hugely helpful and ... stuff. Continuity and all that jazz.

So, yeah, liked it infinitely better than the last update and I really do love it to bits. I think I'd forgotten quite how much until now.

I will, of course, appreciate getting back on track with the plot but this lovely bit of character filler was a fabulous distraction from that and if you ever get the urge to throw a bit more in later, there'll be no complaints here.


Author's Response: Ahahahahahahahaha! Seriously, almost died laughing when you pointed that out. Most ridiculous typo ever. Although it does, and I think I've mentioned this to you before, give a bit of an insight into the Dom-Louis dynamic? Actually - should have just pretended it was deliberate, and blame it on Annah rather than me :P

I was far more worried about this chapter than the last one, just shows how well I know my own writing hey? Maybe I will actually have to start re-reading, editing and similar. Louis/Annah is just my favourite. I love them.

They were good quotes though! Especially considering 12+ restrictions and all.

I actually think I need to properly sort out my plot. Like, actually sit down and plot it out. Problem is I just get so carried away with sub-plots and nothingness that it tends to get horribly jumbled up. Couple of chapters worth of nothing maybe?

Well, in as much as I can't really confirm or otherwise, pretty sure you know my feelings on those two. Although seeing you strop like that would be quite something! Really quite tempted now.
Was it really that amazingness? Honestly never really thought I'd write anything that would get that sort of reaction. It's a bit shocking actually.

Umm probably most of them, if I think on it. I'd say you're dead right as well. Very much a character marker - notice it's only Louis, Dom or Victoire at it. Mainly Louis and Dom at that. Kind of just shows the melodramatic, precious side to them? For all that they are completely amazing (and they are,) they're still not great people. Overly demanding and spectacularly narcissistic. So loveable though xD

Eh shmeh plot! I don't wanna! I mean, I know I probably should, but best if able to delay it for as long as possible -nods-
Thank you so much for reviewing lovely, I really am glad you're back to enjoying it, means a lot.


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Review #13, by Violet Gryfindor Long Cool Woman

17th August 2010:
It is a funny chapter, especially with the brawl scene. Louis's jealousy had to get him into trouble one day, and of course the whole thing with Charlie entirely backfired, but that seems to be the normal thing with Louis - just bad luck all round. It was great to see how Louis and Annah reacted against the Muggles and their technology - that interaction between wizard-muggle doesn't come up all that often, and you handled it so smoothly and perfectly.

Yes, yes, hear the seething jealousy of my own popping through. Will try to restrain it, at least until I finish writing this.

I do understand what you said about not liking this chapter as much, though I liked it fine, since it's more pushing your plot along in the second half, and plot movement can take away from humour (it's the practicality of it, I guess). However, it was pretty funny that Dom couldn't remember a simple name that rhymed with her own.

I'm curious about what Dom did do for the sake of her coup, since she doesn't seem the type who makes mistakes in her work (relationships = entirely different matter), or would do something that could blow up in her face. Cliffhangers, bah! Fun to write. Evil to read. :P

Author's Response: Oh it totally did. Was never going to end well for him, although to be fair he did rather come out on top! As for things not working out with Charlie, at least they went quite well with Annah, so balanced out okay for him?
As for the wizard-muggle interaction, it's interesting. I always thought the Next-Gen kids would be much better integrated with the muggle world than their parents. Really though, even in canon we hardly see wizard-muggle stuff so there's a fair bit of scope to play with.

Oh don't be ridiculous! You're actually just like... the best!

Blahh plot. I actually struggle to drag the plot along without slowing things down quite a lot. Definitely something that I need to work on.

Haha well I won't say too much about it then. You're right though, really doesn't seem very likely :P Thank you so much for all these reviews! They've been so encouraging and insightful, just wanted you to know I really do appreciate you taking the time!

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Review #14, by Violet Gryfindor Stand By Me

16th August 2010:
Was Viktor the crazy guy at the Quidditch match? It's the only reference I can think of at the moment. *is unsure*

Again, brilliance. Very not fair that you can do this. It's a turbulent story, and while I can keep up fine, I don't know if Louis can. And then you throw in a girl at a bar. Recipe for trouble, even if he's with Annah. The girl must be quite something if she's more attractive to Louis than Annah. It definitely throws a wrench into an already-creaky machine.

The best part was with Dom at the Portkey Centre. Not only is that place an amazing idea - that airport is so insanely busy anyway that there can't be that many Muggles noticing the wizards - but Dom is the most insane(ly funny) character. She's the perfect older sister - suffocating and controlling - but really, if Louis had to live without her, he would likely fail. and/or get beat up by hairy hit-wizards. ;)

Only one more chapter left. *tear* But it's still a happy feeling to be almost caught up with at least one story on my favourites list. ;)

Author's Response: My completely hilaro Viktor reference was kind of completely marginalised by a misspell that really quite ruined it. Wasn't him though.

SO turbulent! I'm thinking maybe even a little bit too turbulent? Probably need to calm things down a bit. Just a chapter or two of some relative stability. Oh I'm all about the trouble, do feel a bit for Louis but this is just way more fun.

That sort of thing is some of my favourite to write about. The whole fitting the magical world into the Muggle one. I love how it's all very much hidden in plain sight, a Portkey Centre at Heathrow would definitely take things to another level though!
The Dom-Louis dynamic is always funny to play with. I actually think they're really quite dependent on each other - definitely not just a one way thing. He doesn't have a controlling influence on her, but he does have a moderating one. And you've covered the other side of it better than I could!

*SADFACE* Guess I'll just have to write some more then! Only one review to go now, my turn to be all *tear*

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Review #15, by Violet Gryfindor True Colors

16th August 2010:
Another fantastic chapter! I don't know what's funnier: imagining Louis speaking like a valley girl or the name Thomas Thomas. I can't believe that Dean would actually and sanely name his son that. XD But it's just another thing that makes your story so funny and amazing.

Louis's abject sadness at Sam's job offer makes him also a drama queen, but it's understandable because they're so close and she's going so far away. He may be a wizard, but even then, getting to Australia would still take a while, though maybe with his job he could manage to visit on official business. What it all does though is show how deep a relationship he has with Sam - it's an extremely close friendship - just a friendship ;) - and separating them is like separating identical twins.

But it should make Louis stronger, right? Not sure if that's possible, but who knows? He's still young.

Anyway, loved this. Going on to next. Will hopefully not lose all sense of grammar while reading your v. fun story.

Author's Response: Louis speaking like a valley girl :P You know thats the answer. Thomas Thomas is just downright unfortunate!

Drama drama drama! Drama queen is pretty much spot on actually. His angsting is really a bit over the top, would definitely be easier for him to travel than say you or me. At the same time, kind of have to let her go and do her own thing? Just a friendship! Seriously never meant for it to come across any other way, must have gone wrong somewhere though :P

Your grammar is fine, couple more chapters and you could well be in trouble though! Thanks again!

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Review #16, by Violet Gryfindor Sweet Disposition

15th August 2010:
Scary Harry Knowledge! That is creepy of him, but after all those years of being an Auror, he would have honed that sixth sense. Then the bit about Sirius's portrait winking (that's so him!)... again a fantastic chapter for laughs.

That you've also added some drama at the end adds depth to both plot and characters, especially Louis. I wonder whether it's Sam or Annah he's really in love with, if either. Louis really shone in this chapter and I don't think he realized how much he did. XD He even handled the tabloid reported with panache.

This story only gets better and better. You've definitely got the gift. ^_^

Author's Response: Oh so creepy! Either that or just a lucky guess, but really, who's to say? :P I really wasn't sure about that Sirius portrait bit, really just threw it in for a laugh. Surprised it was so well received actually!

Drama drama drama! Haha it's definitely not Sam, I never meant to even write undertones of Louis/Sam into this - would just be... weird.
It was a good chapter for him wasn't it? Think he needs one of them every now and then, otherwise he just looks a tad pathetic :P

-hides- Thanks though!

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Review #17, by Violet Gryfindor The Times They Are A-Changin’

15th August 2010:
I feel bad for the poor Ambassador now. If only he knew what was coming to him. XD The coup should seem strange and out of the ordinary, but with this group of characters, it sounds entirely normal, just like the kind of thing they would do with their exceptional brain powers. Not to mention how much the plot only makes the story funnier. I can see this going badly for them, especially poor Louis.

I love your Molly! She is a lot like Dom, but she also seems to have an extra little spark to her - or maybe she just uses Dom's cunning in a different way. ;) You don't need to worry about your characters - they're fun to read about. :D

Off to the next chapter! I actually can't remember what comes next now, so I'll have to see. ^_^

Author's Response: I did a bit too but then I thought... Molly, and realised he didn't have SUCH a bad deal. But then again, even though I haven't worked out exactly how to deal with him, it's not going to end well :P
That's pretty much my favourite part of this actually. Almost everything that happens to them is completely ridiculous, only they're so used to it it doesn't even register. Partly arrogance, partly just whatever!

So do I! They're meant to be really very similar actually, gives me a fun little rivalry to play with. With Molly it's more all out, overt, flirtatious charm, whereas with Dom it's an initial charm backed with the imminent threat of violence :P

Thanks again! So glad you're enjoying it XD

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Review #18, by Violet Gryfindor Oh! You Pretty Things

15th August 2010:
Louis watches Muggle television? That suits him surprisingly well. XD From the sound of it, it's either crime or action shows, and it's definitely having a bad influence on him. I'd never noticed that before when I'd read this, which is weird, but it's the little details like that which really make this story for me.

Your portrayal of Harry is the best post-Hogwarts one I've seen. He's difficult to write, I find, so that you can make him canon, yet very much an adult is amazing. I so wish I could do that.

Another thing that's fantastic about this story is the dialogue, which is very snappy and drives the story along. What the characters say reveals a lot more about them than any description could do, and that's always great to see in a story.

Less blabber, more reading. The goal is to get through them all today. :D

Author's Response: I'd forgotten that actually! Clearly going to have to write it in somewhere, I reckon he'd be a fan of Westerns :P Really should pay better attention to my own story though, hey?

The BEST? Now you're just being silly! There has been lots and lots and lots of post-Hogwarts Harry written my many many brilliant authors. I don't knowww I just wrote him how I imagined he would turn out. The thing about Harry, for me, is that he's fundamentally a good person. Okay, so that's pretty much the entire point of the books, but do you see what I'm getting at?

Dialogue is definitely my fall-back. Pretty much any time things slow down or I get a bit stuck I pretty much go for a few lines of devastatingly witty repartee :P

Thanks again! You always pick up on these tiny little details, so much fun to read!

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Review #19, by Violet Gryfindor New Year's Day

15th August 2010:
I've somehow not reviewed this story yet, and that seems to be a major crime. It's too good not to review. ;)

The style of writing is attention-grabbing in a way that won't release the reader. Louis's way of telling his story is perfect, and he makes serious subjects hilarious with his one-liners. He has a strange personality, having so much bravado in his head, but he's not able to show outside of his head - he's awkward in a sweet way. It probably comes from being surrounded by those particular witches all the time. They're overbearing - not that I don't like them. I think they're amazing. :D

Must continue reading now. I really can't put into words how much I enjoy this story. There's so much going for it with the writing and its general uniqueness. ^_^

Author's Response: Oh shush! Actually freaking out and squeeing that you're reviewing me at all - it's not particularly dignified.

It is? Oh good, I'm always a bit worried about it to be honest. Super reassuring to hear from someone like you that it's okay. I find it really hard to describe him actually, that's pretty much spot on though.
The girls are just the best, Dom and Annah especially, I loveee them. Overbearing is generous :P

Just... thank you. So glad you liked it, really does mean a lot.

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Review #20, by Essie Long Cool Woman

11th August 2010:
i love this story, Louis' narration is perfect, very bemused at the ways of women etc!
Kate Ellis is the name of Australia's sports minister.. coincidence?

Author's Response: Thank you! Pretty much all boys are bemused by the ways of women, didn't have to put too much effort into that particular aspect :P
No coincidence at all, just threw it out there for fun, surprised anyone picked up on it!
Anyway, thanks for reviewing, I really appreciate it!

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Review #21, by TheTenthWeasley Long Cool Woman

6th August 2010:
Dude, Louis - Charlie - No. No.
This is messing up the Annah/Louis, man!
"Don’t know why spend so much time with girls. Always seem to spend most of time mocking self. Way uncalled for."
That was funny. Summed up Louis in three sentences :P
I loved Annah, in this, she seemed even more ... better (for lack of a better word) than Louis. Way cooler than him, except for when he trip-jinxed that other dude. Nice one, Louis.

I'm losing it. It's all your fault -.-
But I love it :D xxx

Author's Response: But but but! It wouldn't be nearly as fun if I just threw Annah/Louis together. Mainly because well, I'd have nothing to write about if I did :P

I don't know that she's better exactly, it's more that she's just way more together than he is. Just that couple of years older and wiser thing or whatever.

Anyway, glad you liked it and thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #22, by Kenna Long Cool Woman

6th August 2010:
Great chappie! Vair enjoyable, vair nice. The bar scene was quite funny, I wonder how they get away with obliviating muggles all the time. Oh wells.

Anyways; always looking forward to new updates from you, keep up the hilarious work :)

Author's Response: Shocking person! Don't know if reviews are supposed to make me laugh, but vair nice definitely had me going! Hmm good point, but at the same time, it still is only a few Muggles. Can't really see how the Ministry would know, and even with that Louis IS the Ministry.

Shall do my best! Thanks for a lovely review!

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Review #23, by IncompleteSentences Long Cool Woman

6th August 2010:
yay new chapter! anyways, i still love the story and your writing, albeit i do hate the updating. but eh at least you are. with that said i hope keep updating, hopefully soon.
milk & monkeys,

Author's Response: Only took me like five months! Practically a new record! Well I shall definitely try, not going to make any more promises than that :P Really glad you liked it, and thanks for sticking with it, even with the ridiculous updating.

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Review #24, by ILOVEHP Long Cool Woman

5th August 2010:
How old are you? You have the grammar of a ten year old? You've forgotten "I" about a million times. You might want to get a beta...


Author's Response: Yeah, that's actually deliberate. Sorry you didn't like it but hey, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #25, by silver sprinkles Long Cool Woman

2nd August 2010:
yes, i did join TGS, but i don't believe i'll go the whole author ranks route because 1) i've got one story and it's not very good, and 2) i joined more for the umm. stalking.

ANYWAY. i didn't think this was as funny as the others, but that didn't make it less wonderful. i love the idea of a tall afro-girl. reminds me of beyonce in that austin powers movie. it was pretty impulsive of louis to go jinxing youth like that, but if it was for his woman, it's almost admirable in a way!

ahh, what is dom up to?! must know soon. lovely chapter, again! :)

Author's Response: Haha fair enough! The stalking is pretty much the best part of it though. Hope you get involved though, it's lots of fun!

Pretty much completely agree. Think it's mainly that I just haven't written it for so long! Lost a bit of the magic touch or whatever. Hahaha she does sound a bit like that hey? What do we think about impulsive Louis? I think important step towards becoming more assertive and similar :P

Being an idiot pretty much! Haha you'll find out soon enough, thank you so much for all your reviews. Hope my responses have been okay!

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