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Review #1, by Sierra Lupin The Plan

26th February 2012:
Great Story. and mmm.Lupin is yummy.

-coughs-Okay, now that I've got that bit of Remmy-obsessed perviness out of my system...

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Review #2, by TnT713 Atypical

8th January 2011:
So... I've read through the entire story. 3 times. Its one of my favorites. I'm pretty sure it is my favorite... All I have to say is that it all might be just a tad too modern. If Harry was born in 1980, which he was, then this would probably take place... Most likely the late 60's, really early 70's at the latest. Just want to put things into the perspective of the era.

Author's Response: I'm really glad you like it so much. C:

That's always been something I've had trouble with, making it sound like it was written in England in the 70s instead of the US in 2010. I'm trying, but I'm just not that great at it. So bear with me, please. :D

Thank you for reviewing and also for saying this is one of your favorite stories because that makes me unbelievably happy!


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Review #3, by Prisoner_Of_Marzipan Atypical

16th June 2010:
Great story so far! I love it! :) I'll be reading this for sure!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! :D

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Review #4, by TnT713 The Plan

7th May 2010:
that was hilarious. POST MORE!

Author's Response: I'M TRYING! =P

I've got a little more written, but it's not all in one chapter yet. I need to do some major plot work, and I'm having trouble finding the time. But I get out of school in a few weeks, and summer means lots of free time to write, so expect more chapters soon.

Thank you for finding my story hilarious and for reviewing!


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Review #5, by Jenny The Plan

24th April 2010:
I like this story. I feel kind of bad for Livi. Guys don't like her just because she isn't that pretty and think she is a dork. Her friends should give her a make over. That would be nice. Can't wait to read more about Livi and Remus so update soon! :)

Author's Response: The makeover thing may happen in a future chapter, now that you mention it! No promises or anything, but it could happen.

Thanks for reviewing, magical awesome person that evidently has the same name as my favorite blogger! You (and your name) are very cool!


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Review #6, by Sam Atypical

23rd April 2010:
ew. crapest thing i've ever read.

Author's Response: Just like your grammar.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by :D The Plan

5th April 2010:
Hey. So I sort of approve of this. The only thing that bugs me is that it's kinda short. The action is good but your were right about including a little more detail. Also, where the heck is Lily during all of this? Did she drop off the face of the planet after she finished sobbing? update soon :D Ps. I do like this story

Author's Response: Well, hello there.

Thank you for approving of my story. That's very nice of you.

Lily, in all honesty, was never really meant to be much of a character in this story - I was trying to move away from the "Lily and her three best friends all date a marauder" thing. Since Livi isn't in her house, she never really knew her or hung out with her, and Liz, though a Gryffindor, spent more time by far with Chriss and Livi, so none of them really knew her. At some point it will be acknowledged that she and James are dating, and she might make an appearance then, but it's not guaranteed.

Thanks for being awesome and reviewing!


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Review #8, by Anna Banana! Truth or Dare

7th November 2009:
loved the chapter! I laughed so hard when Livi said she tripped and fell on someones butt becuz that happened to me too!

Author's Response: Yes, I pulled that little tidbit from real life. It happened to me, and it was so embarrassing! And yet hilarious at the same time!

Anyway, I'm glad you like my story. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Alassie The Plan

18th October 2009:
Hello. Just before I forget, I noticed a typo above. When Liz and Livi are arguing about her being nice to Sirius, you say the word "complement" where you mean "compliment".
BUT, I love the idea of Sirius as a monk. I do think however, that he would have a MAJOR issue with shaving his head. He would lose his hair. His precious hair. Which makes this even more amusing. I love it.
Livi is so evilly manipulative. I adore it. Though I must say that my favorite is Liz. As the story comes along, she reminds me more and more of myself. In fact, in one of my stories I have the character based off myself curl into fetal position and do something VERY similar to what Liz did. It makes me laugh that you put that in there. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: So, again, sorry for not responding earlier than six months later, I've been on hiatus and hadn't realized I'd missed these. I think I fixed that typo, but I'll go check again just in case.

Yeah, a lot of the things Liz does are things my friend - the one that Liz is based off of - hasn't necessarily done but totally would if the opportunity presented itself.

You know, I notice almost all fanfics portray Sirius as being obsessed with his hair. Where did that come from? I think I need to reread the books again, because I don't remember that in there anywhere specifically, and something that universally acknowledged must have come - at least partially - from canon, right?

Okay, no more rambling. Thank you so very much for reviewing, you're very cool for doing so!


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Review #10, by Alassie Truth or Dare

18th October 2009:
Sexual Tension is ALWAYS fun! And I have decided that I agree with Livi and that that is what this is. EVEN if everyone does say that I am completely mad (there have been mumblings going around anyway *looks about suspiciously*).
I liked the game of truth or dare, but I felt badly for Livi when Chriss embarassed her. I also entirely relate to Liz. I have (a very well known and quite feared) habit of HATING my best friends boyfriends. They tend to hide from me if they do ANYTHING wrong.
Good job.

Author's Response: Okay, so I just got a few new reviews and realized I COMPLETELY FORGOT to respond to two reviews you left, and I requested them! I feel like such a terrible person now! I'm sorry for not responding in a prompt manner! And thank you for reviewing!

Also, your reviews amuse me. I know all about being considered insane, and though none of my good friends has actually had a boyfriend, I can totally see my Liz-ish friend behaving like that, which is why it's in the story.

But yeah, like I said, thank you for your awesome review of my humble little story. You're awesome.


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Review #11, by Alassie Studying

18th October 2009:
You had to bring up the cliches! I personally see nothing wrong with them, as long as they aren't written badly. So you are fine.
Though, I must say that I nearly DIED laughing when Olivia said that she wasn't a herione of a book. DIED I tell you. I love irony, in case that hadn't been picked up.
And Veritaserum? Oooo Lala. This should be interesting.
Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Well, good. I agree that cliches are only really annoying when written badly, but the problem was that I was worried I had written them badly. So thank you for being reassuring.

And I love irony, too.


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Review #12, by Alassie Hogsmeade

18th October 2009:
Hey! So, again, I would reccomend putting more spaces between the is kind of hard to follow. I also think that it would make a WORLD of difference if you put a few more cues into your dialogue indicating who was speaking, I had difficulty following that sometimes too.
Otherwise, I enjoyed this chapter. I like the way that you are incorporating the Marauders into the story and not having Olivia and Remus spontaneously see each other after years of seeing each other and all of a sudden it is love. Good job

Author's Response: Hello!
Sorry it took me a while to respond, I'm very forgetful sometimes...
I'll look over that if I have time today, and make some edits. Thank you for pointing it out.
I'm very glad you like it. Thank you for reviewing!


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Review #13, by Alassie Atypical

18th October 2009:
Hello! How are you? Though you probably don't remember (it was THAT long ago) you asked me to review your story in my review thread. I apologize it took this long, but I got all caught up in life and well, I forgot. IN hopes of making up my grievous mistake to you, I am going to review all five chapters of your story. Not that that is much of a reward.
As you probably saw in my review thread, I ADORE Remus Lupin, and therefore am a huge fan of Remus/OC's. I already like a few different aspects of your story right off the bat. I enjoy that Olivia ISNT a Gryffindor, because while sometimes it is necessary (like in my story), placing her in a different house gives you story some originality. I like that she isn't best friends with Lily and Alice, but instead has friends of her own (in different houses too, no less).
One thing I would reccomend fixing is a simple edit. The Remus POV would be a lot easier to read if you spaced it out more, like you did up top. Sometimes it was hard to follow.
Nevertheless, good work so far!

Author's Response: hello back! And I'm fine! And it's okay, I don't really mind waiting.

I have to agree. Remus IS pretty awesome. =P

I'll go back and do some formatting fixes next time I have time.

Thank you for the awesome review!


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Review #14, by treehugger Atypical

11th October 2009:
i like where your story is headed its a very aww-this-makes-me-smile type story haha
can't wait to read on

Author's Response: Why thank you! I'm very glad you like it.

Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #15, by butter_beer_junky2499 Studying

9th October 2009:
Last chapter unless you request again, I hope you do because I would like to keep reading lol. But right now I have another 9 stories on the list. I really hope you will take the time to re-request though. Once I am all caught up this will be a little bit easier to maintain but until then I have to do what I have to do. I hate when teachers pick your partners, I always got stuck with the most annoying kid because the teacher thought I could keep them in line and get us a good grade at the same time, it always drove me nuts. I have not mentioned this but I want to, I like how you write through the eyes and mind of one of the characters, her confidence and stance is golden. You do a wonderful job living through her. Sounds like McGonagall is trying to set everyone up; even nasty little Peter (sorry I have a natural hatred for him after he sold Lily and James out to Voldemort and got remorse from Harry, I would have let Lupin and Black kill him after what he had done the little worm). I love that line from Filch, so commonly used, but always perfect in description and hilarious too! Just after that is a typo by the way, it says, really does her ever sleep instead of he ever sleep. Even though I would like to pretend and point fingers at Filch and call him a girl sometimes. That part was funny, never having had a detention and getting called a dork, that was totally me in high school. What I would give to write lines when I am in trouble, writing lines would be way to easy, brainless work really. The best kind. I think you can come up with a better acronym for that glare, the one you put on there not very clever nor convenient. Nice, I am reading Jane Eyre in my Womens Literature Class this semester in college. Its an amazing book, major cookies for the reference! Now I want to read on, Truth or Dare no matter what, where, who, or how is always, always, always cheesy, baffled, and outrageously interesting. Please come back and request, I have adored reading the first 3 chapters of your story!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I'll definitely be re-requesting.

I think you and I have the same experience with teachers picking partners for assignments. And I'm very flattered that you like the way I write Livi. =]

Oh wow, there is a typo. I'll go fix that right away. I hate it when I find them in other people's stories, so I especially don't like it when I notice one in mine. Thanks for pointing it out, though.

Now that you point it out, I agree that the name for the glare is sort of weird and stupid and... not good. I'll change it when I think of something better (Soon, hopefully).

The whole part about Livi never reading Jane Eyre is actually my situation, so I've not yet read it, but it does seem like a good book, and I'll probably read it sometime in the near future.

I was a little ashamed at using such a cliche as truth or dare, but it can be entertaining when written well, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Thanks for the phenomenal review! I'll re-request sometime soon!


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Review #16, by butter_beer_junky2499 Hogsmeade

9th October 2009:
Smooth, werewolfs and this is the girl that likes Remus right? Surely, this will get him to like her as well because she is understanding of his kind. I definitely know how that is, sitting back, watching and observing people talk, taking it all in. That is how I am, you learn so much not only by what they say but by peoples eyes and movements. Conversation and humans are spectacularly intriguing things. I should know, I am human lol and I like to communicate :P I like Marauder fics when girls are clueless, one gets clued in about them, and the pack grows per say lol. Again well done.

Author's Response: Yes, Livi did an unintentionally genius thing, picking that as her essay topic. =]

I agree that human interactions are fascinating. We're just so complex. Did you know that the average human brain has over 240 trillion synapses?

I'm glad you enjoyed my story. Thanks for the wonderful review!


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Review #17, by butter_beer_junky2499 Atypical

9th October 2009:
I recently got on my reviews page on the forums and changed my status for now to only reading 3 chapters of stories. If you really like my reviews, please request the next chapters after the first 3 but until further notice I am only reading the first three (unless otherwise specified) because I am so far behind and ultimately, so busy with life.

I really like your banner, definitely tda, beautiful :)

Who are these characters, right away I am super confused. Is this like written as diary entries or something or is the first part just introducing the narrator, like in a movie or something. Why is Chriss spelled with 2 s's, it kind of bothers me lol. And I am trying to figure out from your writing what era this takes place in because so far no mention of any of the main characters in any of the usual eras. AH, there we are, James Potter, Marauders. :) I love when Professors embarrass girls for looking at boys, its just hilarious. Does not help to inflate boys egos, however, silly girls are just that, so so silly. The boys are so funny at the part when James is rolling on the floor laughing about Sirius getting a talking to by a girl. Not bad, not bad. Now for chapter 2.

Author's Response: I like my banner too. =P
I have a tendency to just jump right into the action and explain later; sorry you were confused. And Chriss is spelled the way it is because I didn't want anyone to think she was a boy at first.

I'm glad you liked the scene with the Marauders; I wasn't sure I had written them well, so it's reassuring to me that someone else likes it.

Thanks so much for leaving such an awesome review!


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Review #18, by Whisperer The Plan

6th October 2009:


Ahh this chapter was really good :)

Author's Response: Why thank you!

And I have the day off school tomorrow, so I should be able to write some more. =P

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by tell_me_a_secret The Plan

26th September 2009:
Awesome.Awesome.AWESOME! That was great! I do wish we got to see Chris a little more. I mean I think she's just as an important character but she might be a close friend but not that important. It's all about Livi and Liz. Not that it's a bad thing but I just wish she was in it more. She has spunk and she's funny. But great chapter any way. It was lovely.

Author's Response: Yeah, Chriss isn't in the story as much as she should be in about the first half, but she'll be in it more later, I promise. =P

You rock for reviewing!

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Review #20, by AshleyWeasly The Plan

26th September 2009:
What is up with everyone calling Livi insane? Why does Liz havs to be nice? And what was Chriss going to sugest? I NEED ANSWERS!!!

Author's Response: Livi isn't insane, just misunderstood.

Liz is being nice because Livi is diabolical and set her evil plan into action.

Chriss isn't good at making up pranks. You probably don't want to hear her idea.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by Lottieloo The Plan

25th September 2009:
This was good, i honestly think i would cry if you made sirius a monk lol, can't wait for more :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I'd be pretty unhappy about that too.

The next chapter should be out pretty soon, I just have a little more to write.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #22, by flying_rabbit The Plan

25th September 2009:
Hm, it was a bit short, but it was nice as well :) I hope we'll get to see more Liz/Sirius interaction, just to see how he reacts :D And of course, to see whether or not Liz can keep being nice to him :)

Author's Response: Everything with Liz and Sirius should be pretty entertaining... I hope...

Thanks for the awesome review!

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Review #23, by tell_me_a_secret Truth or Dare

17th September 2009:
That was more amazing than the last Chapter! I can just see Liz and Sirius having a serious conversation.. Can't wait to read the next chapter!! Lovely!! :]

Author's Response: You used the word lovely! to describe my story! I love that word! And you're awesome! Thank you for being an awesome reviewer!

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Review #24, by tell_me_a_secret Studying

17th September 2009:
Oh. My . God .

That was the best most wonderful thing I have ever read!! I can't wait to read chapter four!!! Lovely cliffhanger!! Hugies!!!:]

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it! You rock for reviewing!

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Review #25, by tell_me_a_secret Hogsmeade

17th September 2009:
GO LIZ!!! You are an amazing author!!! You make me want to hug you!! How do you come up with all these cool and awesome things for people to say??!?!?!? Superior Intellect?!?!? That's probably the coolest thing I have ever heard any body say! Great chapter!! :]

Author's Response: You are an amazing reviewer! Thank you so much! GO YOU!

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